mr dimple


So WOW! We have footage of the portrait bots at Pizza Time Theatre! And I don’t mean grainy home movies that last five seconds, either! I mean professional footage from a news piece!

And what’s more, it includes footage of the portrait Helen Henny! We don’t even have showtape audio of her! This is big! BIG! If you’re a fan of CEC or animatronics in general, WATCH THIS VIDEO!



gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

let’s talk about: isak’s lil dimples

i feel like we’re not talking about isak’s dimples enough… i mean LOOK  at them??!!??!?!!?

have U ever seen anything so pure? i want to poke his dimple!!! 

i mean… it’s pretty self-explanatory why this beautiful human ruined a relationship and got the man of his dreams in return.. who could ever resist a face like that???

ok so maybe his dimples aren’t those hole-y kind of dimples maybe they’re smile lines or something i dont know i’m not a fucking doctor  BUT like wow… i’m enamored by those lil dimples.. (and not to mention the little eye crinkles that follow it) 

someone just… protect him PLEASE @Universe don’t ever hurt my son,, those dimples are worth millions 

his dimples know what’s up (ft. Tthe Gay Scarf)

bonus: snakesak killing us all with Those Dimples™

another bonus: mr. dimple makes an appearance around his owner’s (very handsome) boyfriend

The Patterns all zigzagy

A few things to remember before we get in to this -Scene zooms in on Beth; Our Mother has been absent. Zooms in on Daryl; Ever since we founded Rome Daryl smiling; but there’s gonna be a party when the Wolf comes home. -Fun fact: The original Alexandria in Egypt was founded by Alexander the Great, who was sent by Rome on conquests. It was also known as the Roman province of Egypt and was a major trade city especially with Rome. Sounds to me like Mr Pimple knew what he was doing when he picked that song! It’s basically saying she will be absent ever since they founded Alexandria. It’s only now at the end of season 7 we see Rick in charge of Alexandria and ready to fight for and create this trading city and alliance with the other communities, without being under Negan’s rule. -Another fun fact, we all remember Daryl in the funeral home saying “those pigs feet there’re mine” well in ancient Egypt pigs and pigs feet we’re symbolic for a great Mother. While up the wolves is playing it’s no coincidence how they timed the words with each shot. They are screaming she will be absent right in our faces, absent physically and we now know absent from anyone even saying her name. So… The only way they can remind us of her is with call backs to her story and the episode Alone tells us that story and how to track when she’s close in detail. -Added extra - Beth; “Hey I know it’s been awhile, I’m gonna be honest, I forgot about you.” (It has been awhile Beth and the general audience and even some Beth fans are starting to forget about you) and yes she is talking about her diary here but really her diary is her! Alone: 4:13 I want to show you how Alone is the blueprint (all Beth episodes have lots of clues too, but alone is a biggie) for what is going to happen to Bob, Maggie and Sasha, and Beth and Daryl. How Beth being GONE for years (our time anyway) was the plan all along. It has been there the whole time right in front of us but it’s only now after season 7 that it all makes sense and fits together. (As Bob says later on in this episode “I only know because I’m seeing it now”) I’m gonna walk you through this scene by scene to show you that this episode is a zigzag pattern (just as Beth said) between the two groups that is interconnected, and how one groups story was foretold to come to an end at the end of season 7, while that will be the marker for the other groups story to start playing again. So… Get comfortable because this is long… Here. We. Go.

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