mr kitty saves the world

Dark and Anti Parallel

Remember right after Anti ‘killed’ Jack?

We got this screen (and is something you can hear faintly)?

Now think waaay back on Mark’s channel (when he used to do creepy videos/ 4th wall breaks more often) to Mr. Kitty Saves The World.

Yep. That one.

After the game glitches out and the video restarts itself, what does Mark beg his viewers in a quick scene?

“Help me.”

Nothing big. Just a fun similarity. ‘Help me’ is not that uncommon of a phrase (esp. in these… Er, ‘situations’), aaaand the fact that these videos were made 3 years apart from each other- there’s obviously no direct connection.

So… Just fun trivia? Yeah- let’s go with that!

Confession #280:

I’ll admit, I like Mark’s Mr Kitty saves the world and Raspy Hill videos. They’re something that stands out from the regular kind of video where the person just gets scared. He genuinely tries to scare the audience, something that very few people do. I’d love to see more like those.

Am I the some of the few who feels this?

That it was awesome to see Dark back as his original character- who did the creepy 4th wall breaks and short full-length horror videos in the early days. Raspy Hill, Are Jumpscares Scary?, Mr Kitty Saves the World.

A character who was feared.

Before he turned into the “angsty teenage vampire roommate”.

To see Mark take Dark’s concept seriously again is amazing. He didn’t have to (he can do whatever he wants), but it wasn’t a joke/ parody this time. It felt real.

It makes me wonder what could be in store for the future.

So Markiplier’s gaming channel is turning into a creepypasta. He did mention that he originally started let’s plays to work on his voice to become a voice actor, and in a recent vlog said he wanted to start that up. Maybe he’s trying to say goodbye to markiplierGAME in his own way? That’s what it seems like to me, anyway. I guess we’ll see in the next few days. (If you follow me and are utterly confused, go watch the last two videos on markiplierGAME, they’re very different from his others. warning for major jumpscares and loud noises)