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Dating Jaebum would include pt.3

I hope you guys prepared your thirsty butts like i told you to

• him giving you piggy backs when your feet hurt bc of your high heels
• he would sing you to sleep every night
• also sings his self composed songs for your birthday
• and on normal days
• basically every second
• because you’d love it
• you would dance to got7 choreos all the time when he is not around
• but one day he would come home earlier and see you in the kitchen while making dinner and dancing to ‘if you do’
• and he’d take a video
• and watch it everyday
• and just to show his members
• because he would be so proud of his girl
• bboy battle between you two
• and dance battles with Yugyeom
• with Jaebum cheering for you
• and craving for your body
• cuz he’d be about to drag you out of practise into an empty room to fuck you against a wall
• he would get hard just thinking about it
• but then he would cringe at your dab battle with Bambam
• and Bambam would dab so hard that he hit himself
• in his face
• and you couldn’t stop laughing
• derp face battle with Jackson
• selca battle with Youngjae
• who-can-shut-up-longer battle with Mark
• but you would lose
• i mean
• we’re talking about Mark
• and then you’d do an aegyo battle with him instead
• savage battle with Jinyoung
• staying late at the dorm with the boys and you just giving attention to Coco
• pouty Jaebum
• Jaebum trying to get your attention by taking off his shirt
• and you would stare at his abs
• and he’d smirk at you
• but you would continue to cuddle with Coco
• so he would just give up
• but when you guys go to bed you would walk into his room seeing him lying on the bed
• “You’re not jealous of Coco are you~”
• then you’d plop down on the bed after stripping out of your clothes and spooning him from behind
• “no”
• “of course you are Jaebumie~”
• so you would try to sweet talk him with aegyo
• and it would actually work when he turned around to face you
• and sees that you didn’t wear anything
• he would show you how jealous he is for not giving him attention but a dog by fucking you
• that everyone knows who you belong to
• even Coco lol
• and his members
• so Bambam and Jackson would tease him the next day about getting jealous of a fucking dog
• and they would snicker about you screaming ‘daddy’ all night long
• so you would kick their asses
• casual park dates
• with him wearing sunglasses
• and a cap
• and a mask
• just low-key af
• he would tease you sexually when you’re on your period
• and you going insane about it
• so you would suck him and leave him on the edge before he cums walking to the living room to watch some netflix
• with him following you
• “baby, don’t do this”
• “that’s your own fault for teasing me. but you propably know how to use your left hand.”
• “come on baby girl. you know exactly that your pretty little mouth is better than my hand!”
• “your loss.”
• so his eyes would darken and he would walk in front of you
• “you know what happens to disobedient girls who won’t listen to their daddy?~”
• then he would push you down the couch and hover over you
• “They get punished”
• and then he’d continue the teasing until you suck him off properly
• “just keep in your mind that i will fuck you against every corner of this apartment when you get off your period”
• “you wouldn’t”
• “try me princess”
• and guess what
• he would keep his promise
• bc he’s a fuckboy
• and fuckboys do things like that
• but he would propably cuddle you after that steamy session
• wait no
• he would definetely cuddle you
• bc remember pt.2?
• he’d be the best cuddle buddy in the whole goddamn world ♡

good lord why did i even made this jaebum would include thing. im criyng i really luv it

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In Mr. Barnaby’s office…

Mr. Barnaby: [hears the door opening] “Not now Phillips! I’m enjoying my morning brandy.”

Lady Georgina: “I’m afraid I’m not one of your employees good sir.”

Mr. Barnaby: “Oh good heavens! But your grace, this is surprise.”

Lady Georgina: “Good morning mister Barnaby. I am terribly sorry to come in unannounced like this but I just had to see you!”

Mr Barnaby: “Countess Spenborough it is always a pleasure to see you!”

Lady Georgina: “I’m delighted, sir.”

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ok hi this is like super random but i was rewatching p&p 2005 and i didn't know who else to say this to. CAN WE ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT MR BENNET JUST SAID "GOOD HEAVENS. PEOPLE." WHEN HE OPENED THE DOOR WHEN HE REALISED ALL HIS DAUGHTERS WERE EAVESDROPPING. like the way he said it was like "oh hello there are people" idk why i found that funny ok sorry bye

one of the most relatable moments from p&p (2005) tbh

Skeleton par-tay! XD

Originally thought I’d just leave it on Twitter, but I still like this one, so what the heck?

Characters included:

  • Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • The Grim Reaper (Grim and Evil)
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
  • Sans, Papyrus and Gaster (Undertale)
  • Lewis (Mystery Skulls)
  • Itward (Fran Bow)
  • Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider)
  • Bonejangles and Scraps (Corpse Bride)
  • Autumn, Helvetica, Mr. Good Heavens and Steak (Helvetica)
  • Ray: Guys, have we landed?
  • Leonard: Yes, Raymond. Well spotted.
  • Ray: Well, er, since you’ve taken away my water boiler, can I order some hot water here?
  • Sara: Yes, of course.
  • Leonard: No-no-no.
  • Sara: Oh, come on. I’m not flying the length of Africa without coffee. We need hot water.
  • Leonard: Certainly, but we don’t need to pay thirty Euros for it. There’s an old flying school trick I know.
  • Sara: Of course there is(!)
  • Leonard: Raymond, get a wine bottle, fill it with water and, using the asbestos gloves, place it very carefully on the lip of one of the engine exhausts. Hey presto, boiling water.
  • Rip: Good heavens. Mr. Snart has discovered his inner Womble.
  • Ray: But … doesn’t the air come out of the back of those engines pretty fast?
  • Leonard: Raymomd, the engines aren’t on. Clues to this include the Waverider being stationary on the ground and eerily quiet. But they’ll still be hot from the flight.
  • Ray: Ah, right! Yes! Because I was thinking, otherwise I might have had a bit of a job …
  • Leonard: … balancing a wine bottle in a fourteen hundred mile an hour jet blast. Yes, I imagine you would.
There’s always collateral damage between you and me. It’s our Paris.
—  The Master making a Casablanca reference while cosplaying Mary Poppins