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1. I Sigh, You Sigh, We All Sigh for Yu Tsai

Everything we need to know about Yu Tsai having a permanent role on this show can be expressed in the models’ reactions:

I mean, even the way he informs the models is as if he’s delivering bad news. Normally, the models clap and cheer when they hear they get to work with literally any no-name and they’re just like, “Really? You don’t have Johnny Wujek hiding back there somewhere? Can you check again?”

As far as creative directing goes, Yu is a poor man’s Wujek. He’s a poor man’s Jay Manuel, too. Worst of all, his personality is a poor man’s Bryanboy… and nobody wants that. Yu doesn’t have to be likable, necessarily, but he should at least be entertaining rather than irritating. Why the hell didn't Franco Lacosta get offered this full-time job? Ridiculous! 

It’s early, so I’ll give Yu more of a chance, but initial indications are not looking promising. Don’t call Chantelle an X-Man just because she has a skin condition. Reminding Ivy that she’s not sexy and Romeo that he has no muscles mid-shoot doesn’t seem like effective feedback either. 

If coaching Adam to do weird workout poses is what Yu considers fashion, we’re in for some shitty photos this year. Then again, it may be better than the zero poses Adam was prepared to offer himself:

Out of moves after 10 seconds? Take note, Jamie Rae! That still leaves 110 seconds of unpleasant humping before he moves on to the next item on his agenda.

I actually started to detest Yu when he calls Josh “a unibrow and beard.” He’s literally just mocking the farmer/aspiring model when he asks, “Do you need a cow here to start milking it?” Josh responds that he does not need a cow, but Yu is so proud of his joke that he proceeds to repeat it anyway by shouting it to the entire set. “WE NEED A COW SO HE CAN MILK IT SO HE CAN FEEL NATURAL IN HIS HABITAT.” Ugh. Look who’s having a cow now, Yu. At least a bovine could offer Josh more constructive criticism.

Still, even that moment doesn’t top Yu’s instant resentment toward “Matt.” After Matthew pretty sheepishly states his name preference, Yu gets really indignant as if he should know Matthew’s name better than Matthew does. Later, he has the gall to exaggerate the situation, portraying it to the judges like Matthew had been an aggressive diva. Clearly, the editors are not fans of Yu either. They could have cut that to make it look like it was Matthew being unreasonable, but instead they replayed the moment again after Yu distorted the truth to be like, “Shut your fucking face, Yu!”

Yu really doesn’t take being corrected well and insists that it’s an issue of “respect.” However, Yu has no right to bring up respect when he tells Matthew:


Thankfully, Miss J is the voice of reason on this issue, pointing out that Matthew’s name IS Matthew. Cutrone, of course, agrees with Yu because she’s all about people giving her unconditional respect that she hasn’t earned. Tyra also sides with Yu: 

For the record, Tyra doesn’t bother to correct anyone, she just quietly has that person killed. And with any luck, Yu will say Tyra’s name incorrectly before the cycle is finished; we need both Jays back.

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