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Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include

i found this rlly cute so if you want more for other characters of his, please don’t hesitate and tell me!

- late night movies, either his favourite, back to the future, or the matrix
- him staring at his lover beside him instead of watching the movie itself
- a lot of shy eye contact, which ends up in blushes and awkward chuckles
- deep conversations at 2am, half of it tracing his veins or running your thumb across his bottom lip
- “i love you’s” between small kisses in the kitchen
- smoking at night on the balcony, you standing in front of him, whilst he’s behind you resting his chin on your shoulder, pecking your shoulder occasionally
- getting high, meaning lots of giggles
- “yo man, you’re really cute”
- him waking up a bit earlier than you, him tracing a finger down your arm then back up, watching you sleep peacefully, knowing that he wants you to be the one

From Starbucks to where we are now (Elliot Alderson x Reader Smut)

Request: An imagine where reader (girls) is as socially awkward as Elliot and works at Starbucks. Elliot comes in one day and she notices him extra and then a few days after HE asks for her number but she says no but writes it on his cup. And then some relationship stuff and fluff, and maybe some smut at the end if you’d like.

A/N: I hope you like and enjoy this imagine, because I do! Leave your comments behind!

Word count : 2,032

“Next, please!“  You shouted and took care of the next customer in the line. Today was a very rough day at Starbucks. So many people came in and out and you barely had time to take a little break. Unfortunately, one of your co-workers fell ill so the whole work was waiting only for you and for another girl. It was pretty exhausting. You had to take orders and serve people at the same time, while your other co-worker prepared everything.

After a few hours, you were very tired and your feet began to hurt terribly. You took a look at your watch and noticed that only three hours had left for your end of work. Rolling your eyes, you pulled yourself together and continued your working.

As always, there were some jerks who tried to hit on you. You experienced such things every time at work. But you didn’t pay much attention, not even defend yourself. You were not the type of girl who socialized a lot. You were different. You rather spend some time alone instead of meeting people or going out. Besides, you barely had friends to hang out with and reject everybody who tried to spend some time with you. The only friend you had was Amanda, your co-worker. She was nice and funny. You could trust her.

Once you gave an old lady her order, a young man at your age stepped in front of you. You gave him slight smile. “What would you like to order?” He stared at the menu behind you, surveying it thoughtfully. Then his green-blue eyes gazed at yours. “What would you recommend?” His question took you off guard. Normally, you never got questions like this. Something told you that he was very different than other people, maybe even more different than you. Your eyes wandered at the black hoodie he was wearing. You always had a thing for hoodies in general. You almost had a collection of different colors of hoodies in your wardrobe. Admittedly, it suited him very well.

“Uhmm.. I would prefer Caramel Macchiato, sir.” You replied politely. His eyes still was fixed on you, which made you feel very uncomfortable. It felt like his eyes would pierce wholes through your body. “Caramel Macchiato it is then.” You wrote down his order as he took a place at the end of the room. You followed every single move he made, so mesmerized by this young man because you knew he was unusual. As he looked back, you instantly tore your eyes away from him and told Amanda to prepare his order so you could give it to him.

A few minutes later, you nervously walked to the young man of whom you did not even know his name. “Here you go!” You mumbled as you lay the cup of Caramel Macchiato on his table. “Thanks.” He said before you walked away with some strange feeling in your stomach.

It was not the only encounter with him. He would used to come every day from now on, always ordering the same drink and sitting at the same spot, while he used to tip something on his laptop. You wondered what he did.

Once in a while, he would stare at you, observing every move you did. You must say, you kind of liked his attention. He was very handsome and the most beautiful man you had ever seen in your life.

“Hey..” You heard someone mumble behind you. As you turned around, you saw him, clothed in his usual black hoodie you fell in love with. Sometimes you wished he would give it to you so you could add it to your collection. “Hey..” You answered. It was Sunday and the store wasn’t as much as full as it used to be. He handed you over some money. “The usual, please.” You nodded and started to prepare his order.

