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So we decided to make a masterlist as we realised there are quite some posts and stories up here. We make sure that we update the list regularly.  


Smut (M) // Fluff (F) // Angst (A)

🌙 Written by admin r 

👑 written by admin l 












Something’s Different (F/M) // Everything is amazing, you are friends with one of the biggest K-Pop bands EXO until you get strange feelings for one of your friends. But will your friendship live through those feelings? // PART 1 PART 2 PART 3  PART 4 👑

Crushed (A/M) // You find yourself in a poisonous relationship until a little light in the form of Baekhyun appears but will he actually be able to save you from your misery? // PART 1   🌙

Workaholic (F) // Luhan’s relationship with Minseok is far from what it used to be and Luhan feels more and more lonely. Then he meets Sehun and they become good friends, however slowly he finds himself falling for him. Will he end end up with Sehun or stay with Minseok ? // PART 1 PART 2  👑

Falling for a player (F/A/M) // You moved to a different city for university. You find yourself in a new flat with a nice, understanding and helpful Chanyeol and a flirtatious, sexy Xiumin. But how will your life be, living with two guys? // PART 1  PART 2 PART 3🌙

Done for (F/A/M) // Moving to a new city to start a new life you never expected that you will get into danger that easily. One frustrated evening you need to help poeple and not knowing when to run away it gets you into the hands of a shady group. They decide not to kill you and have other plans for you. Slowly you find yourself accompanying the boss of the family, a dark, quiet and very dangerous man. Slowly you see a total different side of the upgrowing group. // TEASER PART 1 PART 2 PART 3  👑