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Anyway here is an itemised list of the reasons why I’m loving Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries so much:

  1. Miss Fisher is obviously a badass but also she’s not young! She’s Of A Certain Age and she still lands the absolute hottest dudes. The hottest dudes. The hottest dudes
  2. It’s the Carousing Good Guy trope but a lady!
  3. Her lady-loving doctor friend Mac wears the most wonderful suits and she is amazing and I want to kiss her
  4. What kind of a name is Phrynie. It’s absurd
  5. Super old-school anti-procedural. Like Jonathan Creek but without all the British cringiness. Like Star Trek but instead of space stuff it’s murders and instead of space it’s set in Australia.
  6. I didn’t even know Australia had a ‘20s until I watched this show. Upon closer study, it seems plausible
  7. Miss Fisher is absolutely ruthless, clever, dangerous, insightful, and willing to go to any length to solve her case - including playing any number of fanciful parts, scaling large buildings, getting herself nearly poisoned to death, and otherwise putting herself in physical and emotional danger - and she does all this without having to sacrifice her love of pretty things. She scales those buildings in beautiful hand-tooled Italian heels. She is always impeccably, gorgeously dressed, and doesn’t ever change that about herself, even when she starts being taken more seriously by the police force or when she is doing serious detective work like interviewing wicked murderers or hunting for the man who killed her sister. Miss Fisher is only ever entirely herself.
  8. She adopts strays like no one’s business.
  9. There’s something very appealing about the story of a woman who has seen terrible, gruesome things, decided afterwards to dedicate her life entirely to pleasure, and then (almost despite herself) ended up becoming a philanthropist and a den mother and a doer-of-good. I have seen this story many many many (many, many) times from a male perspective, but not so often from a female viewpoint, and Miss Fisher does it without ever begrudging what she’s become. She’s infinitely more graceful than every other good-guy-against-his-better-judgment story I’ve watched or read.
  10. THE END
NOOOOOO!! I have finished all the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries seasons!!

It’s not enough! Not enough episodes and not enough Phrack!! I understand that there *may* be movies but that those might feature the rest of the cast?! THE ENTIRE CAST IS ESSENTIAL. Rarely do I watch a TV show in which I cannot imagine the absence of any of the regular (or regular-ish but permanent and recurring) characters. I am bereft, I tell you! Bereft.

Totally worth it, though.


I miss you these days.

Internal Monologues of that awkward Christmas Family photo:

Mr Butler:  Smile.

Bert:  Toffs.

Hugh: If I can just convince Dot to not work, I’ll be set.

Dot: Work. Work.  I want to work.

Phryne:  This is bullshit.  Damn you Aunt P.

Jack:  This is bullshit.  Damn you Prudence.

Cec:  I feel really good today.

Jane: Smile.  Two more seconds and you can work on your next plan to hook those two up.

Prudence Stanley:  I am Queen.

Mac:  Straight people.  *rolls eyes*


Tumblr informed me this blog is 3 years old and I can’t believe a secondary blog I started to stash away stuff has been so successful. Can’t believe I have done this for so long either…..though 2016 has been a lot quieter.

I am not sure when MFMM will return and if the blog will continue but it was fun doing this for the most part. Thank you to everyone who came along for the ride.

I also realised I have about 3 folders bulging with images, some day I will upload a pic spam:)

I have read so much about the show while tracking tags but for the most part refrained from putting in my own opinions here. 

People love the main pairings of the show but my one true OTP for this show is Phryne + Mr Butler (don’t go there, I ship in a purely non-sexual way). 

Now let me go and compose a few Phrutler adventures in my head (Phryne is really the perfect name for portmanteau names:)).

Have a good week everyone!

Title: Too Close
Pairing: Alex Karev x Y/N
Requested?: Yes; “ Can you a Alex Karev imagine where he gets jealous of how close you and Owen or somebody else are and he goes off on you”
Word Count:
POV: 2nd Person

You knew very well that Alex got jealous easily. You realized that a while ago. But you didn’t think that he’d be jealous of someone close to you. Sure, someone at Joe’s Bar that was hitting on you, you could see that. Owen was your brother’s best friend. When your brother was killed in combat, Owen was the one who relayed the news. He also was there to comfort you after it actually settled in that your brother wasn’t coming back. When you and Alex got together, Owen was supportive of it. He was the only person whose opinion you trusted.