“C-can I have your number?” You almost got and heart attack and nearly dropped the whole macchiato on the floor. What was he asking? Your number?  “No!” You shook your head. How could you give him your number? You didn’t even know that guy. You turned around only to look at his sad facial expression. “What a pity..”  You thought about it. Maybe giving a try?

He wanted to grab the cup in your hand but you pulled it away from him. You sighed, grabbed a marker and noted your number on the plastic cup, which made him smile widely. After he went out of the store, you hoped inwardly not to regret the choice you made. And you didn’t.

Only a few hours later, he called you only to tell you that he wanted to meet you. And since you had no other plans for the week,  you agreed at his offer.

You spent your first “date” in his apartment. His name was Elliot Alderson, a very wonderful name, and he was working for AllSafe. As you suspected, he was pretty different. You found out he suffered from anxiety, depression, paranoia and delusions. Besides, being touched made him feel very uncomfortable but he made an exception when it came to you. He didn’t mind you touching or hugging him, no he felt better.

You always used to play with Flipper, because you loved dogs with your whole being. And Elliot loved watching you when you played with her. You told him about your hoodie collection, that you loved long walks, dark rooms and coffee. That’s why you also worked at Starbucks. The rest of the night you used to cuddle a lot, watching films on Netflix while eating Popcorn.

From that day on, you both were dating each other. He would take you out for long walks as you used to like and sometimes spent the whole night with you awake and surrounded by the dark, talking to you about different stuff. And you grew to love him every single day. He created feelings in you that nobody had before. He may be awkward or unusual but he was interesting too and you loved him.

It was a rainy day as you came back from work, paying Elliot a visit. Actually, you spent every day in his apartment, he even asked you if you’d like to move in with him. You clothes were wet from the rain because you were too silly to take an umbrella with you. All you wanted was taking a nice shower, wearing some of Elliot’s comfy clothes and cuddling with him on the sofa.

He greeted you with an amused smile as he opened the door, giving you soft kiss on your cheek. “Save your silly comments, El!” You warned him and entered the apartment. On your way to the bathroom, you took of your jacket and shoes, Elliot watching you. “I’m taking a shower, babe.” You told him. You were too busy with taking off your clothes so that you not noticed that you hadn’t locked up the door.

And of course, Elliot took the advantage of sneaking into the shower. He was waiting for this moment a long time. As you stepped under the shower and turned off the water, you were greeted with hot warm water, that instantly calmed your tensed muscles. You sighed contently, feeling the exhaustion washing away from your body.

Suddenly, two strong arms were wrapped around your waist and you flinched at the sudden contact. You were almost screaming if there wasn’t Elliot who held his hand over your mouth. “Shh.. baby.. It’s me. “He whispered seductively in your ear. “Elliot! What are you doing here?!” You hissed, as he pulled away his hand. “Wanted to shower with you. What else?” You slightly felt nervous because it was the first time he would ever see you naked. You were very self conscious about your body, and didn’t like it very much. “Elliot, please go out.” You pushed him away but it was useless since he was stronger than you. “No..!” He whined. “I want to shower with you!” You turned to him, looking lightly sad. “Elliot, please. I don’t want you to see me like this.” He stared at you confused. “Like what?”

“My body.” You gulped. “I don’t want to see you my body like this.” He pushed you against his well built chest, stroking your wet hair lovingly. “What’s wrong with your body?” He asked. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, kissing his tender flesh. “I don’t like my body, El. I feel fat.”

“That’s nonsense, (Y/N). You’re not fat. You’re perfect.” You smiled a little bit at his statement. “And besides, I don’t care what you’re look like. You’re beautiful to me. Inside and out.” You pressed your body against his, mumbling an “Thank you,Elliot.” He kissed your forehead. “May I show you how much I love you?” You exhaled nervously, knowing exactly what he meant. It was your first time and he would take your virginity in a bathroom. Not really the way you imagined your first time, but hey it could be very exciting. You nodded your head in determination. “You may..” You softly spoke.

