mr handsome sir

“Try Some Tenderness”

Still, his life didn’t seem to want to let up, even with his newfound success. Rhys had begged Yvette and Vaughn to babysit Cyrus for the meeting, but they were both locked into important arrangements of their own, and despite himself Rhys just didn’t trust any of the babysitting agencies he had looked up. Cyrus was all that he had, and the offspring of un-bonded omegas were always in danger of being harmed by competing alphas wanting to bury their own seed, even in the modern Hyperion environment. So, despite his growing nerves, Rhys had made the decision to simply bring the child with him, after he had made Cyrus swear that he would be on his absolute best behavior, something that the child cheerfully agreed to, not quite understanding the situation.

And that was how Rhys ended up in such a high-powered business meeting—filled with other notables from the programming division, with Handsome Jack himself at the head of the table—with his five year old squirming on his legs.

Single dad omega Rhys AU, because yes. 

Jack is probably too nice in this one, but it’s tooth-rotting fluff, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it too bad. 

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