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The signs as stop-motion movies

Aries: Coraline

Taurus: Chicken Run

Gemini: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Cancer: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Leo: The Boxtrolls

Virgo: Jason and the Argonauts

Libra: Frankenweenie

Scorpio: ParaNorman

Sagittarius: Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

Capricorn: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Aquarius: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Pisces: Corpse Bride

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Animation Challenge Thang

I saw someone else do this, and it looked fun, so I thought I’d have a go!


  1. No Disney/Pixar
  2. No Dreamworks
  3. Optional Hard Mode: No Studio Ghibli and for Challenge 8, no Steven Universe, Avatar, Gravity Falls, or Adventure Time


  • Favorite Film

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Corpse Bride makes me feel things 

  • A Film made in your home country

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Fantastic Mr Fox

  • A Film made outside your home country

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Underdogs (Metegol) considering it’s about foosball players it’s amazing

  • Favorite Film released before you were born

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We’re Back! A Dinosaur Story

  • Favorite Overlooked Oscar Nominee

(Guessing this means non winning?)

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It’s Such a Beautiful Day

  • Favorite 2D Animation

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Cats Don’t Dance

  • Favorite 3D Animation

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  • Favorite TV Series

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  • Favorite Short Film

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  • Favorite Student Film

Okay, I literally haven’t watched any I’m sorry T_T


Twitter shenanigans. I’ve been gushing over an Au/crossover thing I came up with

Osmt Corpse party AU! This is gonna get gory so if anyone’s not into that, watch out!

I haven’t fully thought out the whole plot of how this would go but like, the synopsis is like this:

  • Totty finds a charm on the internet: Sachiko ever after!
  • He wants to test it out just for shits and giggles
  • All of the brothers join in, and peforms the ritual
  • The ground cracks open and consumes ‘em all in a seemingly endless pit
  • suffering ensues

So yeah! I’ve got more in store! You can also check my twitter for more!

2, 3, (gore) 4


World’s longest-surviving castaway sued for $1 million after being accused of ‘eating his colleague

Jose Salvador Alvarenga — who famously survived after being lost at sea for 438 days — is accused of eating his colleague’s remains in order to survive, according to a $1 million lawsuit filed by the man’s relatives.
Alvarenga has long denied cannibalism claims, and his attorney believes the lawsuit was financially motivated.

When he set sail from the coast of Mexico in November 2012, he thought he was setting out on a two-day fishing trip, having paid 22-year-old Ezequiel Cordoba $50 to accompany him.
But a vicious storm with 10ft waves knocked out the 25ft boat’s communication systems, and washed their supplies overboard.

As their boat drifted, the castaways ate raw fish, uncooked birds and turtles, and drank their own urine, Alvarenga said later.
Cordoba wasn’t as skilled of a survivalist and fell ill after eating a bird. The partners later found a venomous sea snake in the bird’s gut.

Mr Alvarenga befriended the corpse, keeping it on the boat for six days and chatting to it, until he realised his own insanity and threw it overboard. “I could see my death was going to be very, very slow,” he said.

But against all odds, he survived. Mr Alvarenga washed up in the Marshall Islands, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in January 2014. Dazed and emaciated, he was found by a couple living on the island who took him in.
His story was initially greeted with incredulity, but accepted as truth once experts confirmed that his experience as a fisherman and physical strength would just about make survival possible.

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Helena Bonham Carter-Tim Burton Edition

2001- Ari

2003- Jenny/The Witch

2005- Mrs. Bucket

2005- Emily/The Corpse Bride

2007- Mrs. Lovett

2010- Iracebeth of Crims/The Red Queen

2012- Dr. Julia Hoffman


there seems to be an trend for people to consider Jessica’s murder amongst one of the Boss’ worst crimes. until my recent SRtT replay i wasnt actually sure why this was held up as being one of the worst things the Boss has done. i mean, sure, it was a violent and sadistic death but the Boss has committed an awful lot of murders and not all of them get the same fandom reaction of “this was an evil thing to do”. i dont see a lot of people protesting the Boss brutalising Mr Sunshine’s corpse, or them leaving Akuji Sr to burn to death. 

but theres this scene in Saints Row the Third that id actually forgotten

[transcript: “Let me tell you about Jessica Parish, a girl from Stilwater who ran away from home to be with her tough guy boyfriend. Jessica thought her life was pretty sweet. Until a gangbanger kidnapped her, threw her in the trunk of a car, and laughed as her boyfriend crushed her in a monster truck rally. If Jessica Parish was your daughter, how far would you want me to go?”]

a lot of people in the fandom came in through the newer games so its understandable that they would buy what Cyrus said. after all, its technically accurate. Jessica was killed by the Boss in that method, and the Boss probably did laugh over it. but as someone who came into the series through the first games this always seemed to me less a description of the Boss’ crimes and more obviously carefully phrased propaganda designed to turn people against the Saints.

see the thing is, this quote from Cyrus makes out that Jessica was an innocent who got killed for just no reason at all. it completely absolves her of guilt. but Jessica was not an innocent. shes not even likeable. SR2 wants us to dislike her so much it goes out of its way to portray her as being racist just to give us another reason to not like her

[transcript: [to Carlos] “I’m still Jessica… ya know, you mind me of my old house cleaner…”]

SR2 makes it pretty clear. Jessica was not an innocent. she was a Brotherhood lieutenant. she was very much involved in the running of the gang and she was ruthless

[transcript: “Honey, you want me to have someone take care of them?”]