Elliot pushed you carefully against the wall, his lips were pressed against yours, kissing you with hunger and lust. His hands were trailing all over your body, leaving shivers wherever he touched. As he nibbled on your neck, a low moan escaped your lips and you could feel yourself getting wet between your legs. Elliot found your sweet spot with no difficulty, sucked and licked the tender skin.

You wrapped your hands around his body, your nails digging into the skin of his back. He pressed you more against the wall, loving the way you made him feel. You could notice his erection against your stomach, biting your lip. “Jump.” Elliot panted and you did as he ordered, wrapping your legs around his waist. He continued to pleasure your neck until there was nothing more left than hickeys. Although they would be visible at work tomorrow, you could care less. You were too much into this moment and enjoyed Elliot’s amazing mouth on your neck.

One hand wrapped around your waist, his other hand trailed down to your sensitive area, his thumps teasing your clit. You rolled your eyes in pleasure, moaning out his name. “Elliot!” He continued to tease your entrance and later on inserted one finger into you, pumping his finger in a slowly and agonizing way. “Mhmm, Elliot.”

Elliot could get used to the sweet sounds you made because of him. He looked at you in admiration, how you bit your lower lip, trying to muffle your moans and how your eyes fluttered with lust. He couldn’t wait any longer and slowly slid himself into you. His already hard erection was filling you completely, stretching your walls. Deep and low moans escaped your lips and after Elliot gave you time to adjust to his size, he began to move. First very gentle and carful, later wild and passionate.

“(Y/N)!” Elliot groaned, pressing your foreheads together, losing himself in this intimate moment. Thrusting harder, he hit one spot you craved for the whole time, making you yelp. He kept thrusting  that spot, making you see the stars. Slowly, you felt something build up in your stomach and knew that your high was approaching. “I-I’m going t-to cum, El!” You panted. Elliot nodded his head. “I’m c-close too..”

You buried your face again in the crook of his neck, feeling your high coming closer and closer. Suddenly your walls clenched around Elliot’s member and you arched your back, screaming his name. Elliot rode you through your orgasm and after his thrust became sloppy, he came himself. You were on birth control, so you didn’t mind him releasing into you. You both took a moment to calm down from your highs. Elliot pecked your lips, sliding out of you. “I love you, (Y/N). It was beautiful.”

“I love you, too Elliot.” You responded. “And yeah, I agree with you. It was beyond beautiful.” You washed each other before you stepped out of the shower. From now you were definitely a fan of bathroom sex.

Dating Benjamin Would Include

i was requested to do benjamin, rami’s character in twilight: breaking dawn pt2! hope you all enjoy!

- sitting in the bath together, him making ripples and other little tricks of his from his element powers
- “ wanna see something cool?”
- taking your hands in his, spinning around dust into a spiral, watching it float off your palms
- small nibbles along your neck and earlobe
- walking along tree branches barefoot
- him telling the story of how he got turned
- “no way! you’re sparkling!”
- watching cheesy vampire films, glancing over at him every now and then to see him cringe at almost every scene
- staying up late as he never sleeps, making sweet and warm love
- him eventually digging his teeth into your neck, sucking out your sweet and juicy blood to mark his territory as your mate
-fighting together against the volturi

Bite me Two (Benjamin x Reader)

I hope you like this one like the first part! I loved writing this and I especially loved writing the dream! Let me know if this story deserves a third part! Enjoy! (sorry for any sort of mistakes!)

Word count: 1,706

“(Y/N)…” You heard him calling for you. You walked across a path, surrounded by beautiful flowers which bloomed in different kind of colors. The sun was shining on the blue sky so brightly, not a single cloud was to be seen. You kept walking to his soft voice that spoke your name so often. “I’m here my love.” He said. “Come here.” And then you saw him. Standing in the middle of a huge meadow, his hand stretched out for yours. He smiled happily as he saw you approaching.

