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Touken Fan fic: A breath away

Title: A breath away

Pairing: Touken

Guys this is the after effect of chap 121, it’s totally Ishida’s fault

* * * *

He stared into her eyes then, trying to understand the words she had strung together. Was it a joke? No.
She looked serious, her eyes were trained on his, her gaze was fixed on his and her hand was right there on the table top. He could have reached it easily and held it.

“I…” He tried to find words but they failed him. Why did she asked him this? Why not something else? Why not talk about the weather, or the coffee or the new or anything stupid. Why this? An insane laughter was bubbbling up inside him, it was just like her. Just so cruel.

“Is that what is important to you?” He found himself saying. Those weren’t his intended words. For a second, he feared she would get mad at him. But she never yelled or shouted or rushed out of the room. Instead, she faced away from him, masking her expression.

“No…but, what is important to you?” She asked instead, once again trapping him in the words. He started to grow impateint, feeling irritated by the way this stupid conversation was going. He touched his chin - on reflex, and slowly began to walk towards her, until he stood right in front of her, with only a few inches seperating them.

The first thing that came to his mind was - she smelled nice.

The second thing he registered were thoses sapphire blue eyes. Those damn eyes of her.

He touched her chin with one hand, astonished by his own action and braced the other hand on her thigh, seeing her eyes widening.

“Who is important to me? That’s the question you want to ask.” She froze, but didn’t say anything. He let himself talk for once, wanting to let things out. Things that had started to bubble inside him the moment he had walked in this cafe a hundred or more days ago, the moment he had seen her walking towards him, with her eyes singing a million melodies and other countless moments when his heart beat had increased just by the thought of her name.

“You are a selfish person.” She whispered to him and he smiled down at her bitterly,

“You always think that you know me better than myself.”

“Maybe I do.”

“You don’t…” he whispered and instictively his gaze trailed down her lips. He squeezed her thigh and angled his face close to hers. She let him do it, until the only thing between them was a distance of a single breeath. Of unspoken words and memories.

Just as his lips brushed hers, he paused and the night came back to him with a jolt, shaking his insides. He felt as if he had been rendered paralyzed by time, she was right there. A single moment and he would have kissed her.

Just like that time…

The night came to him a haze at first, then in a form of vivid scenes. Her smile, his fingers touching her slightly curled hair, his hands playing with hers, her fingers on his shirt, his beneath hers. Memories of skin and touch and things unsaid.

He broke away from her as if shook my a current and stumbled, nearly losing his balance. He stared up at her in shock,

“I know you,” she told him, with a shadowed gaze, “I’ve always known you.”

Touken Fic: A touch

Title: A touch

Requested by Anon

Kaneki gets in fight with Touka’s boyfriend and later she tends to his wound and now he’s in love.

* * *

He sat with his back against the wall, hissing in pain. There was blood dripping from his hand and it fell on the ground. He had thought he wasn’t capable of getting hurt like this again, not after he became a … ghoul.

The boy shouldn’t have done it. If he had behaved himself, Kaneki wouldn’t have ended up sitting here and cursing in his mind. He stared at the blood after raising his hand. So, so red. Yet it wasn’t the pain that made him angry, it was that stupid boy’s face and his words.

Kaneki had been making coffee when he had noticed the boy dragging Touka with her arm outside the shop. Unease had flared up inside him as he made a decision of following them. He was in a dilemma since he knew Touka could handle whatever situation it was and was more than capable of smacking someone to their senses if she needed to.

When he had set the cup down and made it to the door, he had realized that the reason he was following them was not just because he was worried about her but…he was curious too. He had seen her with that boy before as well, when he had come to the shop and drank latte and had made her laugh at a very stupid joke.

He had found them at the back of the store and he had heard that boy yelling at Touka about something. Kaneki had stood by the wall and heard him speak for a minute or so before he had lost it.

‘’I didn’t date you so you could whore around and-’’ Kaneki and rushed towards the boy, whirled him around and punched him straight in the face. What happened after that resulted in Touka yelling at both of them, the boy almost breaking Kaneki’s hand and Touka getting close to breaking her boy- no, ex-boyfriend’s neck.

