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Take it Out on Me | 3

Summary: Yoongi/Reader/Hoseok. When your boyfriend neglects you one too many times, the only thing left for you to do is run to his best friend for comfort.
Genre: Angst
Words: 2,787
Warnings: Cheating

Disclaimer: The plot idea is not mine and the two first chapters were written by @btsfiles. I am merely continuing it, with her permission.

-Admin Mari

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 (by @btsfiles)

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when you came home my
dog had already died and
the gold in my eyes had gone out,
but it’s okay. you were never good
at watching the tide go out.
besides, i discovered that 
the only way to walk this floor is to just
lie here, breathing, and kind-of-not-really
either sobbing or laughing

i buried her next to where your five-year-old goldfish 
mr. bubbles 
is respectfully interred
and where the weeds are similarly growing over the bones
of a golden retriever named boomer who was hit by a car
and the collar of a grey cat named ghost who was hit by a car and
the suicide note i hid that apologized for getting 
hit by a car 

but it’s okay
you weren’t there. it shouldn't hurt. we could always
order a new puppy in the mail. there’s plenty of them.
don’t worry. sometimes i think i’m sad as a decoration
rather than as a disease. you could always order a new poet
at starbucks. there are plenty of us. i’m sorry
that when you came home 
i didn’t have the strength to stand up.

the dog died of cancer,
see. i spent the last five months handfeeding her
boiled chicken and white rice and cleaning up
the blood and vomit she left behind. i did not hold her paw
when we killed her with kindness. she hated having
her feet touched.

i know the gold has gone out and so has the fire. i sold it off
so i wouldn’t have to see you
every time i looked in the mirror. it’s okay.
you only went to the ocean when the tide was in. you said you
didn’t like watching the water leave things stranded.
you would have hated to see her

it’s okay. it’s been okay ever since i learned how to lie about stuff.
i know why you left. i am just upset i could not
come along.

somebody always has to stay behind 
and take care of the dying dog.

—  you would have hated to hear her whining. // r.i.d
Mr. Toddles

“Oh my god why are you crying? What happened?” Michael ask me worriedly as he came inside the room to see the sight of me crying. 

 "H-he died.“ I hiccuped out.

 "W-what? Who did?" 


 "Y/N, I can’t understand you! Now tell me, who died?” Michae grew worried. 

“Mr. Toddles. Mr. Toddles d-died.”

 "What the fuck? Your goldfish died?“ He snorted out.

 "He was my pet!" 

 His face immediately softened while resisting the urge to laugh, "Now, now. Be still. Where is he?”

 "He’s still in the b-bowl. He must’ve ate something.“ He then lost the urge to fight his laughter since he laughed maniacally, slapping his knee every once and then.

 I crossed my arms and huffed, letting him know that I was serious. 

 "Don’t worry! I had a golfish when I was like eleven. He only lasted for like two days since I put some laundry detergent there so it can have some bubbles." 

"You’re not making me feel better!”

 "Sorry. I’ll call the boys so later we can have an uhm, a proper funeral for Mr. Toddles.”

 "You would?“ I asked curiously. 

 "Anything for you babe." 

 "Thank you!” I repeated a couple more times before tackling him in a hug. 

 "Call them now!“ Michael complied and called Luke.

 "Uhm Luke, can you and the boys come here later? It’s important." 

 "What for? Oh you’re in speaker phone by the way.” He said mindlessly.

 "We’re going to flush someone. Oh uhm wait, how do you call this? We’re gonna have a funeral later.“ 

 "What the hell? Who died?” Luke asked worriedly. 

 "Mr. Toddles. Y/N’s goldfish.“

 "MR. TODDLES DIED?” Ashton asked in a yell.

A little Everlark drabble to get me in the summer frame of mind. Link to the post that inspired this located at the bottom of the story. Not beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. I haven’t written this trope yet and kind of wanted to, so …Happy Reading!

The crowd yells and Peeta glances over his shoulder at the field momentarily, joining the cheering while Heyward slides into second a moment before the catcher’s throw reaches the baseman. Then he turns back and finishes the climb to row 15. At least he’s only missed half of the first inning. Confusion wrinkles his brow as he reaches the row indicated on his ticket and his friends wave, greeting him with cheerful shouts, Finnick with a sheepish look on his face.

“Sorry, man. This was the only way I could get us all in the same section,” he admits with a shrug.

