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the only marriage proposal i will accept

it’s daybreak. i’m meandering through a field on my family estate. i look up and see u there striding towards me in tight pants, riding boots, a half open shirt, and an overcoat. the music swells. u stutter through what is possibly the most romantic proposal of all time. i kiss ur knuckles and gaze into ur eyes as sunrise breaks over the horizon.

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can we please talk about how jk found jimin scolding him the MOST embarrassing thing that happened to him the WHOLE YEAR??? like? wtf did jimin say ?

jimin: did i raise a child or a baboon.. ive never been this Ashamed in my entire life…. look me in the eyes when im talking 2 u young man

jk: but my neck gets tired from looking down all th- im sry.. b.. bad habit

jimin: omg ur srsly back-sassing me now.. making fun of my height.. all the years nearly breaking my back raising ur ungrateful ass, coddling u, buying u things….. this is how u repa

September 7th, 2014

AUTHOR: justa-fangirl

7th of September, 2014

The clock on Arthur’s wrist had been ticking steadily since the day he was born, the background music of his life. It wasn’t a very interesting sound, but the never ending tick-tick-tick of the countdown was soothing and safe, and Arthur liked soothing and safe.

Like everyone else on the planet, Arthur had a clock embedded into his wrist that counted down until the moment he’d meet his soul-mate. It was a symbol of something magical and exciting in years to come, but to Arthur it also represented order and promise: an ancient fact of life, a pre-determined future set in stone, as reliable as the unbroken tick of the clock’s hands. He was always mocked for his logical approach to his watch, but Arthur didn’t mind. Love would come when the countdown reached 0, so there was no point going starry-eyed over imaginary soul mates until then. For now, he would look to his watch for encouragement, when he needed the drive to work towards his future or a reminder that this hectic world did have some sense of order sometimes.

So relaxed was Arthur Kirkland in his approach to his soul mate clock that by the time it had reached 0 years, 0 weeks, 0 days, 0 hours, 5 minutes, 52 seconds, he hadn’t even noticed. It was the first day of school, and he’d been too busy that week to check his watch very often. He knew that his time was up soon, but he figured he’d know when the moment came. No use glancing at his watch every five seconds of the day when he had a hoard of new 11-year-olds traipsing through the door of his classroom, ready to make the year a misery if he didn’t show them who was in charge.

“Good morning, everyone!” Arthur called over the excited babbling as the children settled in at their new desks. “Welcome to grade 6. I’m Mr. Kirkland, and I’ll be your new teacher this year. I know most of you already since you’re the oldest ones in school now,” – a few of his students beamed happily, loving their position as the top dogs in school after all these years – “and I’m sure you didn’t want to be in this class because everyone thinks I’m such a scary teacher.”

The students’ faces fell as they glanced guiltily at Arthur, and at each other. Arthur didn’t mind – he knew his reputation amongst the students, and it wasn’t like it was undeserved.

“But you know, I’m only scary if you’re a naughty student,” Arthur continued. “You’re in grade 6 now, and you’re the biggest kids in school – that’s why I expect so much from you. When you act like a kindergartner, that’s when I get scary. But if you act like the mature students you are, then you’ll find out I’m actually really nice.”

Some of them nodded, heads held high, determined to prove how grown up they were. Of course there was the one student who had to make a fart sound, but Arthur had known exactly what kind of student Yong Soo would be, so he’d assigned the boy a seat at the front of the class. He eyed the Korean student, and Yong Soo wiped the smirk off his face as he realised he’d been found out.

“Now then,” Arthur went on. “We have a new student joining us this year. Alfred Jones? Would you please stand up?”

Arthur’s eyes turned to the new face as the boy stood up at his desk. He had a wide smile and a confident attitude, so Arthur was sure he’d have no trouble making friends. What was more, he also had a cheeky twinkle in his bright blue eyes, which was something Arthur liked to see in his students on occasion. He loved his mature, sensible children, of course, but there was just something about the class clown that he had to admire. Life would be so boring without them, after all.

“Would you like to introduce yourself, Alfred?”

Alfred nodded enthusiastically and stood up tall. “Hi, my name’s, Alfred F. Jones and I – ”

A clattering sound and a gasp at the front of the room interrupted his speech, and everyone’s heads turned toward the teacher’s desk.

