mr chic

I Want You

 Rating: Everyone

With Mr. Chic and Sexy himself, JB

I was good to her. She knows it. That’s why she came back.

I wasn’t willing to accept her at first because I have my pride but I can’t win against my feelings. The truth is I have a soft spot for her.

Ever since she told me she liked me with a slight flush coloring her round cheeks, I knew I would be lost to her. Truthfully, I had a crush on her before I knew it was mutual. She was exactly my type; a little chubby, outgoing, funny and she had this heat that I can’t describe. She wasn’t obviously sexy but something about her told me that she wouldn’t be shy if I took it there with her.

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zhou mimi in hd fancam….. homygosh

he looks precious ;—;

the smiles/smirks



I think that i’ve already posted this. dont care. it’s to amazing.

i want his shoes

Though they are identical twins, I think that there hearts are very different. Jessica’s heart was in the right place. I think she was consistently trying her best to do the right thing. Mary, perhaps not so much. She is definitely darker. Even in the looks, Mrs. D had her chic little scarves and her high collars. Mary’s look is more current and edgier.
—  Andrea Parker on the difference between Mrs. D and Mary