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 Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the story itself. Please do not copy or credit this as your work. Photo above is not mine.

Pairing: Haytham Kenway x reader

Requested by Elly: You’re Thomas Hickey’s distant cousin and you have the tendency to snoop around his work (trying to figure out who the Templars are) - you find Haytham to be the most interesting one.

Warnings: none

Words: 1731

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A/N: I woe the person who is Thomas Hickey’s cousin (aka Sao) unless you’re cool with it (aka Sammy). Also, what is it with Templars and word counts?

Of all the things you expected your family to be embroiled in, it was some hidden organization under the sheen of a revolution.

You had been living in America with your cousin Thomas Hickey for the span of a year and you were ever so grateful that your parents were rich enough to buy you a separate house from your more…rambunctious cousin.

Whenever you visited, if you even did bother, you would find Thomas stumbling around with a bottle in hand or catch a woman leaving with mussed hair and rumpled clothes, shoes in hand.

But one day as you were cleaning up after another one of Thomas’s messes, you saw someone with dark hair leave what appeared to be a package on the front porch. Curious, you took care of the last few beer bottles and opened the door. Sure enough, there was an inconspicuous unmarked packet with a tiny cross stamped on the corner as if that were any indication of who had delivered it from.

Your fingers toyed with the seal as you heard heavy footsteps approach the foyer and you hide the letter within your skirts. Thomas groggily walks into the banister with tired eyes and a yawn about to leave with his alcohol-laced breath.

“Didn’t expect you ‘round anymore. Not after what happen’d that very pleasuring night a week ago.” He remarks and bears a grin at you that you are sure he shoots at any woman in the tavern every night after many rounds of drinks.

“Thomas, that was two nights ago. Go back to bed, for the love of God.” You sigh as you attempt to keep the letters in your skirt. He rolls his eyes at you and mutters something that contained the words ‘mother’ and ‘not here to scold me.’.

You wait for the bedroom door to slam shut before you uncover the letter and carefully pry it open as you look behind your back to make sure no one was lurking in Thomas’s house. Not that you knew of anyone that would even be around in the first place.

The only thing that was inside the envelope was a single letter and a map with arrows and circles and words that made no sense to you it what could be assumed to be some form of code written all over the place.

You looked through the contents of the letter only to find a brief neatly written message inside.


Charles and I have finalized the plans for tonight. We meet at the harbor at dusk. Do not be late again.

May the Father of Understanding Guide You,


You carefully slide the letter and map back into the envelope as quietly as you could least Thomas woke up again, though the chances of that were unlikely as hell raining on Earth in the next second. Birds begin chirping as you hesitantly walk into Thomas’s study and place the envelope’s contents into an open drawer filled with even more letters of the same nature.

You close the door behind you and lock it softly as you dug through the piles of parchment littered all around the wooden drawer. A few were sent by a William and more from a man named Charles who you could only assume was the same person from the earlier letter. However, most of the letters written to your dearly beloved cousin was from the same Haytham that wrote to him in the morning letter.

Out of all the three, this Haytham seemed to be the most intriguing one in a strange way. From what you could gather, he seemed to be the one leading the little quartet Thomas had gotten himself involved in when he wasn’t within range of a brothel and he was paying your cousin a tidy sum for his services.

And of wealthy upbringing as well.’ You thought as you stored the letters away in its haphazard state. A loud knock on the front door snapped you out of your thoughts quickly as you tried to remain calm. You slowly unlock the study door and peek outside slightly through the gap in the door.

The only glimpse you could catch before you forced yourself into the adjacent room were two dark-haired men, one with a medium-length ponytail and the other a tricorn on his head.

You prayed Thomas would sleep through the racket and indeed he did as you could hear the men’s voices drift into the main parlor room.

“He must be at the brothel then, Master Kenway.” The ponytailed man spoke and you opened the door a little bit wider to catch a better look at your cousin’s visitors.

“Yes, I suppose he is. He’ll see our news soon enough. Come along now, Charles.” The tricorn wearing man replies calmly and you can only make the obvious deduction that Charles was the one with a ponytail on full display which seemed to shine slightly under the sun.

Which meant that his companion was either Haytham or William and based on the way he spoke, you think, it must’ve been Haytham with all of his pomp and authority on Charles.

Interesting.’ You think as you carefully slip the recently sent letter under Thomas’s door and leave quickly (and hopefully as quietly) out the front door.

You stare at the roaring fire as you sip on the last remnants of your tea while the stars fully appear in the night sky. The sound of crackling wood echoed around the parlor as you poured yourself another cup of tea before a heavy rap to the front door brought you out of your peaceful evening.

You dubiously moved towards the curtains and pulled them back slightly to see a dark blue tricorn with a gold trim. It was that man, Haytham.

‘What is he doing here? Did he see me at Thomas’s house?’ You think as you move to open the door.

You manage to keep a relatively calm composure as you finally gain the confidence to look at Haytham in the eye and you immediately want to turn your gaze away from him. There was no doubt inside of you that your previous assumptions about the man were correct. The only question you had was how Thomas came in contact with a person like Haytham.

