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The Signs As Mr.Robot Characters

Aries: Darlene
Independent, Short-tempered, Impatient, Courageous 

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Taurus: Mr.Robot
Stubborn, Uncompromising, Persistent, Laid-back

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Gemini: Shayla
Energetic, Devious, Adaptive, Restless

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Cancer & Aquarius: Elliot
Moody, Aloof, Rebellious, Humanitarian, Self-pitying, Inventive

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Capricorn & Leo: Tyrell Wellick
Ambitious, Dictatorial, Vain, Resourceful, Domineering

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Virgo: Angela 
Kind, Reliable, Precise, Fussy, Practical 

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Libra: Ollie 
Diplomatic, Unreliable, Idealistic, Superficial 

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Scorpio: Joanna Wellick
Loyal, Manipulative, Resourceful, Suspicious, Secretive

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Sagittarius: Fernando Vera
Philosophical, Straight-forward, Tactless, Idealistic

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“Like a hard drive blasted by excessive voltage, my mind is frayed. Close to fried. I can feel the static running through my brain. Serotonin receptors working overtime.”