“Benjamin!” You called out joyfully and ran to him, his strong arms welcomed you in a tight and secured hug. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach as your chests were pressed against each other and you felt so much love spreading in every part of your body. You nested your face in the crook of his delicate neck and took in his wonderful scent. After a time, he pulled away and put your face between his hands. “Look at yourself!” He said with adoration in his eyes. “You look gorgeous!”

You smiled at his compliment and rewarded him with sweet kisses on his lips. “I love you.” You responded. He took you hand and kissed your knuckles carefully. “I love you, too.” He replied. Then, he laid his hands on your belly and gave it a gentle stroke. “And I love her.”

Confused, your eyes went down to your stomach and widened as you saw the baby bump. You hadn’t even realized it on your way. “I’m pregnant?” You asked. Benjamin nodded his head.

“Yes you are.” For a moment, you had no idea how to react but then you caressed your baby bump carefully and earned a tiny kick from your unborn child. “But you’re more than that.” Benjamin indicated.

“What do you mean?” You asked as your eyes meet his again. No words escaped his mouth, he only lifted up your hand to reveal the diamond ring on your finger. “We’re married.” You spoke. It sounded more like a question than a statement. On the one hand, you were beyond happy but on the other hand also very confused. When did this all happen? Somehow, you couldn’t remember your wedding or the night you tried for a baby.

“I told you forever.” Benjamin said before everything around you became blurry. “And this is forever.”


As you slowly opened your eyes from your deep slumber, you felt nothing but dizzy. The constant pain in your body was unbearable and it felt like that every part of your body consisted of heavy stones. Rubbing your eyes, you tried to stand up. A little bit did you smile because of the dream you had. You were pregnant with Benjamin’s child and married to him. How beautiful. It was something you really wanted in the future.

 When your vision became clear, you took in your surroundings. You were in Benjamin’s bedroom. But something was strange. Why the hell did you see everything more detailed? More precisely, why did you see everything in HD?

And there was another thing you felt very confused about. You laid your hand between your chest, but felt no heart beat. You were horrified for a second but then everything made sense. With heavy steps, you went towards the huge mirror that belonged to your lover and observed your reflection. You looked different, very different. More alive. Your skin seemed to glow and you looked more feminine than before. And your eyes didn’t own your usual eye color, no they were bloody red instead. “I’m a vampire.” You whispered.

Seconds after, you remembered everything. How you asked Benjamin to change you, how he declined at first but agreed after you insisted, the immense pain you felt after he dug his fangs into your skin.

Suddenly, your throat burned horribly and you felt nothing but an unimaginable thirst for blood. A growl escaped your lips, you tried to hold yourself back for a moment. Unfortunately, it was impossible.

Somebody knocked on the door and came in without your approve. “(Y/N)?” Your boyfriend asked. “Benjamin!” You gasped, holding on your throat. He rushed to you and wrapped his arms around your body. “Thirsty…I’m so thirsty…” You chocked out between heavy gasps. Benjamin put a gentle kiss on your head.

“I know, love.” He soothed you. Never in your life had you felt so desperate. You always wondered how your sister Bella and Benjamin must have felt when it came to drinking blood. Now you knew.

“I will take you to hunting, (Y/N).” Benjamin said and grabbed your hands, intertwining your fingers. “But after that, you’ll have a serious conversation with your sister.”

“Why?” You asked.

“She knows, (Y/N).”


After you and Benjamin went hunting –of course it was animal blood, you’d never dare to take someone’s life for your thirst- you felt better and the burning in your throat disappeared. Nevertheless, you were nervous about confronting Bella. You knew she wouldn’t be pleased about your decision to become a vampire and you also prepared yourself for her screaming at you.

The more you approached the little cabin in the woods, the more fear you felt. You can do this, (Y/N). You tried to cheer yourself up. Benjamin stood next to you, squeezed your hand lightly to show you that he was there for you and going to support you. “Here we go…” You mumbled and knocked on the wooden door. Luckily, Edward opened it and welcomed you with a slight smile, stepping aside so you two could enter his home.

