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Y/N was a sobbing mess as she sat in the police station, begging them to let FP go. She swore he was innocent, even going as far as to say he’d been with her the whole night, when he very well hadn’t.

“I know you don’t want to leave him. I don’t either…” Jughead wrapped an around her shoulders, choosing his words carefully. “But siting here and causing a scene isn’t doing anyone any good. Let’s go back to the trailer for a few hours. You need a break.”

“Why should I get a break when he doesn’t?” She peeked up at him from under her wet lashes. “He’s stuck in cell for no damn reason Juggy. It isn’t fair.” Her body shook and she wrapped her arms around herself tightly to try and stop it. “It’s not home without him.”

Sheriff Keller approached, clearly annoyed that she was still in his station. “If I let you see him for a minute. Will you please leave?”

It’d been days since she’d even seen a glimpse of him, and she was quick to jump on the offer. Standing, she dried her eyes with her shirt and took a deep breath.

FP was standing at the door of his small cell, already smiling. “I hear you’ve been giving them hell out there. That’s my girl.” With a wink he reached between the bars and squeezed her hand. “I’ve missed you.”

Y/N leaned forward until her forehead rested against the cold metal bars. “I’ve miss you too. It’s just not right.” Her voice broke as more tears began to fall. “You’re innocent!”

“I know that honey.” FP sighed, seeing her like this was killing him. “It’s only temporary. I’ll be out of her soon.”

“Time to go.” Keller called, sticking his head out of his office door.

“I love you. Be strong baby girl.” He pressed a quick kiss to her lips.

“I love you too…” She whispered sadly.

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Please, Mr Jailer

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Alright. I’m doing a second one so soon to showcase my undying love for the people still here. We lost a lot of great blogs over the last 11 months, and i wanna commemorate the ones still kicking throughout ALL the bullshit we’ve gone through. If you’re not on here, and you protest, let me know. And i’ll do a little dance for you in apology. 

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Ok The end. If I listed you and you’re not in fact following me, it means you were at some point. Cuz ive written down mutuals as they’ve happened. I tried to check everyone to make sure they were still current, but….you know….whatever. I STILL LOVE YOU EITHER WAY. Bolded mutuals by no means signifies those blogs are better than the unbolded ones. Its just the blogs i personally find myself going to frequently for my Larry Content™. Thank you for your time, i love you all.

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I don’t know html, i don’t know formatting, fuck banners, this is the worst but in honour of my second k, it is finally time for me to make this celebrating all of the blogs that have taught me everything i know. I love you guys so much there are certain blogs i owe everything to, and ill get to it now. This isn’t just mutuals because i literally can’t do anything the way its supposed to be done. So without further procrastination…Btw i follow about 4,700 people. So ill forget some. IM SORRY.

Special Mentions

@freddiesmyqueen: I would not be here today if it wasn’t for this fantastic human. This is true for a lot of us. She is the absolute Queen Prophet Of Larry. Where would we be without her? She has brought an unforgettable amount of material to this fandom. Thank you. Bless you beautiful person.

@since-he-was-eighteen: The wonderful creator of the HarriexLewie cartoons, a light in all our lives. She brings humor to the sometimes dark ship. Everyone enjoys getting a notification for a Kimmy creation. 1,000 points for originality, you’re untouchable. You liked one of my posts once and i swooned.

@bulletproofhalo: The encyclopedia, dictionary, thesauras, library, bible, reference and archive EMPORER of Larry. Seriously. The amount of information you have is omniscient, we’d be nothing without you. You are one of the most important blogs we have. Thank you.

@writing-about-larry: On the other hand Nat is the ficrec blog of the gods. Ive seen people give her half ass descriptions, and she will find the fic. She’s the master of Larry fics and let’s be honest we’ve all lived on her navigation sheet. You’re amazing, thank you.

@devinofrohan: My dark larrie mother whom without i would be lost. In many ways, but she’s the only larrie i know that im around constantly. Ohhh the laughs we’ve had.

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