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Just a little bit from an upcoming fic I’m working on...

“Did you sleep through your undercover mission courses?” Nat asked as she sat primly on the couch, pulling a stack of cashmere sweaters into her lap. “You won’t need any of these, since you’re going to a tropical island for this retreat,” she mused, “so I’ll take these off your hands if you don’t mind.”

“I thought you said I had to give everything back,” Darcy squawked in protest as Natasha stashed the sweaters in a plain, dark denim backpack.

“Mmm,” Natasha not-answered and looked up as two men entered the room. Darcy followed the line of her gaze and found her fingers clenching tight around the silky playsuit she had been molesting. Two righteous jaws of freedom, liberty, and panty-wetting goodness were standing in the doorway. Captain America, and his best friend the Winter Soldier. Otherwise known as Mr. Dorito and Freezer Burn. She bit her lip.

“Natasha,” Steve said with a nod to her before looking at Darcy, “Lewis. This is-”

“Barnes,” Darcy blurted out, “James, I mean, Agent, uh- I mean, what do I-”

“Bucky’s fine,” Bucky said, his lips mostly flat but turned up in one corner like he was laughing at her.

“Actually it’s not,” Natasha said from the couch, where she was pawing over something that looked suspiciously lycra and shiny, “you’re John Barlow, and she’s Dalia Barlow, your new wife.”

(cause I need some encouragement, since wintershock isn’t my wheelhouse)

If any guys ever questions my comic/video game knowledge because of the shirt I’m wearing I’m gonna pretend not to know anything. I just like Batman cause he’s cute. Sure do love Mr. Riddle and The Freezer. 


Prompt Fic!: Anonymous - “Rizzles, Trapped in an Elevator.” 

 Maura Isles attends four Rizzoli family dinners. She meets Jane’s mother and father, and continues to get along well with Jane’s younger brother, Officer Frankie Rizzoli. Vince Korsak comes to dinner twice; he’s an easy conversationalist, doesn’t get impatient when Maura pauses to analyze the appropriate response while speaking. Maura likes them all.

It takes nine weeks before Angela institutes Sunday dinner once again. This time, she is the one to call Maura and invite her for dinner. Jane does not mention it during their morning walk, does not disinvite the Doctor, but she doesn’t speak to Maura throughout the entire evening, even as Maura watches her push her mother’s gnocchi around her plate, watches her skirt her mother’s worried looks, watches her disappear onto the living room couch with her father to watch Sports Center. Vince Korsak is absent.

It is Maura’s seventh family dinner when Angela takes her aside on the porch before she leaves for the evening. Jane is returning to work in the morning – desk duty – with a new partner and new cases, and strict orders not to even ask to be sent out into the field.

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