[transcript: “I’m glad you two are having fun, ‘cause god forbid we do something about the Saints…”]

[transcript: “Sweetie, it’s not a big deal, just kill ‘em.”]

and heres the reason Jessica was killed. it wasnt for being Maero’s girlfriend. it wasnt for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jessica killed Carlos. 

[transcript: “Well, I just wanted to let you know that since you were nice enough to give my man a makeover, I should return the favour… don’t worry, by the time we’re through with him Carlos’ll look just as handsome as Maero.”]

[transcript: “I’m sure you’ll do something scary. Do me a favour. When you’re scraping up your buddy’s face, just remember Maero gave you a chance to be his partner.”]

thats the key phrase, really. “I should return the favour”. Maero didnt kill Carlos– he was absolutely on-board with the revenge but he didnt execute it, it was Jessica. the Boss didnt kill her for some kind of sadistic kick, they killed her because she had their friend tortured until the Boss had to perform a mercy killing. 

Carlos’ bio from the SRIV website also confirms that it was Jessica who killed Carlos;

[transcript: “After befriending the Boss during a shared stint in Stilwater Penitentiary, Carlos became a member of the Third Street Saints– though a short-lived one. The Boss took Carlos under their wing and entrusted him with leading the charge against a rival gang called the Brotherhood. While not a natural at gang life, Carlos tried his best to prove himself. He met his fate during the street war escalation when Jessica, the girlfriend of the Brotherhood’s leader Maero, took him hostage in revenge for the Saints dosing her boyfriend’s tattoo ink with radioactive material.”]

this isnt trying to say she was worse than anyone else or that the Boss is right to go around killing people or that Maero is innocent or who was wrong who was right blah blah. i just made this post to clarify that despite what Cyrus says, Jessica was not an innocent caught up in the gang warfare. she was a gang lieutenant who was just as involved in the Brotherhood storyline as Maero. 

the Brotherhood storyline is a big mess of people making very poor decisions and unnecessary brutal deaths and horrifying violence that all could have been avoided if people had just had some fucking respect

(although admittedly Maero was kinda right about the Boss not exactly having a lot going for them at the start of SR2 when he actually had a fully fledged gang so, yknow, maybe Boss coulda been a little less extreme than “im going to burn off your fucking face with radioactive waste”)

Alternative Names for Dark Souls 2 Bosses

Main Bosses:
One Armed Butthole Monster
Red Eyes Black Pursuer
Orenstien went black and never went back
Mr. Pushover
The Three Fuckskateers
Naughty BDSM Girl
My Little Demon Pony
The Skeleton War
Jabba the Hut
Medusa with Attachment Issues (Double Pun)
Not as stupid flaming piece of shit assho- FUCK HE KNOCKED ME IN THE LAVA
Queelag 2.0
Church of Nerds
Spider with Extra Spider
Rats out the Ass
Megazord of Corpses
Mr. And Mrs. Pushover
Silver Knight of Anor Drangliec
Frogger On Acid
Garl Vinland
Character Model: Hollow + Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Electo Shock Fetish
Vendrick’s Bitchy Wife

Optional Bosses:
Spooky Cave Ghost
Really Big Dragon Like Holy Shit
Mangy Sif
Lycia the 360 No Scope Swag Master


It has been a hectic couple of days in LA - or, at least, what’s left of it. Alicia Clark tries not to think about it; she tries not to think about Matt and Mr. Dawson and corpses on the streets and the blockade and the infected, but she can’t. It comes back to her at night, when the shuffling of the infected outside is the loudest sound in her young life.

After several days, she realizes she needs a distraction. Soon, she learns that wishes do come true, and she vows to be more careful with them.

When her eyes first fall on the arrogant blonde, it’s by chance, but she immediately realizes it is not, in fact, the first time she’s met her. This is the blonde that tackled her to the ground when the infected began an uproar and the living scrambled to get away. She guesses the blonde isn’t from here; an unfortunate passerby who got stuck in the middle of hell.

“You’re the one who almost got me killed,” she growls. The blonde raises her eyebrow, and it’s infuriating.

“You’re the one who punched me,” she replies calmly, and oh no, her voice is husky and low. “I saved your life, by the way. Some kid was trying to shoot you, probably thought you were a walker.”

Before Alicia has time to scoff and also maybe ask what the hell a walker is, her mom calls her, watching the blonde with caution. Something flickers in those guarded blue eyes at the sound of her name, but it’s gone too soon.

“Alicia, then,” the blonde smirks. “Elyza. Elyza Lex. It’s only fair you know the name of your savior. I’ll be waiting for that thank you note, Alicia.”

With that, the girl turns around and leaves, and Alicia grits her teeth so loudly she’s sure the infected have hear her from behind the blockade.

Elyza Lex is a dick, she decides. And she could really use a shower.