Bella was already waiting for you guys, her arms were crossed over her chest and she wore an annoyed and angry expression on her face. “Good evening, Bella.” Benjamin greeted her politely. But Bella didn’t respond anything. Also as you said hello to her. She kept staring at you and made you uncomfortable under her gaze. You wished she would speak or even scream at you but neither of that happened. She just stood there with no words escaping her mouth.

“Say something, Bella.” You begged and glanced at her. She inhaled and exhaled deeply before she finally spoke.

“How can you do this?” She tried to control her rage but you knew that she was going to explode soon. You looked at the boy next to you before you turned back to your sister.

“I love him, Bella.” You answered.  Bella snorted at your response. “Pah… You sure do love him.” You became mad. How could she underestimate your feelings for your boyfriend? She knew how strongly you felt for Benjamin. You spent every night together with talking and she also gave you advices about how you could conquer Benjamin’s heart. Would you ever made this choice if you wouldn’t have feelings for him? And after all this she had the guts to accuse you not to have feelings for your boyfriend.

“I do!” You said determined. “I do love him!”

“The hell you do!” She screamed back, making you flinch. Edward had to hold her tight against his body so she wouldn’t attack you. “How could you do this to me? How?!”

Tears were brimming your eyes as you saw the hatred in Bella’s eyes. You really thought she would understand after what she had experienced. She wanted Edward to turn her under the same circumstances, because she loved him. At least, she should have understood your decision.

“Bella, please, do understand.” Your vision was now blurred from the many tears in your eyes.

“Why did you not talk to me before you made your choice?” She felt betrayed and disappointed because you did this behind her back without telling her. It was a case which should have been discussed with your family members before the choice would be made.

“And what about Dad?” She kept going. “What will you tell him, huh? I’m sorry Dad, but I can’t stay here with you anymore because I’m a fucking vampire? God, (Y/N)! I left him because I trusted you!”

You let out a heavy sob and buried your face into Benjamin’s chest. “Shh… It’s okay, love. I’m here.”

“I’m very disappointed in you guys. Especially you, Benjamin.” Bella continued speaking, her voice was shaking terribly and she was going to cry any second. “You should have held her back and say no, why did you not hold her back?”

Benjamin glanced at your older sister with guilt. He knew he should have, but the thought of having you forever by his side was so alluring to him.

Edward spoke something in Bella’s ear and she calmed down after a second. She wiped away her tears and cleared her throat. “I hope you’re satisfied with your choice, (Y/N). I really hope you won’t regret this. You could have had a normal life without hiding but you chose this life. I hope you’re satisfied.”

She left the room and you guys behind. Edward excused himself and claimed that it was the best way for you to leave and calm down. You said goodbye to him and went back to Benjamin’s apartment.

“She was angry, you know?” Benjamin tried to cheer you up. “She knows how you feel. She is the only one who understands you the most.”

You nodded with your head. “I know she does. But it only hurt so much when she underestimated my love for you Benny.” You rested your head on Benjamin’s shoulder.

“It will be hard for her at first, but she will accept it.” He stroked your hair lovingly.

“I just want to live with you for the rest of my life.” You said with honesty reflecting your eyes. “I want my own Edward.”

“And here he is.” Benjamin chuckled, pointing at himself. “Here I am. Forever by your side.”

A small laugh escaped your mouth as you leaned closer to press your lips gently onto his and stole a long and sweet kiss. “I want to marry you and have a baby girl as in my dream.” Now Benjamin was the one who laughed. The idea of founding a family sounded perfect to him.

“Whatever you want, my love. We have all the time. Forever.

You kissed him again.