“Y/L/N, Mr. Fisher needs an full neuro exam and probably a head CT when you have the chance.” Owen explained, handing you Mr. Fisher’s chart. You thanked him before heading behind the curtain where Mr. Fisher and his wife were.

“Mr. Keith Fisher? I’m Dr. Y/L/N. I’ll be your neurologist this afternoon.” You started. You explained the simple tests to the elderly couple, who seemed to be happy with your hospitality. Leaving the room, you managed to run into Owen once again.

“Such a lovely couple.” He made the usual small talk that you two usually made this time of day. It was really the only time of day that the ER wasn’t filled with patients. So it was a great time to start talking to each other.

“I agree. I want to be in a marriage like theirs. It seems so… So real. You know?” You handed the chart back to the nurse at the nurse’s station. Owen chuckled at your statement. He put his hand on you shoulder as the two of you started walking away.

“You and Karev have that chance.” He said, still holding onto you. You looked at him. Almost studying him.

“Really?” You replied with wonder and awe in your eyes. Owen rarely lied to you. You knew that you could trust him to tell you the truth and give you an honest opinion about anything. So, when he said that, your heart swelled. You loved the idea of starting something with Alex. A family, maybe.

“Yes, really.” Owen turned to you. “Now, let’s get some food.” He excitedly grabbed your hand and led you to the cafeteria area. Little did you know that Alex as watching you and Owen interacting. And he didn’t like what he saw.


“Mr. Fisher’s head CT is back.” You sighed, glancing at your pager. Owen gave you a sympathetic look and started to stand with you.

“Tell me the diagnosis.” He requested. You nodded and started to radiology.

“Y/N!” You heard your name being called from the familiar voice that you fell in love with. Alex stalked toward you with anger and a little bit of what seemed to be jealousy in his eyes.

“What’s-” You started. He grabbed your arm and pulled you into one of the exam rooms. Of course, they had to be right in this area. “I have patients! I don’t understand-”

“Do you love Owen?” He blurted out. You looked at him, confused. Of course you didn’t. You just couldn’t get the words out fast enough before Alex kept going. “Or like him? You sure spend a lot of time with him to be ‘just friends’! I’m not stupid, Y/N. You don’t tell me anything anymore! Why don’t you just be with him then? Would you be happier?!” He screamed at you. You could barely keep up with all the questions that he flung at you.

“Alex. Please, calm down.” You tried. He just shook his head and started to walk away. But you weren’t gonna let that happen. You quickly grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face you. “I love you.” You said. And that was the beginning of story time. You told Alex everything. About your brother. What Owen did for you. Everything. By the end, he was holding you close as you let your guard down.

“I’m sorry that I got jealous, Y/N. I’m such a terrible boyfriend.” He caressed your hair as you heard your pager go off again.

“Oh crap! I forgot.” You exclaimed, getting off the floor. Alex chuckled, standing too. Before you left, you gave Alex a hug. “You’re not a bad boyfriend. I love you even if you are an ass sometimes.” You chuckled. He gave you a goodbye kiss and watched you leave. After that, he didn’t get jealous when you and Owen were together. In fact, he encouraged it sometimes. You needed a person who you could count on and you got two.

So, our school doesn’t do senior quotes. Instead we write “what your favourite memory from high school was”. Me being the person I am decided to be sassy.

I wrote something like “There were a lot of great memories from high school, like being yelled at for showing shoulder, and Mr. Fisher [the principal] coming on the announcements to tell us that glitter was banned, and anyone who had glitter would be suspended. Or having a guidance counsler make my best friend cry. Good times. But my favourite memory by far will be leaving. Adiós parras!”

Adiós parras means goodbye bitches.

The yearbook threatened to write me up for offensive language, understandable, and talking trash about our principal. They said I was being offensive towards him and that I could be suspended if they showed him.

I’m sorry, I pointed out your stupid rule aBOUT SHOULDERS??? AND MENTIONED GLITTER??

Can someone explain to me how exactly is that “talking trash about the principal”?? I could’ve said he was an asshole with an Inferiority complex because he’s shorter than most girls skirts.