“Ms. Y/N L/N?” Haytham asks and you nod.

“That’s me. And you are?” You respond with a passive expression, afraid of what might happen if he caught onto your ruse.

“Haytham Kenway, at your service. You’re Thomas Hickey’s cousin, aren’t you?” He inquires and you try to relax even though he seemed to be trying to wipe away your visage with a sharpened gaze.

“Yes, I am. Why? Has something happened to Thomas?” You answer and your heartbeat starts to rise slightly.

“Perhaps it’s better if we discussed this inside. May I?” Haytham replies and your heart doesn’t start to quell until you lock the door behind you.

You pour another cup of tea and hand it to Haytham as you sit on the red cushioned chair at the arm of the couch Haytham was sitting on.

“What happened to Thomas?” You ask after what seemed like a painful eternity consisting of your thumping heart and minuscule beads of sweat rolling down the side of your face.

Haytham places his teacup on the side table as he clasps his hands together.

“Nothing has happened to Thomas for the time being. I do have a question for you, Ms. Y/N. Were you at his house earlier today?” He questions and you want to throw up the tea you had just swallowed.

“Yes, I was. But I was only there to say a few words with him before I left.” You reply. It wasn’t the full truth, but it wasn’t a complete lie.

“Did you see anyone delivering anything to Thomas’s door this morning before you left?” Haytham inquires and you set down your now empty cup.

“No, I didn’t. Was there anything I needed to give to Thomas?” You answer and he seems to relax slightly as he takes his teacup again.

“No, there wasn’t. I do appreciate your honesty, however.” He responds and you want to blame your slowly growing blush on the warm fire.

You had to admit to yourself that Haytham Kenway was a charismatic, good-looking man. No doubt he had used his charms to get whatever he wanted or needed before in his life.

“I admit, you aren’t anything like your cousin. For someone of your status and lifestyle, you are quite the young lady.” He remarks and you can’t help but revert back to your thoughts.

“Thank you, Mr. Kenway. Though I will say that Thomas can be a worthy friend on some occasions.” You smile briefly and you see something light up in his eyes. Possibly from your remark about Thomas, you think.

“He has been nothing but helpful so far, Ms. Y/N. I wouldn’t worry too much.” Haytham replies and while that should comfort you, it doesn’t.

“What is he doing with you, Mr. Kenway? My dearest cousin hasn’t told me much about his activities as of late.” You mention casually and you see the tension arise in Haytham’s body again. The red cross you remember stamped on the corner of the envelope forces itself into the front of your mind again. He looks out the window and it was like he yearned to be outside again. Away from whatever tension this conversation had given him.

“I’m afraid that the answer to that question will have to wait another day. Perhaps tomorrow at noon? I promise that I will answer them then.” He responds and you feel the corner of your lips tug into a small smile.

“Are you trying to court me, Mr. Kenway?” You ask coyly and you can see a hint of a smile dance across his face.

“Perhaps. Will I see you here at noon?” Haytham asks and stands up. You stand up as well and take a confident stride towards him to kiss him on the cheek.

“I will. I’ll see you tomorrow then, Mr. Kenway.” You say so quietly that it could have been a whisper. He kisses your hand and shows himself out as you stare at the slowly dying fire, wondering what you had gotten yourself into this time.

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my theory behind the clothes swap is that aaron finds out about rebecca and they temporarily break up (because emmerdale loves the angst) and they're pining after eachother and their way of showing that is wearing eachothers clothes because it's comforting?

Oh anon, I really hope not. I don’t want them to break up, even for a minute. I think current SL’s have shown that they are both just so self-desctructive when they are alone and I can’t see how them breaking up is going to fix that. I want them to work through this together, and with outside help because we all know they need it. 

I love the idea of them pining for each other and that’s why they wear the clothes, which I could have seen whilst Aaron was in prison, well we did get it a bit with Aaron taking Robert’s shower gel. I’m forever mad we didn’t get Robert sleeping in Aaron’s hoodie because it smelled like Aaron, but I guess we’re going to get to see it in a few weeks anyway, for whatever reason. I just hope it’s not because they’re seperated. I can’t deal with anymore heartache.

Like a Fantasy

Anonymous said:  Can you explain that Geoffrey Colo ig photo? is that an us thing cause i have no idea of what it is.

Anonymous said:  I’m so confused, what is that instagram picture supposed to be?

I’ve decided that the Marvel Spies live in the tree outside my house and wait until I leave the house to post things!   In case anyone missed it Colo posted THIS instagram picture this afternoon.  

And that house is super iconic for TV and was the setting for a TV show in the 70′s/80′s Fantasy Island.

Many of you might not know the show but you do know this scene…

Why does this mean anything?  

Well, we have a couple of factors in play.  

First is the show Fantasy Island itself.  On the show Mr. Roarke welcomed his clients to his island.  Part of what made this show so fun is the guest stars changed each week and they would bring in many of the big stars of the day. 

Visitors to the island would come to make their dreams come true….or fix a regret (yeah for reals).   Though this little journey always came with a price (yeap for reals again).  Starting to sound a little familiar? 

