mr edo

YGO GX snippet

Summary: canon-style AU. The world champion DD is defeated by an unknown boy. Edo swears to find him and take revenge.

Notes: Just a random story idea snippet for GX. I probably won’t continue, but I wanted to get it out of my head. 


Edo was on the other side of the world when he received the call, at small press conference for one of the North American pro dueling circuits. The call was to his personal number, but he didn’t recognize the caller. The international code was Japanese. Hiding his frown, he excused himself to answer.

“Yes?” Edo said shortly, once the call connected with a click.

“Mr. Edo Phoenix?” an unknown voice said from the other end, in a tone of practiced, unreadable professionalism. “I’m calling from the Domino General Hospital. There has been an incident involving your guardian, Mr. DD…”

Edo didn’t remember, later, what he had been told in the call and what he had pulled up during his subsequent frantic scouring of the news sites.

But at that time, the facts were thus:

World pro league champion DD had been admitted to Domino General Hospital, seriously injured and in a coma. He had been pulled from the burning ruin of the famous “Blue Eyes” Kaiba Dome.

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