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» You know, house-elves get a very raw deal! It’s slavery, that’s what it is! That Mr Crouch made her go up to the top of the stadium, and she was terrified, and he’s got her bewitched so she can’t even run when they start trampling tents! Why doesn’t anyone do something about it?

the weasleys: percy weasley

“Enjoying it? I don’t reckon he’d come home if Dad didn’t make him. He’s obsessed. Just don’t get him on the subject of his boss. According to Mr. Crouch…as I was saying to Mr. Crouch… Mr. Crouch is of the opinion… Mr. Crouch was telling me… They’ll be announcing their engagement any day now.”

harry potter challenge ϟ 3/3 wizarding families: crouch

“Father, I didn’t! I didn’t, I swear it, Father, don’t send me back to the Dementors… No! Mother, no! I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it, I didn’t know! Don’t send me there, don’t let him! I’m your son! I’m your son!”

He raised his wand into the air and pointed it in the direction of Hagrid’s cabin. Harry saw something silvery dart out of it and streak away through the trees like a ghostly bird.

Goblet of Fire, Ch. 28

Dumbledore’s Patronus is - very appropriately - a Phoenix. Patronuses that take the forms of magical creatures are the rarest.

list of hp book moments i wish they put in the movies 

  • the midnight duel
  • the other obstacles guarding the philosipher’s stone aka hermione figuring out the potions and bein part of the trio 
  • the ghoul in the attic
  • the death day party 
  • “oh potter you rotter”
  • sirius’ and lupin’s full and calm explanation of sirius’ imprisonment when they’re in the shrieking shack 
  • literally all of the sirius scenes in gob (espesh the one with molly weasley in the hospital wing)
  • SPEW/ dobby and Winky / the house elf liberation front 
  • ludo bagman subplot 
  • quidditch in the orchard 
  • harry training for the triwizard tournament 
  • viktor and harry finding mr crouch after their awkward conversation about hermione
  • sirius sending harry cake and the mr weasley coming to privet drive via flu powder and meeting the dursleys
  • harry giving fred and george his triwizard winnings 
  • harry and cho’s awkward af date 
  • sirius giving harry the mirror 
  • cleaning out grimauld place and finding the locket 
  • ron and hermione becoming prefects and harry being jelous until becoming captain of the quidditch team 
  • the st mungo’s hospital visits with the longbottoms and lockheart 
  • “have a biscuit, potter”
  • harry being banned from quidditch by umbridge 
  • harry’s ootf meltdowns 
  • literally all the pensive scenes with voldy’s ancestors and the other horcruxes explaining why he is nuts 
  • ginny and harry not being awkward and feeding each other pasties and actually being cuties 
  • tonks screaming that she loves lupin in the hospital wing and her potronus being his wolf form 
  • molly trying to call off the wedding after greyback attacks bill
  • neville and luna being cute at dumbledore’s funeral
  • “I want to actually do some good in the world, thanks.”
  • dumbledore’s funeral
  • harry using crucio on the caro’s after they spit in minerva’s face
  • “try for some remorse, tom”
  • the sorting hat songs
  • pieves vs filch

 But the boy was trying to fight off the dementors, even though Harry could see their cold, draining power starting to affect him. The crowd was jeering, some of them on their feet, as the woman swept out of the dungeon, and the boy continued to struggle.
 "I’m your son!“ he screamed up at Crouch. "I’m your son!”
 "You are no son of mine!“ bellowed Mr. Crouch, his eyes bulging suddenly.  "I have no son!”
 The wispy witch beside him gave a great gasp and slumped in her seat. She had fainted. Crouch appeared not to have noticed.
 "Take them away!“ Crouch roared at the dementors, spit flying from his mouth. "Take them away, and may they rot there!”

The first person to touch the Cup gets full marks.

Goblet of Fire, Ch. 28

Yet again, this implies that Harry or Cedric might have won even if Fleur touched the Cup first. It does technically make more sense that way, as it eliminates the possibility that a champion who bombed the first two tasks could still win the whole tournament if they happened to do well in the third. 

However, everything else about the way the task is set up implies that the first person to touch the cup wins it all, with the previous point standing only contributing to the various head starts each champion gets. It would be tough to make the plot as it stands work with those rules, but it would also have made a cool parallel to the Quidditch World Cup, where Krum caught the Snitch but Ireland won.


“You know, house-elves get a very raw deal! It’s slavery, that’s what it is! That Mr. Crouch made her go up to the top of the stadium, and she was terrified, and he’s got her bewitched so she can’t even run when they start trampling tents! Why doesn’t anyone do something about it?”

I really wish they would have incorporated S.P.E.W. in the movies

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  • Alecto Carrow: Which goes better? The chain or the pearls?
  • Mrs Dolohov: The chain.
  • Barty Crouch, Jr.: An amateur’s mistake! Can’t you see that the chain accentuates that long, turkey-like neck?
  • Mrs Dolohov: Yes, but the pearls draw attention to the non-existent bosom!
  • Barty Crouch, Jr.: Yes, but the chain hangs down and draws attention to that huge spare tire, and those square, manly hips!
  • Alecto Carrow: Fine! Why don’t I just put a sign on me that says, “Too ugly to live”?
  • Barty Crouch, Jr.: Well, fine, but what are you going to hang it from: the chain or the pearls?
  • Alecto Carrow: None! I’m going to spray paint it on my hump!

AU where Hide and Kaneki meet at the gym. Hide is on the treadmill and he looks over and (holy shit) sees this really cute guy lifting more weight than he thinks is possible. Naturally, Hide gets distracted and trips and falls off the treadmill, leaving Mr. Cutie to crouch over him in concern because Hide is mumbling about fallen angels

Don’t vant to be overheard.

Goblet of Fire, Ch. 28

Not like Viktor’s secrecy and caution would have made a blind bit of difference if Rita had been there in beetle form. Can you imagine if she had heard Viktor ask Harry about his relationship with Hermione? She probably would have painted it like some kind of fisticuffs-at-dawn scenario.


Bring It On, Baby! 

Percy’s enjoying work, then?” said Harry, sitting dowm on one of the beds and watching the Chudley Cannons zooming in and out of the posters on the ceiling.
“Enjoying it?” said Ron darkly. “I don’t reckon he’d come home if Dad didn’t make him. He’s obsessed. Just don’t get him onto the subject of his boss. According to Mr Crouchas I was saying to Mr CrouchMr Crouch is of the opinionMr Crouch was telling me … They’ll be announcing their engagement any day now.
—  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 5- Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

One thing (or many things in fact) makes me sad about the Harry potter movies, but this one particular thing is that they completely wiped out Dobbys existence during movies 4-6. I mean, in the fourth book he played a really big part by helping harry with the second task and the whole winky situation (who isn’t even mentioned in the movie, even though this is a really important part of the whole book, and you gain so much knowledge at the end of the book as to why Crouch acted the way he did throughout the book, and also why he was killed, and this involves winky). In the fifth book he is the one to tell harry about the room of requirement where they then proceeds to have their DA meetings, then later warns him while in there. Harry also entrusts Dobby with watching over Kreacher when he starts to work in the kitchens at hogwarts. So Dobby has practically saved Harry’s life twice, (since Harry told him not to in the end of the second book) before he saves harry and the other prisoners in Malfoy’a manor, where he also gets stabbed by a dagger Belatrix throws when they apparate. My point; Dobby plays a significantly larger role in Harry’s life than it is portrayed in the movies, and this really bugs me.