Peeta’s eye sweep over his friends packed in a row in the midst of the sold out crowd then across the aisle to the lone empty seat separated from his friends by the steep stairs and the metal handrail running up its center. He suppresses a sigh and lowers his body into the vacant seat. So much for a relaxing evening catching up with his friends at the ballpark. Just before his rear hits the plastic seat, the woman assigned to the spot next to him glances over and Peeta nearly drops his beer.

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Both the Twins Like You

Storyline: Ethan and Grayson both have a crush on you.

Requested? Yes

Character Count: 3946

Pairing: Twins x Reader

“Y/N!” I heard my mom yell.

“coming!” I shouted racing down the stairs.

When I got to the bottom, my mom was standing there waiting for me.

“you ready?” she asked, “we gotta go.”

I nodded and made my way to the car. Today I was going over the Dolan’s house to help watch their cousins while my mom, Mrs. Dolan, and the twins aunt all went out to a spa, to get their nails done, etc. The car ride was about twenty minutes long. Once we got there, I opened the car door and got out and followed behind my mom. She knocked on the door, and the twins mom answered smiling.

“Hi!” she said enthusiastically, “come in.” She hugged the both of us and led us into the dining room where Grayson was sitting with his little girl cousin, Riley, in his lap, and his other cousin, Christian, was sitting next to them. They were eating goldfish.

Mrs. Dolan spoke up, “Ethan’s using the bathroom he should be done soon.”

Ethan came down the stairs a few minutes later and sat down by me.

“I think we’re ready to go.” their aunt said speaking up.

“okay, emergency numbers are on the fridge, Y/N, you have all of our numbers if anything goes wrong.”

“hey, what about us?” Ethan said gesturing to Grayson and himself.

“you have our numbers too, it’s just typically girls are better with kids than boys.”

The three women left, leaving Grayson, Ethan, Riley, Christian, and myself alone.

We went to the back yard and I began playing and chasing Riley and Christian. I took a break and was standing by Ethan while Grayson and the two kids still ran around playing.

“you’re really good with them.” he said.

“thanks, I guess it’s because I’m a girl.” I said, and he chuckled.

“I like you Y/N.”

“what?” I asked turning my head, looking up at him.

“you heard me, I like you. You’re really sweet, good with kids, you can cook, you’re funny, and appealing to the eye.”

I laughed, “appealing to the eye?”

He nodded his head smiling. Riley ran over to us, “Y/N I have to go to the bathroom.” she dis dcrossing her legs.

I giggled slightly at her, “come on sweet pea, I’ll take you.” I said grabbing her hand leading her inside.

** Later that night **

We ordered pizza for dinner and ate.

“you guys wanna watch a movie?” Ethan suggested. We all agreed and made out way into the living room.

“what movie?” I asked.

“FROZEN!” they shouted at the same time. I smiled and Grayson got the movie and put it in the DVD player.

“you wanna grab some blankets for them?” I asked Ethan. He nodded and made his way upstairs to grab some blankets. I sat down on the couch and Grayson came and sat next to me. Ethan came back with four blankets, he handed one to Riley, one to Christian, one to me, and tools the last one for himself.

“what about me?” Grayson asked.

“sorry dude, all I could find.” Ethan said sitting on the other couch.

“here I’ll share, I said unfolding the blanket. He took it from me, scooted closer and placed the blanket over both of us. About thirty minutes into the movie, the other twins fell asleep and Ethan left to go to the bathroom. I layed my head on Grayson’s shoulder.

"tired?” he asked.

“a little bit, four kids can be a lot on a girl.”

“four?” he said but then caught on, “hey, Ethan might be a kid, but I’m not.”

“yeah?” I asked.


“what makes you so sure?”

“a kid wouldn’t do this,” he said pressing a kiss to my cheek.

It was silent. “what was that for?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I like you and I think you’re absolutely beautiful.”

“is this a joke?” I asked lifting my head up.

“no, why would I joke about this?”

“because Ethan said the same thing.”

I heard a voice behind me, “Ethan said what?”

I turned around and what a was standing there, arms crossed with his eyebrow raised. Grayson stood up, “what did he say?”


part 2?

I’m back from a 5-day vacation to Iceland with fellow fishkeeper and amazing person @cadwallia !!  We had the coolest of times, and luckily my roommate was able to take care of my fish while I was away.  Mr. B says hello!