mr darcy is a hottie

Mr. Darcy: Fuck everyone tbh I’m the greatest and what up with that Elizabeth girl tho she prances across the ballroom like a fuckin’ deer.

Elizabeth: Fuck Darcy tbh. *dances*

*lil while later*

Mr. Darcy: Damn nvm her eyes and ankle exposure are hot.

Elizabeth: Fuck Darcy tbh. *prances off towards Jane*

*lil while later*

Mr. Wickham: Whaddup, I’m a douche.

Elizabeth: Hottie lamottie with the swimmer’s body.

Mr. Darcy: *hates in silence*

*more time passes*

Mr. Darcy: I love you tbh, even tho you were like…born poorer than me and have an annoying ass family and shit.

Elizabeth: Wow Darcy fuck you.

Mr. Darcy: *internal meltdown* Shit fuck damn here oh God *drops letters all over the floor* shit fuck shit fuckity fuck just…fuck…take it. *shoves letter shading everyone and runs*

Elizabeth: *reads* Damn. Look at this truth bomb.

*lil bit later*

Mr. Darcy: So uh…you still hate me???

Elizabeth: *mentally undresses* ……………………………..Nah. Heard you saved my family’s fuckin’ ass. Kudos man.

Mr. Darcy: Cool. Cool. Wanna get married?

Elizabeth: Lmao yeah.

Mr. Darcy: ily

Elizabeth: Same this time????

anonymous asked:

i fucking love sideburns ; ; I am grieving for sideburns and one of my dreams for s10 is sam shaving and, i donno, letting sideburns grow to the ear lobe, it makes his face look leaner and i donno ; ;

Anon I am so sad that this post sat in my inbox for two days after you sent it following some intense Sammy hair discussion! You must have dropped it my way just after I went to bed. But never fear, I’m here now to Talk About Sideburns.

Essentially my position is, sideburns are great (you don’t wanna be looking like Daniel Radcliffe at the Chamber of Secrets premiere) but, like everything in life, it’s all about moderation. (Who am I kidding, I’m terrible at moderation. But definitely enthusiastic about it when it comes to sideburns.)

Sideburns like Sam has in season 5 and season 6? Lovely, beautiful, frame his pretty face and bring out the incredible definition of his cheekbones.

Even at the start of season 7 I’d say they’re still looking pretty good.

But by the season finale? THEY ARE OUT OF CONTROL!


So, in conclusion, I agree with you about sideburns ‘to the ear lobe’ but I also think this is a dangerous game. We have seen where it has got us before. ARE WE REALLY READY TO GO THERE AGAIN?