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I almost started crying class because I found out that Arkansas (with Trumps full support) just disbanded the law that allows trans people to use their preferred bathrooms. Now trans people aren't allowed to use public bathrooms AT ALL in Arkansas. What's even worse is that now more states are talking about doing the same thing.

For the sake of my own mental health I still mostly avoid thinking about what is happening in America wrt Mr. Cheeto Voldemort right now. I know it’s a great privilege to be able to (somewhat) ignore it, but it is what I need to do still.

I am so so sorry that you, and other trans people, are smack bang in the middle of that shitstorm though. You deserve so much better than to have a president like him, and you deserve so much better than to be in a place full of people in power who support him.

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Omg I totally forgot prince Harry's tour was today, From the very few posts I've seen on the matter it looked boring, no surprise he hasn't had a fun tour since 2015!! Also the harry tags are dead, seems like they all left after harry and Meghan got together

Hi! Well, I only found out he’s on tour because of you lmao I thought his tour would be on november. Tours tend to get boring but I think that is not the royal’s fault.

I think he still has a pretty strong fanbase here and his relationship might be the reason some left but others (like me) left because his diehard stans can’t handle a criticism of him and felt with the right of throwing shade, others left (I include myself here too) because of his dumb interviews and contradictory ways.


Wow I really finish this, more Gems!! ( except Greg of course)

I started this since April (except Rainbow quartz)  and I couldn’t finish them before cause I was busy with school and also I lost inspiration:/ but now  I’m in a good move so, here it is! :D

I’ll be working in more, and not only gems. :)

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Why do you think people aren’t as interested in Meghan and Harry as they were in Kate and william

I think it is a combination of different factors. A lot of people interested in Kate and William’s relationship were young ones and it was the tale of the non royal girl in love with a future King.
With Harry is different, she is an actress and he is a Prince (so far from the throne which can make people lack that “magic”). Right now, let’s talk about the fandom many people were disappointed at Harry’s recently interviews like they are quite problematic to them (I include myself here and that saviour complex is…ugh)
But also people are not interested in her because of the thought of her only “using” him for fame, others are not interested in any royal girlfriends because they think that no one is good enough for him (like yeah, guy is not Malala so chill) but others (and this is dangerous) were drove by their racism.

Harry has gotten to be a quite unpopular figure in the latest months, I personally stopped following him when his Caribbean Tour happened because his stans were really butthurt that some of us found the tour boring and dull (even we mentioned that it wasn’t his fault and Rihanna had to save the tour) but then I realized that he is not as perfect as the fandom made him see and what he says sometimes is problematic but us as “fans” were justifying everything. And the whole situation of not following Harry’s life made me uninterested of his relationship and his royal activities.

Merry Grinchmas

You’re a mean one, Mr. Trump.
You really go too far
You’ve insulted half the country and proclaimed yourself our czar, Mr. Trump
You’re a rotten pulpy kumquat yes that’s what you are

You’re a vain one, Mr. Trump
You’re a Brioni-suited fop
You’re as bossy as a baron and you don’t know when to stop, Mr. Trump
You’re a Cheeto-faced burrito with a hairball on top

You’re a monster, Mr. Trump
You have a lot of gall
You’ll deport all of the Muslims and you want to build a wall, Mr. Trump
You’re a Twitter-feuding fraudster who can’t get anyone decent to play your Inaugural Ball

You’re a foul one, Mr. Trump
You think women are second-class
You want to fuck your daughter since she’s that “hot piece of ass”, Mr. Trump
Your plan for America seems like nothing more than superinflated ego and gas

You’re a vile one, Mr. Trump
You and your minions in your tower
Your Cabinet’s full of racists, and your policy is sour, Mr. Trump
Your salivating fanbase is throwing a homophobic kegger and getting drunk on white power

You nauseate me, Mr. Trump
I’m running out of fucks
With Biden and Obama reduced to lame and limping ducks, Mr. Trump
I am quite certain that under your brand of presidency and “leadership” the next four years will, and I quote,