mr figgins

Some love for the Glee guys! Finn, Puck, Artie, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Mike, Matt, Jake, Ryder, Spencer, Mason, Roderick, Joe, Rory, Will, Figgins, Burt, Sebastian, Hunter, Adam, Elliot, Brody, Dave, we love you all!

Tonsil Hockey

Summary: Honestly, it was a little funny until it wasn’t. 

Prompt: Can you write a fanfic where Kurt and Blaine get caught doing stuff in school and they call in Burt and Blaine’s parents but Blaine’s parents don’t know he’s gay so they beg the principle, Ms. Sylvester, Mr. Schue, and Burt not to tell them

Warnings: Homophobia and hints at child abuse.

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TItle: First Outside, Inside Last

This is the beginning to the “Application” Kurson fic. Set in AU S3.

Summary: It’s Carson’s first week at William McKinley High, and everyone is acting fucking weird.

Lima, Ohio.

A little benign cyst that popped up in the middle of the cows and called itself a town.

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