mr hares


I found my first two pieces of Mr.Hare & Mr.Bear fanart! I got these both last year the first one at Anime Boston from the amazing @catbatart and the second at ECCC from @kiriska, of course after those cons I moved a lot and had everything packed but I just unpacked my last box with art and LOOK NOW I CAN SHARE THEM!!! Thank you so much guys and sorry it took me forever to post!! <3 

Most Important Zodiac List You Will Find On Tumblr Dot Com
  • Aries: Original Once-ler
  • Taurus: Greed-ler
  • Gemini: Swag-ler
  • Cancer: TrollOnce-ler
  • Leo: The Lorax
  • Virgo: 1972 Once-ler
  • Libra: Fem!Once-ler
  • Scorpio: Steampunk Once-ler
  • Sagittarius: Mr. O'Hare
  • Capricorn: Old Once-ler
  • Aquarius: Jackfrost-ler
  • Pisces: Camp Weehawken Counselor Once-ler

Mr Hare is away on ship (again!!!) but he still sent me some of my favorite candy, See’s Milk Bordeaux! I also got this cute Valentine deer when I was picking up the kids’ candy, plus bonus uninterested cat.

update on things:

moved!! unpacked!! and the cats are getting along way better than I thought they would #win 

got my hair did yesterday, working on kickstarter stuff today and start my job tomorrow

thinking of print ideas for ECCC/AB and so far I’m going to have DC pin-ups (finally), JJBA, Naruto, DBZ, YOI annnddd a few Mr.Hare & Mr.Bear things haha ill post them as I finish them. I’m also planning on closing my storenvy and moving all my prints to INprint so I’ll post a link when that’s live! 

Please full view!

I decided that Baubles needed some winter-themed friends, so I made an Arctic Hare!

His name is Mr. Do-Dad, and he LOVES Christmas time, too. Mostly because of the profits, though! He spends all year making paw-made holiday ornaments, decorations, and nick-nacks out of anything he can find in the woods. While he looks like a snowman, he’s not cold-hearted; he also favors the holidays because that’s when Baubles visits his little igloo shop the most! She’s his best customer, and he’s known her since she was a fawn. He loves her like a daughter and they get along like good family.