mr earle

“Good Evening, Miss Lane” - My tribute to the iconic interview scene from the original Superman film inspired by the aesthetic of Disney legend Eyvind Earle. Considering most of Mr. Earle’s work is of nature with virtually no architecture, it was definitely a challenge extrapolating his design language from those beautiful landscapes into what could potentially be an animated Metropolis. Up, up and away!

Hakkai: A Spot of Tea

Preview image of a magazine sale set of items– the cleaning cloth of a glasses case, featuring of course, Mr. Glasses Hakkai. Sourced from the October 2015 issue of Zero Sum.What is he drinking anyways? Earl of Grey? English Breakfast? Plain old tea or Jasmine? The cup is too fancy for Japanese green team (I’m just saying…). I’d prefer raspberry flavored black tea. Honestly, I have the serious urge to drink tea now, so bye.

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DCEU Batman Villain Casting Suggestions
  • Two-Face: John Hamm
  • Black Mask: Mads Mikkelsen
  • Mr. Freeze: Bryan Cranston
  • Clayface: Vincent D’onofrio
  • Poison Ivy: Christina Hendricks
  • Hugo Strange: Anthony Hopkins
  • Ra’s Al Ghul: Rodrigo Santorio
  • Talia Al Ghul: Ruth Negga
  • Riddler: David Tennant
  • Man-Bat: Terry Notary
  • Maxie Zeus: Ben Foster
  • Mr. Zsasz: Jackie Earl Haley
  • Catwoman: Ruby Rose
  • Bane: Hapthor Julius Bjornson
  • Ventriloquist/Scarface: Frank Welker
  • Scarecrow: Joaquin Phoenix
  • Penguin: Toby Jones
  • Orca: Paula Patton
  • Deacon Blackfire: Nick Nolte
  • Hush: Mat Damon
  • Firefly: Arron Paul
Sunday Mixtape.

Earl Sweatshirt - Grief

NehruvianDOOM - OM

ChillxWill - 911

Malik B and Mr. Green - Definition

Mick Jenkins - Pineapple Trainwreck

Jonwayne - Green Light

Freddie Gibbs & Mablib - Thuggin’

Black Milk - What It’s Worth

Quasimoto - Talkin’ Shit

Action Bronson & Danny Brown - Bad News

Earl Sweatshirt ft.Na'kel - DNA

Oddisee - That’s Love

Blu & Exile - Cent From Heaven

The Cambridges Most Iconic Moments 9/15: Christening of Prince George (2013)

On October 23rd 2013, Prince George was christened at The Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace. The service was attended by close family and included: The Queen and Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and The Duchess of Conrwall, Prince Harry, Kate’s parents, James and Pippa Middleton and George’s godparents. The following people were chosen to be godparents to Prince George: Mr Oliver Baker, Mrs David Jardine-Paterson, Earl Grosvenor, Mr Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, The Hon Mrs Michael Samuel, Mrs Michael Tindall and Mr William van Cutsem. Most of the godparents of George are close friends of William and Kate and have known the couple for years. To mark the special occasion, five photos were released, one of which was the historic portrait of four generations of the monarchy.

I saw Les Miserables in Manila a few days ago and it was  👍 👍 👍 I’m still in the fever. Then I realized I actually like Javert’s character, he was somewhat “sheltered” in a way and I was very fortunate to have watched Mr. Earl Carpenter play that role, he was awesome! (and I think I even became a fan) and bec of that I wanna try musical theater, i really do

So here’s a doodle :)

Today another star joined the night sky– sadly, puppeteer Michael Earl passed away today. He was an immensely talented artist who performed Mr. Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street from 1978-1980, as well as a dazzling array of roles in numerous film and television productions. 

Rest well, good sir.