mr china does not know what to say to this

So I want to take a look at this things.

1: Tibet?! So now the orinigs are from Tibet, not China?!

2: Gabriel’s wife, obsly

3: Soooooooo this is the peacock’s miraculous… Then I think Mrs. Agreste is the Peacock. The jewel is just right in front of her photo! Aaand if so WHAT IS IT DOING HERE AND NOT WITH ITS OWNER?!

4: I don’t know what does Plagg say, but the paper is important if it’s inside there.

5: The cool book

6: A papyrus? From where? Tibet? China? Egypt? (let’s remember Mr. Kubdel - I have a theory, and I do think this is connected to what I said -)

7: Another book. Just like the paper Plagg’s holding, but we don’t know what it is yet

So many questions and no answers T-T

Anybody wants to talk about this? 

Because I’m crying inside 

I don’t want to wait 

I need ML

I love it