mr cranky pants

Thank you for all of the lovely comments on my Car Guardian Cranky Warrior Bastard (aka Rowan plushie)!

I’m making Rhys tomorrow!

I was thinking of maybe taking your suggestions and want to know what everyone thinks… and whether I should do a (general) tutorial or sell them on Etsy (after getting official permission of course!!)

Please LIKE this post if you would be interested in buying a little felt plushie like Mr Cranky Poo Poo Pants (possibly around $10aud? Need to work that out…)

COMMENT if you would like me to make a tutorial to make these sort of plushies in general so you can make your own. Or comment in general for any other suggestions or requests… Idk.

Like and comment maybe if you’re happy either way? :/

Thanksyeh everybodeh!!


“Uh.. an expedition? To where? Numbuh 5`s all for it but`ah..” 

Inching closer and cupping the side of her cheek. “Who`s telling mr. cranky pants imma be gone for this? Numbuh 1 ain`t gonna be so that open to the idea.”

“He`ll probably come up with some excuse about how he should go in mah place. Don`t tell him I said anything but he`s a complete fanboy.”