Arthur stood there, clutching his wrist and staring down in horror at the clock that was spinning slowly on his desk. It revolved for several long, silent seconds, teetering on its fine edge like a spinning top. Then it fell to the desk, face up. The time read “0” and the hands had stopped ticking.

Arthur’s whole body grew hot, and his blood pounded in his ears like a war drum. He was sure that everyone in the school could hear it, and they’d come running to see what had happened and then they’d be disgusted…

“Mr. Kirkland! Your watch!”

Arthur’s head snapped towards Yong Soo, who was pointing and smiling excitedly. Suddenly everyone was on their feet, craning to get a look at the bare space on Arthur’s wrist and the clock sitting lonely and forlorn on his desk top.

“But there’s no other grown-ups in the room?” a student named Elizabeta piped up. “Why did it fall off?”

Arthur couldn’t help it. He looked at Alfred out of reflex, and suddenly twenty-six pairs of eyes lit up in realisation and snapped towards the new kid.

The American boy just stared at Arthur, looking more dumbstruck than horrified. Eventually he rolled back the sleeve of his hoodie and a small, round clock fell out.

“I…I didn’t even notice. I didn’t feel it come off.” Alfred looked up at Arthur, eyebrows drawn up in what looked like guilt, bless him. “I knew it was today, but I thought it would be some girl in class and I didn’t really care, so I just forgot about it after the bell rang.”

Arthur nodded absent-mindedly. It made him dizzy.

“Mr. Kirkland, how come your soul-mate is our age and you’re an adult?”

“Yeah, that’s weird. How can you marry Alfred if he’s just a kid.”

“My mom said her friend’s soul-mate was really old and her parents wouldn’t let them see each other. They had to move away.”

Hushed whispers swept around the room, with Arthur and Alfred at the centre like they were in the middle of a whirlpool.

Arthur’s body shook. He was a split second away from crying in complete despair and horror.

But then he noticed some students looking at him in concern, and shook his head to dispel the panic. He couldn’t let the children think he was scared, because he didn’t want them thinking he had any reason to be worried. He didn’t like little boys that way. And if Alfred’s clock had fallen off, too, that meant…they really were meant to be together in some way. It didn’t mean Arthur was some old pervert, it meant that they had both found a kindred spirit. It wasn’t like they had to fall in love right now. They had just found each other, that was all.

“Not all soul-mates get married and fall in love,” Arthur explained, all the children watching him with rapt attention. “It’s rare, but for some people a soul-mate is just a special friend who means a lot in your life. I’m sure…that must be what this is.”

“Yeah! I bet that’s it! You’re just gonna be bffs!” Yong Soo exclaimed, as if a 26-year-old teacher and an 11-year-old student being best friends were the most natural thing in the world.

Once more, excited chatter filled the classroom, and the sound actually made Arthur feel at home. It brought normalcy back to his classroom, and helped him stand straight and regain his composure. He looked towards Alfred, begging the boy’s forgiveness for ruining his life.

“So…we can’t get married one day?” Alfred asked.

Arthur choked and looked down at his desk. He couldn’t face Alfred: it would be a long time before he felt comfortable around the boy after this, and after all the drama he was sure to face once the news got out. He’d have to tell the staff at school, talk to Alfred’s parents, hopefully he wouldn’t get fired or investigated by the police…

He couldn’t help who his soul-mate was.

Then again, neither could poor Alfred.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to see,” Arthur finally replied.

“Um, Mr. Kirkland…what’s your first name?”

Arthur looked up, eyes wide. Alfred was looking up at him with a warm, nervous half-smile, and Arthur’s heart went out to him, the poor boy. He was in for a rough time, too.

“It’s Arthur.”

Alfred’s smile brightened and he looked down at his desk, hiding a pink blush that lit up his freckled cheeks. Arthur smiled fondly at him. It was sweet. He didn’t feel anything for Alfred, of course, but it made him smile to see the boy’s reaction, to know that Alfred, at least, didn’t hate him.

“Nice to meet you…Arthur.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Alfred.”

And he really meant it, despite all the drama he was certain lay ahead of them.


25 years ago today Guns N’ Roses kicked off their massive stadium tour

Sherlolly Fic Recs Part I

So I see a lot of the same stories recommended on a lot of sites and don’t get me wrong I love them but I want to recognize some sherlolly stories that I don’t see getting love too often.


Be Mindful of the Roses: by SadieMichelle: T Humor/Romance: Donovan gives Molly some dating advice that works a little too well. Told from Sally’s perspective. (Hilarious and very well written, some funny Anderson scenes as well).

