“Precious Moments” - Digital Oil Painting

This is my latest completed commission for @whitesheepcbd, based on a moment from her story “Precious Moments.” She asked for Rumple and Belle snuggled up with baby Gideon and I love how it turned out. It was a challenge to get the messier hair to look right, plus getting the ‘nighttime’ colors right without it getting too dark, so I put in some moonlight coming through blinds to highlight some areas. I hope you like it!

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I don’t often do this, but I did a repaint of the Rumpelstiltskin I painted back in December–I sort of underestimated the power of the Rumple fandom and was not expecting the original to get quite so many reblogs, and every time I saw a notification pop up in my feed I just felt like youknow, maybe I should fix his noodle hands and give him some eyebrows? I felt a little guilty about leaving you such a noodle boy.

So I did–unfortunately I can’t reblog and change the original photo at the same time, so I’ll leave the other one in it’s separate post. That picture has a slightly different vibe anyway.


This man. Seriously. ❤️ Absolutely thronged by a large crowd of fans after hours of filming today, and he made sure every last person got a photo. And then he made sure all who brought something to sign got an autograph as well. 😍

Lucky enough to be in Steveston all day today for Bobby-heavy filming. Took tons of pics. Hopefully I can get some up soon… Adam H was there too, and I may have caught a couple of Adam/Bobby hugs…

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  • [Charming when planning a guy’s night out with Hook, Robin, Rumple, and Neal]
  • Charming: We can stay up late swapping manly stories. And in the morning, I’m making waffles!