It was just easier for me to pull from the Wiki Page for the show. 

Roarke had a strong moral code, but he was always merciful. He usually tried to teach his guests important life lessons through the medium of their fantasies, frequently in a manner that exposes the errors of their ways, and on occasions when the island hosted terminally ill guests he would allow them to live out one last wish. 

Roarke’s fantasies were not without peril, but the greatest danger usually came from the guests themselves. In some cases people were killed due to their own negligence, aggression or arrogance. When necessary, Roarke would directly intervene when the fantasy became dangerous to the guest:

With only a few exceptions, Roarke always made it quite clear that he was powerless to stop a fantasy once it had begun and that guests must play them out to their conclusion.

  • We’re in that Boat too.  AIDA has set the world in motion and I highly doubt she takes time away from whatever the she is up too to intervene.

On the show the Fantasy more often that not turned into a morality lesson or a you had what you wanted all a long kind of thing.  And during the run of the show a handful of guests did decide to live out the rest of their life in the Fantasy.  Which we are also on the watch for.  

Essentially many of the themes from Fantasy Island will be in play in the Framework.  Right up to the unexpected turn of events AIDA’s fixes wrought on the world they are all now prisoner in.

The second thing we have in play….THEY FILMED THERE!   

Colo’s picture of the crane in that post…coupled with:

  • Clark posting a pic there.
  • John posting a pic there.

Meaning at the very least Coulson and Radcliffe are at this fabulous cottage at some point in 16/17 based on IMDB updates.  My early suspicion is that the cottage might belong to Radcliffe or it will be the sight of a fancy party in the Framework.  

Essentially the entire Framework story arc will play out a lot like a stay on Fantasy Island.   Radcliffe and AIDA fixed a regret for each of the hostages, offer a what might have been.  All in an effort to ease their pain, give them a better life, and a better world.  The world has been set in motion and can not be stopped (the die has been cast if you will).  That they are in danger in there, they can die.  And like the show those fixes will take some surprising turns not only for us but for the characters.  We already know that most if not all of them are NOT better off in the Framework despite what AIDA and Radcliffe think.  And in coming out of the Framework they will all have a different perspective on things.  IE Coulson will know that he and Shield make a considerable difference despite some of the bad that has come of it.

A big difference is that on Fantasy Island the guest got to choose the Fantasy they wanted fulfilled.   AIDA chose for the hostages and likely didn’t pick what they would have.  

“Hello. Ahem Mr. Claus?” The male says into his phone, clearing his throat, “Mr. Santa Claus?” He gives the person next to him a wink before grinning down at his daughter, “Yes hi. I’m calling on behalf of my daughter who just wants to thank you for all your hard work even during the non-Christmas days and to make sure that you know that she wants the new Moana doll for Christmas.” Dani tugs at his shirt, brows furrowing as she whispers into his ear, “Oh okay she also wants me to tell you that if another kid deserves it more and you run out, she’ll understand.” Jeremy gives his daughter a thumbs up, “I think you’re getting the doll, baby girl.” Though he quickly turns to the person beside him, “Sorry. Sorry. Fatherly duties. Want me to put in a good word for you with the Big Man?” He teases.

Mr McClain!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a lil’ message saying thanks so much all the people who have inboxed me on the topic of Lance’s skin colour. I really appreciate the messages. Of course everyone has their own way of drawing. When working on my style of drawing for Lance I google-imaged the show and worked from there. I understand some artists might draw him with slightly lighter skin, others darker. I am always experimenting with own characters and art, with things like lighting and style and line work. I haven’t nailed any of them yet and that’s why I keep drawing, drawing, drawing like a crazy women!!

I think when drawing characters from a show/book/movie everyone has their own interpretation based on what there is to know about the character. I know my own characters pretty well (one’s white British, another Asian, one Italian etc.) so I, me, myself, know how they should like. But of course if someone read my book (I anticipate the day like a kid does Christmas!!!!) I’m sure they would imagine my characters totally different based off the descriptions I give. So let’s just have fun with experimenting with our art and lives generally! We’re all humans. We all come in unique shapes and sizes and colours. And hell yeah to that! So again thanks so much for all your messages!! I find it really super interesting to hear what everyone thinks!! Thank you thank you.

And thank you for following and liking my art. It means the world to me, I can’t even explain it. 

I’ll shut the hell up now and you let you get on with your day! :D :D


(So much for a little message…) 

Newt Scamander: Every Zoo is a petting zoo if you try hard enough.

Everyone else: NO.

Jack visiting the Haus and Bitty says something like “Don’t you dare touch that pie before it’s cooled, Mr. Zimmermann” at dinnertime.

Jack thinks absentmindedly, “’Mr. Bittle’ one day, if I’m lucky.”

And it’s only when the entire Haus is staring at him (Bitty’s face is extremely red) that Jack realizes he’s said it aloud. Cue Haus collectively screaming.

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Mr. G, you are some good shit. G00D SH!T. eh heh. maybe you can convince zeroster to show you how to never die, even if your soul get's broken// It won't be easy tho~~

look out we got a badass over here