‘’You shouldn’t have done it.’’ He didn’t heard her coming there but when she spoke, he looked up to find her staring at him, there was a box in her hand and frown on her face.

‘’I’m sorry’’ He replied as she sat down beside him, so close that their shoulders were touching. He didn’t move and a part of him was glad that she didn’t either.

‘’For what?’’ She asked him and opened the box,

‘’For you having to deal with a person like that.’’ He looked at her and their gazes collided, suddenly he could hear his heartbeat a little louder than before and suddenly, her stare became too intense.

When she finally looked away from him, he let out a sigh of relief. Touka snorted, ‘’You should worry about yourself idiot.’’ She told him but this time her tone was soft. No sarcasm or hatred or annoyance. She unrolled the bandage and cut it with a scissor.

‘’You need to disinfect it first.’’ Kaneki told her, holding out his hand and trying to hide his smile.

She glared at him, ‘’I know that!’’ He felt a laugh bubbling inside him from her reaction. But he didn’t laugh because he didn’t want her to get angry at him. It was one of those moments when she was talking to him - actually talking with him. He wasn’t going to let himself ruin it.

She disinfected the would, grabbing his hand first and cleaned the blood. Some of it smudged on her hand as well, red against her cream ones, but she never complained. As she dressed his wound, her face was bent and her eyes were trained on his hand with focus. But his eyes…he couldn’t take them off her.

He noticed that her hair were really dark without being black and it was a color of midnight and her eyes were like jewels. He noticed that her lips were pink and soft and he could have -

Shit! No! What was he thinking? This was Touka, this was a ghoul and she probably hated him.

When she was done, she looked up and Kaneki quickly averted his gaze, scared of being caught. She was way to perceptive.

‘’Its done’’

‘’Thank you’’

‘’I’m the one who should say it,’’ she replied, surprising him. He turned to face her, unable to hide his shock, ‘’but what to do? I’m not good at words.’’ No she wasn’t.

She didn’t thanked him at all, instead she closed the small distance between them and planted a kiss on his cheek. Her lips made contact with his skin and something inside him exploded. She didn’t pull back right away and let her soft lips linger there and Kaneki swallowed, acutely aware of his impossibly beating heart.

And he realized why he had followed her and that guy out.

Because he was jealous.

Sasuke Uchiha is NOT ABUSIVE

This rant is not for haters, it’s for the entire fandom. A long time ago I used to have arguments with my best friend - she was a sasuke freak and I was a naruto freak. One day she said to me, “Why do you hate sasuke so much?” I told her, “Nope, I like him a lot actually but I am frustrated about everything he is doing to Naruto and Sakura.” She replied, “You don’t understand him.”

This implies to majority of people, specially the ones who call him abusive. First of all, let me say this: abuse is a VERY heavy word, it is a huge burden on minds and hearts of people who go through it - so stop throwing it around so casually. Here is a definition of abuse: “treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly” or “use of violence”.

Sasuke never ever used violence against Sakura, he never beat her up, he never forced himself upon her, he never raped her or anything. He always cared about her, from part one:

Now, most of you argue that he mistreats her, uses verbal abuse etc. Here’s a thing guys:

1. He calls her annoying, why? Because that is a special thing between them. When he called her annoying for the first time he probably meant it. The next time when he said it - it was like an old memory that they shared. It was his way of saying good bye.

The third time he said it during the war, he said it because once again she was confessing to him, she was crumbling his resolve. Didn’t you guys see the expression on his face? That shaken up face and almost cruel smile. The fact that Sasuke said “you’re annoying” meant that he remembered everything from the past and the words still matter to him.

So stop calling that abuse. Because sasuke called Naruto “stupid” many times, sakura herself called Naruto stupid and annoying a lot of times - was all that abuse? Don’t make me laugh.

2. Now, lets talk about the time when he tried to kill her. First of all it’s really sad that people call sasusaku abusive because of this specific scene, and ship SasuKarin at the same time. He tried to kill Karin as well, in fact she was the one he misused for his own purpose. Doesn’t that make sasukarin abusive as well? He also tried to kill Naruto, so to all these NaruSasu fans calling SasuSaku abusive, do you wish to justify this?

