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So back in the sixth grade my English teacher assigned us The Lightning Thief as part of class reading. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the books, there’s a character in there called Mrs. Dodds, who happens to be one of the three Furies of the Underworld disguised as a sixth grade math teacher from Georgia. One of my actual teachers was called Mr. Dodd, who happened to be an actual sixth grade math teacher from Georgia. So along came one of those days where the students get to dress up as one of their favorite book characters, and my English teacher had encouraged us to show up as a character from the Lightning Thief. I already had a fake set of fangs so I decided, what the heck, I’ll be Mrs. Dodds for the day. When my math teacher asked me who I’ve dressed as, I didn’t even think how it would sound when I told him with a mouthful of fangs that I’m Mrs. Dodds, and I didn’t even explain who the book character was to him. It wasn’t till the end of the day that I realized what his deer-in-headlights look of shock meant, and by then I was too mortified to mention it. 

PJO Mistborn AU

(This is my Era One pjo/mistborn au. If you haven’t read mistborn yet, allomancers are people who get magic when they eat metal, and some only have one allomantic power while mistborns have them all; the Terris are people who can store/tap magical abilities in metal braces; and hemalurgy is when someone gets powers from putting spikes used to kill people through themselves)

  • Percy is a mistborn of illegitimate birth, with his father being a high noble and brother to the Lord Ruler, who had an affair with a Skaa, Percy’s mother Sally
  • Sally raised Percy, and always told him that his father did love her, but because of their class difference they could never be together 
  • Percy quietly disagrees, thinking that if his father really loved them, he wouldn’t have abandoned Sally and Percy to live a life of poverty 
  • When fighting off a female Inquisitor Mrs Dodds who is trying to arrest him for stealing, he gets badly wounded and Awakens as a Mistborn, haphazardly tapping into the small amount of metals consumed from water and such
  • He is rescued by Chiron, an older mistborn, who takes Percy under his wing and trains him as a Mistborn 
  • When Percy’s mother is captured after Percy is wrongly convicted of stealing from Hades, the Lord Ruler and Poseidon’s youngest brother, he gathers a small team to get her back
  • Annabeth in a tineye, or tin misting, meaning that consuming and burning tin gives her heightened senses. She was also a student of Chiron’s for a time, which is how Percy knows her
  • Grover is Percy’s friend from the streets, who is a brass misting/soother and can Soothe the emotions of others
  • Together the three make a plan to infiltrate Keep Hades and rescue Percy’s mom 
  • But over the course of this mission, they get entangled in a greater plot
  • While the Lord Ruler, Zeus, and the nobles aren’t fantastic rulers, an even more corrupted and sinister power is planning to overthrow them
  • Kronos, who at this time is a powerful Cadium misting when such a thing has not been discovered yet by allomatic researchers, is able to slow down time in chosen areas
  • Percy, Annabeth, and Grover end up being discovered right at the end of their mission to rescue Sally, and are put before the Lord Ruler and the heads of the eleven noble houses 
  • They are told that they can have Sally back and face no charges for their crimes, so long as they lead the mission to track down and kill Kronos
  • With no other option, they agree
Experiments (Leo Valdez Fluff)

Summary ~ Confess your feelings then get jealous, you confuse me?

