similarities between me and fitzwilliam darcy
  • can’t make small talk
  • uncomfortable talking to people I don’t already know
  • will stand in corners at parties looking annoyed
  • hates dancing
  • hates people
  • will fight people who hurt people I like
  • 300% better at communicating through written word than talking
  • basically a socially inept nerd
  • will stare at crush for uncomfortable amount of time
  • loves elizabeth bennet

Book nerds, if ever there was a time to rejoice, THIS IS IT, for Lila Selle and Steffi Lynn have combined their limitless talents to bring you a LITERATURE-LOVER’S DREAM. @lilabeanz (who gave you Hogwarts heartthrobs as you’ve never seen them before) updated your fave famous characters (uh, Romeo with a man bun? YUS PLEASE), and @steffilynnt (our resident Queen of Cute) added her trademark LE-GORGEOUS typography to create these VISUAL MASTERPIECES. Click through to swoon over them all!


“That moment in 2005′s Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy are arguing in the rain and both their chests are heaving and with every word they’re moving closer and closer together and Elizabeth shouts “You’re the last man in the world I would ever be prevailed upon to marry!” and she’s like six inches away from Darcy and even though he’s completely crushed he looks at her lips and tilts his head slightly and she catches her breath and her mouth sort of drops open a little like GOD DAMN IT JUST KISS ALREADY” - @bethofbells (original post)