I meant no harm (Rami Malek x Reader)

Requested by @teaandmusicme : Can I get an imagine where you play on Mr. Robot and date Rami and the two have been fighting a lot and instead of Rami saying what he said to Bill? About if they died it wouldn’t matter he has to say it to her and he feels bad about it even though itÄs not about her. Some angst and fluff would be great please and thanks :)

A/N: Hey Love, I hope you still remember your request and I’m sorry I let you wait to long for this. To be honest, I had trouble with the reasons for Rami’s strange behaviour so I let it out but I hope you still like this!

A/N2: I shared some tears while I wrote this one shot, it made me sad somehow. Feedbacks are appreciated!

Word count: 2,012

Warnings: cutting is mentioned but not in detail

You didn’t know what happened to him. He was acting so weird the last few weeks, and didn’t even tell you the reason why. He came late at night from work, while you were still asleep, cuddling against his pillow, pretending it was him. Sometimes you would share some tears. You missed him. You missed your relationship before he changed so much. It felt like after all this time he was ignoring you.

You had been fighting a lot, sometimes it ended with something being thrown against the wall or him saying rude things to you although you knew he didn’t mean it. It all was hard to handle, considering the fact that you had to work all day long on set of Mr. Robot. Rami himself got a supporting role for you and was very excited about the fact that he could spend more time with you now.  It went very good for a while, but then he changed.

You didn’t know if it was all the stress that lasted on his shoulders, making him the person you didn’t want him to be. Being the main character of a TV show had also his disadvantages. He barely slept or ate, he was constantly on set in contrast to you. Nevertheless, you were there with him although you had not to, only to support him, saying encouraging words to him or giving him a nice massage during his breaks.

However, Rami always pushed you away, telling you not to get on his nerves, breaking your heart every single time. But you tried to stay strong. You tried to save your relationship because you felt it was falling apart. There was too much love for him in your heart to let him slip out of your finger tips. But not only had you noticed this change. Also his co- workers. Christian, Carly, Portia wondered what happened to the lovely couple that always laughed together or fooled around. You couldn’t tell. Because you didn’t even know why.


It could have been a wonderful night but again it ended up the both of you fighting. He came home earlier today and the only thing you wanted to do was to spend a little bit time with him, since work was always in the way. You didn’t mean anything bad, just wanting to watch some movies together and cuddle on the couch. He told you no but you insisted, making him angrier every second.

It came to the point where he unexpectedly threw you favorite vase against the wall, making your body flinch of his sudden burst out. “God damn it, (Y/N)! I said no!” You looked at the ground, the wonderful porcelain was shattered into pieces. You sighed, already being used to him damaging the things that meant a lot to you. You wanted to avoid this fight being continued so you walked to him, talking to him with a calming voice. “It’s okay, Ram. I’m sorry.” But it didn’t make it any better. Instead, he freaked out even more. “You know I hate it when you call me that stupid name! Stop it, just stop it!” His face showed nothing but anger, his normally green eyes darkened, making him more intimidating. You had never seen him before in such a state.

“Rami…?” You said quietly. “I only wanted…” But he interrupted you. “You know what?! I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with such an annoying woman like you!”  He went to grab his jacket, putting it on. “Even if you died right the second, I wouldn’t give a shit about it! No one would! Because you’re nothing to everyone. The people who you call your friends would show up to your funeral because they would feel obligated, and leave as early as possible. That’s what you are. You’re annoying, dumb and pathetic!” With that he slammed the door behind him, leaving the apartment you were sharing with him.

You stood there, totally petrified and shocked. You never felt so humiliated in your life. Not only he had insulted you, no he also confronted you with your worst fear. He used your weak point against you. You were always afraid that nobody would like you or care for you, leaving you alone. After what Rami said, you wondered if he was right.

Tears streamed down your face and you burst into crying. Your heart wrenched in your chest and you fell down on your knees, crying your eyes out. What had you done to deserve his harsh words? You never wanted any harm. Why was he so mean to you? Slowly, but still crying, you turned off the TV which was on during your argument and strolled to your bedroom. You laid down and continued sharing tears until there was no one left.