Back on track, sasuke (like many other characters) tried to kill people who cared about him. That is not abuse. Why? Because what he did is justified, Naruto said that as well. This boy, he went through so much trauma. He had a loving family, his whole clan was killed by the person he cherished the most, he had a weight of betrayal sitting on his shoulder. Still he managed to form bonds with team seven. That very team he left for his revenge. When he finally got his revenge he learned the horrible truth that Itachi wasn’t at fault. That the leaf elders were the one responsible for all that happened. Once again, he suffered another trauma and this time it damaged him so much, he was so broken and hurt by the whole world that he lost his way. During his fight with Danzo, the facts were confirmed, he saw his clans eyes on that bastard’s arm, he was shocked once again at the cruelty of the world. The truth is you guys say that sakura deserved someone better than sasuke. But nobody realizes that what sasuke went through was too much. HE didn’t deserve all those things that happened to him.

Many people forget that Sakura tried to kill him too, why? Because she loved him so much that she didn’t want him to destroy himself. Sasuke knew the moment she showed up that what she was up to. In this scene, he had lost everything, he was slowly embarking a journey to insanity and everything was crumbling and worse of all his old team showed up. His old team reminded him of the family he once had, about leaf’s betrayal. Of course he would go berserk and try to kill them. So I’m sorry guys, but if you use this scene as an excuse to call this relationship abusive, I will be forced to believe you failed to understand him at all.

3. Now to those who say ‘sasuke ignored her and emotionally hurt her yada yada’, here is a thing. Sasuke never ignored Sakura. He always rushed to help her in part one. he acknowledged her presence when they met for the first time in part 2. She was the first one he acknowledged when he showed up on battlefield. He always answered her when she asked something from him. He smirked when he saw just how powerful she had become. He rushed to save her again when she was about to get hit by the juubi. He thanked her when she and obito saved him from the other dimension.

“..but thank’s to you I made it.” – this is what he said.

He held her when she was about to fall down, with such an intense look in his eyes. So don’t give me this crap saying that he doesn’t care.

In this scene, most people forget that this is Sasuke we are talking about. He rarely shows his emotions. He never show emotion in battlefield. And this was WAR. He was busy fighting with the enemy, he couldn’t afford to lose focus. Remember guys, this is Sasuke not Naruto.
But it’s funny how you guys forget this panel:

Look at his face and tell me of he doesn’t care.

And in the next one, he too rushes with Naruto to save her. Too bad you people overlooked this:

4. Now the last part of this rant. The following scene:

Guys, why do you think he put her in a gengustju? For the last time I am saying this, he and Naruto were about to fight and Sakura spoke suddenly, making his feet shake. He knew what happened last time she interfered in their fight (the one on the hospital roof top), she almost died by gettign hit by both chidori and rasengan. Thats why he put her to sleep, so she won’t get in between. Remember that, if he didn’t care, he would’ve killed her instead of putting her in a genjustju.
And this argument goes invalid if you read chapter 698 with eyes open - he clearly says that he always cared for team seven and PUSHED THEM AWAY ON PURPOSE because THEY WERE HIS WEAKNESS. This goes with the same panel where he says “he is not interested in her” - he was obviously bluffing and we have the evidence in 698. He cared, he always cared, he was always interested and he confessed it CLEARLY.
Remember, he never said “I don’t love her or I don’t like her” - he said he wasn’t interested. We know that his ideology was to take the hate of this whole world and create peace, end up alone forever. So please, we all know he pushed her away on purpose.

Its so ironic how NaruSasu fans calls Sasusaku abusive, when Sasuke tried to kill Naruto in the last few chapters and almost succeeded.

So please, don’t use this word “abuse” so lightly and don’t use it for Sasuke Uchiha because he was never abusive. All his actions were justified, kishi clearly gave us reasons for everything he did in 698, 699. It hurts me so much that majority of people are calling his abusive just because their ships didn’t become canon. It’s really really sad that even after reading 700 chapters, people failed to understand Sasuke Uchiha.

What do you guys think?