mr dizzy

the only marriage proposal i will accept

it’s daybreak. i’m meandering through a field on my family estate. i look up and see u there striding towards me in tight pants, riding boots, a half open shirt, and an overcoat. the music swells. u stutter through what is possibly the most romantic proposal of all time. i kiss ur knuckles and gaze into ur eyes as sunrise breaks over the horizon.

Mr. Darcy’s inner thoughts and struggles
The song playing in Darcy’s head whenever he sees Elizabeth. Fight me.

Mr Brightside

Mr Brightside by The Killers with Gibbs

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Since joining Gibb’s team, Agent Y/N Y/L/N had come out of her cage and she was getting on really well with the whole team. Yet, it all changed when her and Jethro Gibbs shared a kiss in his basement. Y/N tried to convince herself, it was just a kiss, nothing else.

Gibbs acted like it was nothing but to him it meant everything. At night as he fell asleep, she would call a cab to go on yet another date. Gibbs couldn’t help but feel sick as he thought about Y/N bedding another man but that was really all in his head. It would drive him crazy the way he thought she would touch another man’s chest and the thought of them having sex sent cold shivers down his spine.

Jethro couldn’t look anymore, jealousy was taking control of him. Yet, it was just the price he paid for not telling her the truth. Stopping the elevator dead in its tracks as just him and Y/N stood there, Gibbs growled, “That kiss meant everything.” Y/N couldn’t find the words as her mind was overwhelmed by Jethro’s lips on her own. 

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can we please talk about how jk found jimin scolding him the MOST embarrassing thing that happened to him the WHOLE YEAR??? like? wtf did jimin say ?

jimin: did i raise a child or a baboon.. ive never been this Ashamed in my entire life…. look me in the eyes when im talking 2 u young man

jk: but my neck gets tired from looking down all th- im sry.. b.. bad habit

jimin: omg ur srsly back-sassing me now.. making fun of my height.. all the years nearly breaking my back raising ur ungrateful ass, coddling u, buying u things….. this is how u repa


25 years ago today Guns N’ Roses kicked off their massive stadium tour