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The Sounds of Doot 2: Electric Boogaloo of the Damned

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Monday Morning: First day of school (Part 4-final)

Teacher: “Good morning class and welcome to the first day of school! Hope you had a good rest, because now it’s time to work! I’ll be your teacher this year, I’m Mr. Darien Gibs but you can call me Darien”.

Elena: “He’s… pretty…”

Emilia: “Elena!!! Shhh he’s going to hear you”.

Elena: “Well… alright then”.

Emilia: “Hahaahah”.

Elena: “Ahahaha”.

Mr. Darien: “Would you two like to share something with the class?”

Emilia: “No teacher, we’re okay”.

Mr. Darien: “Alright, who would like to prepare the chart? Today we’re going to start with a fun and interesting topic”.

Pierre: “Me me me me me! Me Mr. Gibs! Me!”

Mr. Darien: “Uhhhmmmm… Sandy, would you like to help with the chart?”

Sandy: “Of course teacher”.

Mr. Darien: “I see you Pierre, please … do me a favor, would you be so kind to go and ask the next door’s teacher for some chalks… we’re in need of some green ones”.

Pierre: “Okay!”

Mr. Darien: “As I was saying … Dinosaurs… they first appeared during the Triassic period, 231.4 million years ago, and were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates for 135 million years, from the beginning of the Jurassic until the end of the Cretaceous. Although the word dinosaur means “terrible lizard”, the name is somewhat misleading, as dinosaurs are not lizards. Instead, they represent a separate group of reptiles that, like many extinct forms, did not exhibit characteristics traditionally seen as reptilian….”

… . .

Emilia: “Yeah tots, we should totally go out together some time!”

Elena: “Hahaha”.

Sandy: “Hahah”.

Elena: “Can we invite Darien too?”

Emilia: “Elenaaa haha”.

Sandy: “Hahaha”.

… . .

Nelson: “And then they went like… ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!! *stomp stomp stomp*”

Pierre: “Are you sureeeee??? No waaay!”