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#repost @verablack8 … ‘Whilst waiting for Luke to pick me up from the station, stumbled across one of the most beautiful and genuine movie stars.. we got chatting about his Triumph and then he kindly offered to model some of my accessories whilst we hung in the car park of the train station…#tomhardy #triumph #dgrlondon' 

#ThatSeason Tee @mrbagandtag Nathan Jones, whose upcoming fight at BAMMA31 is on Sept 15 at Wembley SSE Arena.

Triumph Street Scrambler @officialtriumph

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Ok, this was much harder than anticipated! We all know who at least 3 of my “free passes” would be, but narrowing it down beyond that was tough.

1. Matthias Schoenaerts. No surprise here. This Belgian boy has my whole heart. I’d give up the rest of the list for just this one.  

2. Mr. Tom Hardy. Who doesn’t love Tom? He’s completely brilliant and an amazing human being. 

3. Henry Cavill. Superman, indeed. 

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4. Jai Courtney. There is something simultaneously cuddly and SO dirty about this man. There’s appeal in that, for sure. 

5. Timothy Olyphant. I have loved this one forever. He’s definitely the elder statesman of the group, but he’s so gorgeous. And very funny.


1. Sebastian Stan. The Winter Soldier just kinda makes you tingle in all the right places.

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2. Chris Pine. My favorite Chris. 

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3. Edgar Ramirez. The eyes, the accent, the talent…yes please.

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4. Chris Evans. Somewhere underneath all that Disney/Marvel superhero stuff is a very dirty boy. I’m convinced. 

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Have fun, ladies :)

The Job

Authors Note: I think everyone knows how I feel about a Tom Hardy gif but this particular one made me think the very thoughts that you are about to read. NSFW but also not too unsafe. I hope you enjoy! XOXO

Trigger Warning: Smut, Profanity, Slight fluff

“Come on then! No need to bang away knowing that I told you to get in here,” he yelled at the door.

I opened it slowly. Expecting to see him in a rather foul mood. I had already pissed him off by showing up late earlier and now I fucked up his scheduling for his auditions. It wasn’t technically my fault. While I was taking the notes, he was taking all of me in.

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