Coffee: by Mrs Dizzy: M Friendship/Romance: After John moves out to live with Mary, Sherlock randomly keeps showing up at Molly’s flat, almost as if he’s moved in. Doesn’t take into account anything after series 1. (I like this for its witty dialogue).

Coffee to Go: by Fayth3: K Friendship/Romance: Molly supplies Sherlock with Coffee to go and some occasional inspiration for his cases. (Includes my favorite metaphor for Sherlock’s deductive brilliance in chapter 8)

Do Shut Up, John: by Fayth3: K Humor/Romance: Sherlock accidentally lets something slip and John gives him hell for it.

Great Realizations: Fayth3: T Romance/Humor: It was one of life’s great ironies that the day Molly decided to get over him and on with her life was the day Sherlock Holmes realized that he actually had feelings for her and it was high time he did something about them.

Kiss Me: by kvothen: K Romance/Humor: Sherlock engages Molly in an important lesson. (Cute and fluffy if you like that sort of thing).

Message Received: by Emmyjean: T Romance/Humor: A series of text conversations between Molly and Sherlock as their relationship evolves over the months following Sherlock’s official re-entry into the land of the living. (Holy crap this is one of my favorites. Just so witty and well done for being composed entirely of text messages).

The Beekeeper: by Mrs Dizzy: T Angst/Romance: Sometimes, life gives you a second chance. An older and wiser Sherlock is reunited with Molly. (Contains character deaths but then again that is a natural part of aging).

Underestimate: by redtaxi: K Humor/Romance: Sherlock Holmes had never thought that his underestimation of Molly could save a life. Let alone, his own. (I love when Molly plays detective).

Winds of Change: by Writingwife83: T Romance/Humor: Set after season 3… Molly is very hurt by the fact that Sherlock didn’t bother to say goodbye properly to her before he was to be leaving, assuming he’d never see them again. She’s ready to change their dynamic and make sure he can’t mistreat her anymore. But Sherlock ends up feeling guilty, and offers to do something unusual to make up for the hurt he caused. (Sherlock offers to be her pretend boyfriend while her family is in town. Fake it till you make it right.)

A Study in Sentiment: by UndeniablyMe T Friendship: Sentiment, he thought. It was always something. (Or, the time Sherlock pitted The Woman’s brains against his pathologist’s deduction skills and he was surprised at the result.) (One of my absolute favorites even though it isn’t shippy. Molly is just awesome in this. I wish this is what happened in that episode).

Deconstructing Death: by Emmyjean: T Romance/Drama: If Molly Hooper were a case, Sherlock Holmes would have just come to the disturbing realization that there was a possibility that his incomplete research had led to a wrongful conviction. Left alone in Molly’s flat, Sherlock’s exploration and the discoveries he makes challenge his previously held notions and assumptions about the woman who helped him cheat death. (One of my favorite Molly backstories).


Loophole: by Lindenbay: M Romance/Sci-Fi: Star Trek/Sherlock crossover.In a desperate bid to save the love of his life and prevent impending war, Khan strikes an unlikely deal with the Enterprise crew to send him back into time. But in order to help Molly, he must act as her guide in overcoming her greatest challenge: getting his past-self as Sherlock to fall in love with her. (OMG! I have to say I may like Molly/Khan more than Molly/Sherlock in this. I hope this one gets updated some day. But it is still worth reading).

The Ravensdale Ghost: by A. Beaumont: M Horror/Mystery: Sherlock Holmes finds himself cast in the role of a reluctant ghost hunter when an associate of Mycroft’s is discovered mysteriously drowned… In the fifth-floor study of a haunted mansion. Sherlock’s sense of logic is pushed to its limits as he, John and Molly fight to solve the case before the Ravensdale curse reaches them.
The Beekeeper Chapter 1: Bees, a sherlock fanfic | FanFiction

Author: Mrs.Dizzy

Rating: T

Pairing: Sherlock/Molly

Summary: Sometimes, life gives you a second chance. An older and wiser Sherlock is reunited with Molly.

Notes: I didn’t write this, but you guys need to check this story out. It’s three chapters of completely, absolutely, beautifully evocative prose. AND it’s complete. Trust me. You won’t regret it. I read it ages ago, but it’s still one of my favorite Sherlolly pieces ever.