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okay look, i know that as a fandom we tend to overlook dominik koudelka, but hear me out:

koudelka is canonically a journalist.

he works for the times or something; a decently large publication, I would assume.

i bet the second his receptionist brings up the whole minkowski-calling incident– she’ll quote something like “this crazy lady said:”

and he’ll know

he’ll know she’s alive 

i can’t wait for shit to hit the fan in s4

bye bye goddard

if you want a side of angst with this, @overlord-mei pointed out that koudelka probably had to write about his wife’s death, impersonally, so there’s that ;-;

Alana Maxwell’s to do list:

1)Mission “Take a picture in front of an unprecedented stellar phenomenon.“✅
2)Mission "Wear unnecessarily big glasses."✅
3)Mission "Make an actual 35-year-old teenager smile in front of the camera."✖
4)Mission "Explain Colonel how to take pictures on a cellphone."✅


“Six Flags Power Plant: Proto the Robot” Marc Davis, 1983

The Magic Lantern Theater animatronic show featured dozens of animatronic figures and was hosted and emceed by the first all-electrical man, Mr. Electro. His sidekick, Proto was the prototype for the first all-electrical man, so he is slow-witted and not the sharpest tool in the shed. Legendary Imagineer and artist Marc Davis designed all of the attraction’s animatronics, and here we see a series of humorous takes of Proto during a fantasy sequence in the show.

Many thanks to Theme Park University & Gary Goddard for the info and images!

Art ©️The Goddard Group

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite and least favourite Austen book and why? Also this blog is great 👌👌

Thank you, anon!

Favourite is Persuasion – it’s just so mature and bittersweet and different to the others. There’s not really all that much courtship in it, or falling in love, so much as rediscovering what was believed to have been lost. It’s achingly tender and reflective in a way that just appeals to me as I’ve gotten older. If you’ve ever got drunk and cried listening to Landslide, this is the book for you.

Least favourite is probably Emma. It’s got its good points, don’t get me wrong, and one of the best ‘sequels’ I’ve ever read is an alternative version of it (Mrs. Goddard, mistress of a school by Joan Austen-Leigh;) but if I pare it down to the protagonists and their arcs…ehhhh. They’re interesting, but not exactly what I’d call sympathetic. I don’t want to hang out with Emma Woodhouse at the age of twenty-one, but maybe Emma Woodhouse at the age of forty could be tolerable enough to befriend.


New Mr. Robot was like one of those Community parody episodes except that it became v sad at the end


Mr. Robot

When you look closely at the seams between order and chaos, do you see the same things I see? The strain, the tears, the glimpses of truth hidden underneath. Why do they fight so desperately to mask what they are? Or is it that they become who they are when they put on the mask?