mr haney

Mr Douglas, Have I got a deal fer you...

My head is a bit like the pickel barrel in Sam Drucker’s General Store. Most of the time it’s actually empty and just there for show. But every so often, with no significant effect on the plot, somebody will pop the lid and lo and behold! There’s something in there! Nobody really notices what, unless it’s something that leaves a bad taste. But, on rare instances it’s like Mr Haney has shown up while Mr Douglas and Mr Drucker are trying to figure out why Mr Kimball is there, and while they’re distracted Mr Haney hatches a plan. And by the time he’s done talking everyone is half convinced that ANYTHING could be in there. And occasionally it is.
Course with me, every so often it’s like Rod Serling slipped into Hooterville and put some bizarre twisted surprise in the pickle barrel that nobody’s ready for. So basically, ya got a nickel, you could get anything.

anonymous asked:

What exactly is Mr Haney?

an excellent question. what is mr haney?

a simple man, perhaps, with simple motivations.

and a simple hatred of beans.

but that is certainly not all there is to him. while on the surface mr haney appears to be uncomplicated, the mystery goes a little deeper than one might expect.

he is a man of hidden talents.

a principal by day, a party decoration by night.

and he is a man to whom bad luck seems to be attracted. his whole life, he has been plagued by this misfortune.

but is it his curse? or his destiny?

he is also a bear:

president-frankenstein  asked:

do you ever stop and think that the principal is supposed to represent arthur as a grownup? he also has bad luck, can be clueless sometimes, and can occasionally lose his temper. they both look really similar even though he's a bear. in that black and white picture of him as a kid he looks EXACTLY like arthur. i wouldn't be surprised if this was true

that’s an interesting theory! i haven’t heard it before :0 

i can defs see where you’re coming from! though one hopes arthur becomes a little less hapless when he grows up, haha. mr haney can’t catch no breaks.