A few days had passed after your fight and Rami and you hadn’t talked to each other since then. You hadn’t even appeared on set although you were needed. Everyone became concerned, asking Rami where you had been but he only shrugged, mumbling that he wouldn’t know. Also he was very down, regretting every single word he told to you. He couldn’t explain what was going on in him that moment. He never wanted to hurt you. He loved you so much.

As he stomped out of your apartment, he went to his brother to stay there for a few days. He wanted to clear his mind, but ended up crying on his brother’s shoulder. He couldn’t sleep the night long and this continued the next days. Dark bags were visible under his eyes and his face was very pale. He was very devastated.

Christian was very worried about his state, so he walked towards him as Rami took a break. He noticed that he wasn’t in a good mood for days. Taking a bottle of water, Christian sat down next to the heart-broken boy. “Hey, are you okay?” He asked. Rami only shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno.” He mumbled. “I haven’t seen (Y/N) for a while,” Christian continued. “Is she alright?” Rami sat there totally still and suddenly his eyes began to fill with tears and his lower lip quivered. He laid his face in his hand and began sobbing. “I really don’t know!” Christian looked at him with pure shock. He instantly laid his arm around his shoulders, trying to soothe him.

“Hey mate, what happened? Why are you crying?” Meanwhile, Rami’s burst out gained everyone’s attention. They shared perplexed glances, wondering what had brought the young man to this state. “I broke her heart, Christian!” Rami hiccupped. “I was mean to her!” Christian stared at him sympathetically before he wrapped his arms around the young man’s fragile body, offering him the comfort that his friend needed. “I’m the worst boyfriend on earth! God, I hate myself!” Rami whined.

“No, that’s not true.” Christian assured him. “Everyone here knows how much (Y/N) loves you. We all see the shining in her eyes when you’re around her. You may made a mistake, but that won’t stop her from loving you. I don’t know what happened between you during the last weeks but I saw that she tried to fight for your relationship. Although you pushed her away, she always found a way back to you. (Y/N) is lovely young woman and I know how happy she makes you so please do me a favor and don’t let her go.” Christian patted his head brotherly. “Now move your ass and save that what’s needed to be saved. Go and get your girl.” Rami wiped his tears away and the men offered a smile to each other.


It was late in the evening as you sat on the couch, watching TV while eating your favorite ice cream. You made yourself comfortable in your pajamas and your body was wrapped with a thick blanket. You tried to avoid anything that remembered you of your boyfriend who didn’t talk to you for days. You even had no idea where he was staying, he never came back since the argument. Probably he found shelter by his brother or friends. Honestly, you were worried if he ever would come back.

You also had not shown up on set for days, telling Sam Esmail that you did not feel very well and apologized for your absent. You also pleaded him to tell nobody about this which sounded really weird to him. Hopefully he did not tell anyone. It also would be useless to be at the same place as Rami and weird with all the tension between you and him.

You took a spoonful of the vanilla flavored ice cream and were about to take it in your mouth as you heard the front door being unlocked. Your heart raced rapidly when you saw Rami entering the apartment, carrying a big bouquet of red roses in his hands. You laid your ice cream on the table in front of you and raised your body from the couch.

Rami turned around and your eyes made contact to his for the first time after your fight. You did not know what to say and how to react. You were too shocked right now. You never expected him to show up.

Rami observed your body from head to toe and tears welled up his eyes. Your eyes were puffy and your nose was red. It seemed like you had not left the apartment for days, which was true.  Although you looked horrible right now, you were still the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. God, what had he done?

“(Y/N)…” He croaked, not knowing what to say. He wanted to speak but his voice gave up. Neither you nor he had the strength to say something. You only stood there silently. It was a horrible silence. You wanted it to end. You wanted to feel him again.

