mr kern


Did epilogue paintings for each character in our party because wowee, what a finale. We all went our separate ways and will probably be rolling new characters, but a reunion quest to hunt down Ilra is in the works. Read on:

1: Lhaithor - after we beat Severin, he quietly left the party without a word, setting off to hunt down his nemesis, Uusdane

2: Wumbo - our dragonborn was betrayed and murdered by our paladin in a shocking twist of events. Rest in piece, sweet Wumbo

3: Pilar - our other dragonborn witnessed his friend’s murder, and has sworn vengeance. He was gravely wounded, but will chase the paladin to the ends of the earth.

4: Ilra - our paladin. Torn between a deity of peace and a deity of war, she made the fateful decision (secretly, while separated from the rest of the party) to murder Wumbo. When Pilar showed up, she fled. The rest of the party discovered Wumbo’s body in the cathedral courtyard where he met his end, but have no idea what transpired as both Ilra and Pilar were nowhere to be found.

5: Kelric - “Let me show you my trophies!” Our hunky but harebrained wood elf just flirted it up with all the ladies after we saved the city of Whitewall. He’s probably still there

6: Yevelda - after rescuing Thralga, she fought alongside her to defeat Severin, the sorcerer who had imprisoned and enslaved them as children 30 years before. Now they’re heading back to the countryside to rebuild and retire.

7: Aramil, Kern, and Mr. Buttons - Kern the dwarf offered both Aramil and Yevelda a spot on his ship’s crew. While Yevelda turned him down, Aramil gladly accepted, finally having found his place in the world and his calling as an adventurer. His fox companion, Mr. Buttons, joined them as they set out to sea