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Meanwhile…with the Venetia Fair

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NBC interviewed Mr. Chark and Mike at warped tour the other day. Weird. 

So I saw The Venetia Fair with my friends Alison, Kelly, and Jeff this past week. After the show, I got the members of the band to sign a poster, and Joe decided to write messages on the back of everyone’s poster. This is what I got. 

Benny read it and decided to add an “OK” to it haha. 

These dudes seriously put on the best live show ever. I really wish I would’ve had my camera during the show so I could’ve gotten some awesome live shots of them. Oh well. 

One time we were driving through Yellowstone State Park while we were on tour. We kept seeing all these boiling volcanic hot spring things. They all had these board walk things around them with signs everywhere saying “do not leave the boardwalk and DO NOT! touch the water!” There were also signs saying how every pear people die from going in the water because it is literally hot enough to cook ramen noodles in. HOT right? Anyhoo, obviously a few of us had to go in, and obviously Mr. Chark had to do a cannonball.



This was one of the best things to ever happen in my life. Keep in mind this happened across the street from a police station. 

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