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Osomatsu-San Extra Stories Translation ‘Karamatsu of Dreams” Part One

Another translation from the Extra Stories (Bangaihen) novel. This time about Karamatsu and his dreams of putting on a live concert. Quite a lot of painfullness, as you would expect. Doing it in two parts this time.

Cultural note: The Nippon Budokan is a big indoor arena in Tokyo that was originally built to host martial arts contests. It’s also a well known concert venue, and it’s considered very prestigious to play here. An artist or group playing here is a sign that their career is on the up.

Karamatsu of Dreams - Part One

Beneath the blue sky –

Karamatsu was sitting on the roof of the house clutching his guitar.

“Heh… the Goddess of Music is fickle.”

He wasn’t playing the guitar, and he certainly wasn’t singing. From the outside, he didn’t look like he was doing anything other than basking in the sun.

His whole body was bathed in sunlight. He felt as if he were shining like the sun itself.

“Oh, Sunshine! What are you trying to do by heating me up even more? After you’ve lit my heart on fire, you’ll only end up burning yourself, aha?”

He faced the sun and put on his sunglasses.

“I’m dazzling, aren’t I? You can use me, Sunshine!” 

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Osomatsu-San Extra Stories Translation ‘Fortunes’ Part One

So, I’m pretty sure someone is translating the two main Osomatsu-San light novels, but I’ve yet to see anything from the Extra Stories (Bangaihen) novel which was released last July, so I translated my favourite story from it. This novel is aimed at a slightly younger audience than the other two, so the stories are more just silly and playful rather than having any adult themes or jokes. There is a little bit of borderline bad language in this translation though, but nothing that’s out of line with that of the anime. It’s quite long so I split it into four parts.

Cultural Note: The fortunes that the brothers make in this story are based on O-mikuji, which are small strips of paper with a fortune written on you can draw at a Japanese temple after making a cash offering. They have a variety of different levels of luck written on them ranging from very good to very bad.

Osomatsu-San Extra Stories


Swish, swish, swish.

The sound of the bat Jyushimatsu was swinging echoed through the room. He was in particularly fine form today. He was delivering swings, which would definitely be home runs if a ball hit them, in rapid succession.

“Ahahaha. I feel like I could hit a homerun!”  But despite saying this, to hit a homerun, you first need to play baseball. Unfortunately, his brothers won’t play baseball with him. Only Ichimatsu will join him for practice.

And Ichimatsu was completely absorbed in playing with a cat using a stalk of foxtail.  

Meow! Purr-

Since Ichimatsu seemed to be having so much fun, Jyushuimatsu thought it would be a shame to get in the way of it, and continued working hard at practicing swings by himself.

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'never quit'

So yesterday I had a fortune cookie and the message inside said ‘Never Quit’
I always brush off fortune cookie messages as they never come true but this one this time stuck in my mind
Never quit what? A hobby? Work? Believing?
Believing! Then it struck me.
Recently I gave up on something because, not just I, but we thought it would happen on many occasions but it didn’t.
January 22, January 29 and March 8
The Days we though the Lost Special would happen.
I gave up on that because we don’t have really anything to go one.
'Everyone always gives up after three’ yes but nothing has really happened along the lines of that.
But will it?
So this is a message to everyone in the Sherlock fandom, no matter who you ship, or what you believe in.
Don’t give up. Don’t give up on a new series or a lost special or anything. Still keep making theories not matter what everyone else says. Still wait for a sign that something will happen.
Even though there might not be a series 5 (i really hope there is) or a lost special, we can all make the hard work and fun we had worth it!
The game is never over, just keep believing.

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