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This is a zero-sum game. Calculate all the outcomes.
If you don’t pull off this ridiculous miracle and odds are, you won’t,
you die, and so does Shayla. That much we know.
But assume for a second that you do pull this off, bust Vera out of prison.
Who’s to say he doesn’t kill you, Shayla, Darlene?
It would be in his own best interest to do that.
Either way, you all end up dead. It’s the only way Vera wins.
Zero-sum, Elliot.”

Act of God

Angela was not taken by Whiterose as she hoped. Angela has kept her faith in Whiterose project, in that reality reset that will make everything all right, and wants to stop people opposing it despite being discarded once her usefulness ended. But she was taken by Philip Price. Because he finally decided to tell her the truth. From the “I am your father” to all the ways Whiterose used her to stop the suit endangering the project and to simply spite him and as leverage. Cult deprogramming is always hard but this comes with accepting the guilt for the deaths of thousands of people and it’s almost too much to bare. Now Angela is just like the people she hated all her life and she tires to deflect the guilt into revenge. Price tells her she should find to live with the guilt instead. Opposing Whiterose never ends well.

This episode is about what people would do for those in their life who matter most to them. Even people like Philip Price who was hard to imagine to have ever cared for anyone but himself. Those connections humanise them but can be used to destroy them as easily and we saw the Dark Army mercilessly push these buttons the whole season. From use of Angela to get to Price through controlling Tyrell with his son’s fate to breaking Dom.

Dom finally figures out what is wrong with Santiago but it’s too late. This kind of betrayal is too big to believe so despite her instincts she hopes to the end there is another explantation so she ends up tied in a car going to Dark Army with Darlene. Cleaning up lose ends. Only she isn’t the one who ended up dead. Once Santiago started making demands his death warrant was sealed. Whiterose hates that and Irving should know - he used to be her right hand man before Grant (Washington Township clean-up maybe) - so he decided to give her a new mole instead. Dom is a straight and rule abiding as they come but Dark Army won’t take you life. Instead everyone you love is a hostage. We all hated Santiago but it’s obvious now that he used to be Dom once.

I know Dom is angry because she is forced to become everything she always hated and do things against her every nature but it’s not Darlene’s fault. Sure, sleeping with you to get access was a shitty thing to do but you are here because you just wouldn’t let it go. Not of Cisco, not of Tyrell, and now you followed up on Darlene when Santiago was pointing you away. You solved the conspiracy. This would end the same way if Darlene was not involved. You are just too good at your job.

Still, the important part was that Elliot and Darlene are alive. Watching Elliot getting a panic attack thinking Darlene is dead or might die and that he can’t find a way out on time made me even more anxious. The level of his despair showed when he went to Mr. Robot for help. And now they talk again. And once he is captured too the clock starts ticking. But Elliot has hacked the Dark Army and knows what Whiterose really wants and use it to save himself and Darlene. I really hated it when Leon was pointing that gun at her but Whiterose listened and everyone else died instead. And now the project is going to Congo.

Eliot is the genius that makes plans to change the world and can understand what people want and use it as leverage on the spot. But his grasp on reality is tenuous and Darlene is connecting him with it though all their shared experiences. She is his reality fact checker. She reminds him of the true versions of the stuff he edited. Because just like he was the one who threw himself off that pier he was also the one who jumped out of that window as a kid. Their father didn’t threw him out (physical violence seemed to be more of their mother thing anyway). He had a rage attack and jumped and broke his arm. He has been lying to himself again but now he knows the truth.

And then he goes and has an honest conversation with Mr. Robot. Not a fight but exchange of truths. The new better plan with a target they can both agree on. And he gets the keys to undoing 5/9 in return. They both understand the parts of each other they share. And how much stronger they can be together.

But the coda was a downer. As Darlene’s new friend points out getting E Corp data back won’t save normal people. The rich got what they wanted. E Corp now owns money. Whiterose owns Congo and Elliot just got her transport for her project. And everyone else will have to start paying their debts again. No matter the jobs they lost in the total economic collapse. Nothing gets better. It would take an act of god to make it better. At least on TV we can hope that time reset machine is real. Or Elliot can really get the people on top.

But for now Elliot’s life is about to get even messier. Look who’s back. I wonder if Dark Army got him an early release too. As a way to keep Elliot in check.

The Signs As Mr.Robot Characters

Aries: Darlene
Independent, Short-tempered, Impatient, Courageous 

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Taurus: Mr.Robot
Stubborn, Uncompromising, Persistent, Laid-back

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Gemini: Shayla
Energetic, Devious, Adaptive, Restless

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Cancer & Aquarius: Elliot
Moody, Aloof, Rebellious, Humanitarian, Self-pitying, Inventive

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Capricorn & Leo: Tyrell Wellick
Ambitious, Dictatorial, Vain, Resourceful, Domineering

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Virgo: Angela 
Kind, Reliable, Precise, Fussy, Practical 

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Libra: Ollie 
Diplomatic, Unreliable, Idealistic, Superficial 

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Scorpio: Joanna Wellick
Loyal, Manipulative, Resourceful, Suspicious, Secretive

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Sagittarius: Fernando Vera
Philosophical, Straight-forward, Tactless, Idealistic

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Vera, Mr. Robot.

What’s funny to me is that “Vera” in Italy is a feminine name which means “true” with the meaning of “authentic, genuine, ideal” (for example “tu sei una persona VERA”=“ You’re an authentic/genuine/ideal person”)
Just to let you know that I think about this every time I hear his name, and this is totally wrong ‘cause CAN YOU BELIEVE REFERRING TO THAT VERA WITH THOSE ADJECTIVES?