Suddenly, you ran towards him and engulfed your arms firmly around his body. You buried your face in the crook of his neck as tiny sobs escaped your mouth. Rami leaned himself into your welcoming embrace, pressing your warm bodies together. “Rami…” You cried, relieved that he was there. He caressed your soft hair and kissed your head many times as if it was the last time you would see each other.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He mumbled against your head. “I’m really sorry. Please forgive me…” You pulled away from him but put his face between your hands, kissing every single of his tears away. “Don’t worry about it.” You smiled encouragingly. “I’ll always forgive you.” You placed your lips on his and kissed him softly. “Because I love you…” You added. “So much.”

He laid his hands on yours and stroked your knuckles with his thumbs. Then, as he wanted to give you the bouquet, something drew his attention. His eyes widened in shock and his mouth hung open as he saw the freshly red marks on your forearm. You looked at him questioningly and followed his gaze that fell on your forearm. Instantly, you cheeks began to redden and you felt ashamed. Rami traced the red lines with his fingers carefully, a guilty expression was plastered on his face.

You felt bad. You should have covered it better but you had no idea that he would show up. “Rami… I can explain…” You stuttered. He only shook his head. “I never meant to harm you, (Y/N).” He said, still caressing your red marks. “It’s my fault this happened. Only my fault.” You pulled him into another hug, as he cried again. “I could have prevented this… I’m so sorry…”

“No it’s not, Rami… I did this myself.”  “But I lead you to it.” You patted his head. “My love, it doesn’t matter. It was my choice to hurt myself.”   “I’m sorry, (Y/N). Please give me another chance and I promise you will not regret this. I will make you forget the last weeks.” You offered him a smile.

“I know you will, my love.”

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Deskmate!Wonwoo

Request: When you and Wonwoo start dating to show their best friends that they can be together, too.
Requested by: 15-stars
Word Count: 2,893 
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

A/N: So according to wonwooed, a drabble is equivalent to 3109845805 words, please forgive her.

In honour of Jeon Wonwoo’s 21st birthday. Please continue to stay healthy, happy and I’ll look forward to the day where I can see you cracking your old dad/grandpa jokes slay the stage again.


Originally posted by wonwomin

You both started off as classmates.

He had slipped into the seat next to you on the first day of school in History class and introduces himself as Jeon Wonwoo, extending his arm out for a friendly handshake, his hand easily dwarfing your own.

You take a liking to him immediately, noting his slim, round glasses set on his prominent, high cheekbones, his jawline defined and looked like it was intricately carved by the gods themselves. He was quiet and hardly spoke a word throughout the lecture, his eyes narrowed in concentration at the teacher’s words that had faded into a monotonous drone long ago.

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Snowfall. Chapter 2



Dust was everywhere.

           In the air.

                       In your lungs.

And the longer you stood in the middle of the vast surroundings of the Washington ski lodge.

The air was cold around you like a thick fog capturing you in a bubble. Your (e/c) eyes look around the lodge in silence as you take in your surroundings. It hadn’t changed at all in the year that had passed. Everything was exactly as it was one year ago.

           An image that caused a chill to move up your spine.

The longer you looked the more you felt sadness creep in, tears threatening to spill over. You stand with your back to everyone, your body fixated on the dust covered counter tops. The dust mocked forever changed.

You feel your mood start to change at the thought, but it only changes for a moment before you feel the gentle caress of Josh’s hand finding yours. He holds your hand and offers you a small smile, a smile that seems to tell you he was feeling the same way.

Leaning your head against his shoulder his lips find the top of your head as you breathe each other in. Tonight, would be hard for the both of you, but you knew that, but you knew if you both stood together nothing could break you.

“I’m glad I have you…”

You hear him whisper before giving your forehead another kiss. He gives your hand a firm squeeze and dares to look down at you. For a moment, you see something in his eyes, a look that told you something was troubling him. Your brow furrows at the sight, but when you try to ask him what’s wrong he continues speaking. He continues before you have the chance to make him think about whatever is troubling him.

“… Without you I feel like I would’ve lost my mind a long time ago.”

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