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Max Praise On

As frustrated as I am with ALL the characters in this episode I am fucking stoked that all characters are showing realistic responses to their  situations.

I’m frustrated that Dirk won’t get the fuck up off the floor. But this is realistic considering his exposure to Priest, seeing an innocent person die - AGAIN - and his building breakdown.

I’m frustrated that Todd left Dirk in the grass before doubling back. But this is realistic considering his priority has always been Amanda and he truly thinks getting to Wendimoor is the way to get to her.

I’m frustrated that Ken said the Projects were the priority, not innocent bystanders. But this is realistic considering he has been trapped in a taxi for a month, is trying to assist the “interconnectedness” - which he has already equated to a “godly” power - and is trying to take control from Friedkin.

This is GOOD frustration. This is tension built from characters, acting as characters should. It’s bloody irritating, but it’s correct. It’s gorgeous.

Thank you, Max. For actual characters that make me want to pull my goddamn hair out <3


Also important for this list: The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. 

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Trashiyama's phrase lmao
Tsukiyama, Kaneki, Touka, Hide
Trashiyama's phrase lmao


Basically everyone saying Tsukiyama’s phrase. (from Tokyo Ghoul Bonus CD Vol.01 Extra CD, Track 7)

Hide: Tres Bien

Tsukiyama: Tres Bien!

Hide: Yes.

Tsukiyama: TRES BIEN!


Hide: That’s mine!!

Kaneki/Tsukiyama?: THAT’S MINE!!

Touka: THAT’S MINE!!

Tsukiyama: THAT’S MINE!!

Okay, Mr Priest is terrifying but let’s not forget that Friedkin murdered Estevez please.

John never took any nonsense from anyone even in those days. He was a lonely youngster who didn’t talk much about his family. He seemed in need of affection and dependent on Cynthia, who was his steady girlfriend even when I was with them. She used to come along to the Casbah in the evening and sit by the stage. Paul didn’t bother about girls at all in those days.

Ken Brown, member of the Quarry Men in 1959 (from The Beatles: An Oral History)

(PAUL DIDN’T WHAT NOW?! Bless Ken Brown, for he brings us the TRUTH. Also, what is up with that mental leap from “John and Cyn” to “Paul didn’t bother about girls”? I love it.)