Words ~ 1174

Request ~ Yes

I sat in the science labs after school, looking from the test tube to the book. I was suppose to have this experiment done for today, but with me being the procrastinator I am I didn’t. Luckily Mrs. Dodds said I could stay behind after school and finish it. I sighed knowing I was missing one chemical. I went to the back of the classroom opening the chemical press trying to find some hydrochloric acids. I picked up the bottle making my way back to my desk looking down at the label until I walked into what felt like a wall. I looked up to see my best friend Leo.
“Hey Leo” I said instantly smiling.
“Hey Gorgeous” He said sitting beside me. My stomach fluttered at his nickname and at the same time I felt a knife go through my heart. This crush was getting out of hand at first I could control the butterflies, the smiling, the blushing constantly, the almost fainting when the hugged, cuddled and kissed my cheek, but I am losing control more and more everyday.
“Hello Y/N, are you listening to me?” I snapped out of my daydream and looked over to see Leo raising an eyebrow at me.
“Sorry what did you say?” I asked.
“I said are you going to Nico’s party tonight?” He laughed.
“If I can finish this experiment in time to go home and get ready in time, I will be defiantly be there” I said pouring out some of the hydrochloric acid on to different rocks.
“I’ll stop distracting you” He laughed and sat on the desk behind me looking at his phone. After 20 minutes he was already bored so he decided to annoy me.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Y/N” He kept poking me.
“Leo if you don’t stop I will pour this acid over your head” I warned. “Just go back to looking at your phone”
“But you are distracting me from my phone” He whined.
“How am I distracting you?” I said turning around.
“Dat ass” He laughed. “I mean could you drop a pencil and pick it up” He kept laughing at his stupidity.
“Shut up” I said shoving him but he caught my hand and pulled me close.
“Haha very funny Leo, come on let me go” I said even though I was loving the closeness and the smell of his cologne. He didn’t release me, he just moved his hands and wrapped them around my lower back.
“Come on Leo, if I don’t finish the experiment I can’t go to the party” I said looking down, I didn’t dare look at his face because God knows what I would do.
“Y/N” He whispered.
“Look up”
“I could look at you if you let me go” I laughed. He moved one hand to my chin keeping the other one on the small of my back. He tilted my chin up so I was looking into his eyes.
“I want to try this experiment” He smiled before pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked but I made sure that I was kissing back. If he decided he didn’t like this ‘experiment’ I was going to make sure that I remembered this kiss. He pulled away slowly placing his forehead to mine.
“I think these two chemicals have a lot of chemistry” He smiled.
“I concur” I laughed.
“I like you Y/N a lot. I have for a while and I didn’t want to risk the friendship, but I decided that a kiss with you was worth it even if you don’t like me back”
“Leo I have been falling for you for 3 months, if I never get to kiss you again I will cry”
“Well I don’t want to see you sad” He smiled pressing his lips back to mine.
“Be. My. Girlfriend” He whispered between kisses.
“Of. Coarse” I whispered back. He pulled away from the kiss and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tight.
“How about we blow off the science and go help Nico set up for his party” Leo suggested.
“Sounds good” I laughed grabbing my school bag.
Leo dropped me home and told me to meet him at Nico’s when I was ready. I took a shower and got changed into some party clothes which wasn’t mush different to my normal clothes, maybe a bit more fancy.
I walked to Nico’s house and let myself in.
“Nico where you at?” I yelled. He came out of the kitchen with a smirk on his face.
“Hey Y/N” He said wiggling his eyebrows.
“What?” I questioned.
“You banging my bed friend” He winked.
“What? All we did was kiss”
“Yeah but I can see into the future and your getting the D” He joked.
“Shut up Nico I came to help you set up for the party”
“Okay sorry go turn on some music” I walked over and pressed play on his ipod and immediately 'Wiggle’ came on.
“OH YEAH BABY” I heard Nico scream from the kitchen as he ran into the sitting room, which he had moved all the furniture out of for the party.
“Come on Y/N, you know what to do” He said pulling me over to him as we started dancing.
When the song finished I gave Nico a hug laughing, I looked over his shoulder to see Leo frowning in the doorway. I ran over to him.
“Hey Boyfriend” I smiled.
“Hey” He said walking into the kitchen. I followed him confused.
“Leo what’s wrong”
“Nothing” He said opening the fridge to get a drink.
“You’re not regretting kissing me are you” I said almost on the brink of tears.
“What” He said shocked..
“It’s okay I should have seen it coming, you’re you, I’m me, it wouldn’t have worked” I said turning and running to the bathroom. I started taking deep breaths, as much as this was like a knife to the heart I didn’t want to ruin my make up and leave here looking like a raccoon. I heard someone knocking on the door.
“Occupied” I yelled slightly. But the knocking continued.
“I said, someone is in here” I said opening the door slightly. There stood Leo frowning, he pushed me into the bathroom kicking the door closed behind him. He pinned my against the wall smashing his lips against mine.
“I would never regret this, you are everything I want and I finally have you. I just got a little jealous of you and Nico, but I know now that, that was stupid because he may be allowed dance with you, but he can’t kiss you or hold you like this because you are mine” He smirked.
“Say that again” I whispered as leaned back down.
“You. Are. Mine.” He said in between pecks.
“You better not be having sex in my bath tub” I heard Nico shout through the door.
“Shut up Nico” We shouted at the same time, before looking at each other and laughing.

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I'm a Yang female. My man has to give me the space to do as I please. If he's a follower, great, but he can't be spineless. I have no respect for that. I respect intellectuals. I respect men with high moral standards. I will love the heck outta my partner - love him, lift him up, protect him, and always be loyal. I do have a softer side, but I only show it in the intimacy of the bedroom. Only he will see it, be privy to my vulnerabilities. I must be able to trust him implicitly. Who is my ship?

I ship you with Mike Dodds.

Mike Dodds is a pretty solid guy. Having been in the military, he knows how to follow orders. You would think he was a daddy’s boy, because he follows Dadds’s orders so diligently, but the man has a mind of his own and knows when to express his opinions. He is smart and values that in a partner.

He appreciates your loyalty. Even though people are slow to trust him in the police precincts he has worked in, he learnt trust in the military and expects nothing less from his partner. He loves how proud you would be of him, and your need to protect him, even though he knows he is perfectly capable of protecting himself (*laughs nervously*, Mike isn’t dead, he is undercover!)

Mike is a private person and isn’t big on public displays of emotion. That doesn’t mean that in the privacy of his or your home, he is is closed off. On the contrary, Mike is a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart and would shower you with gifts purely to show you how much you mean to him.

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I love your blog... Could you draw Percy in his first monster fight (a.k.a. him slashing Riptide (anaklumos) through Mrs. Dodd)?

My knees were jelly. My hands were shaking so bad I almost dropped the sword.

Thanks, anon! I didn’t quite draw the scene you were asking for, but here’s the scene before.

Also a note about requests and stuff. I don’t really mind getting them. I see requests more as suggestions, and I kinda just draw the ones I wanna draw, yeah.

I’m really tired for no reason at all today, so my apologies that this is rather short. I’m getting some sleep now and I promise tomorrow I’ll post sth longer again ;) 

Words: 810 Rating: Teen and Up

Percy narrows his eyes as the wrinkly woman passes, not able to relax again until she is out of sight. Jason eyes him sideways, like he just decided that Percy has lost the last of his marbles – the rest really isn’t paying attention.

“She hates me.” Turning back to his lunch with a scowl, Percy tries not to think about Mrs. Dodds anymore than he has to, but the murderous looks she gives him every time he comes into her line of sight would leave anyone uncomfortable. Piper snorts next to him, and when he turns to face her she looks plenty amused still.

“Might be because you ruin every single lesson she tries to teach.” Percy grumbles that it’s a balant lie, and that there were at least three this year where he had tried to behave, but the woman always kept trying to rile him up at the same time. He really couldn’t be blamed.

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