mr briefs


I’m so hyped for Bulla’s birth and I couldn’t help but think of I Love Lucy wherein Lucy goes into labor xD

Lucy - Bulma
Ricky - Vegeta
Fred - Dr. Brief
Ethel - Mrs. Brief

Normal service has been resumed


“We promise to keep this brief, Mr Dreamer,” Una said as Darren re-entered the kitchen alone.

“Yes, well I’d really rather get back to Sam. She’s upstairs sobbing and-”

“Mr Dreamer, we’re going to be straight with you,” Chung intercepted impatiently. “Mr DeBateau is certainly still a person of interest, but I don’t think he killed his girlfriend. I believe Miss Cordial, Kimberly, was seeing one or more men behind his back. We intend to establish who she was seen with last night. It’s most likely that a gentleman caller did this to her.”

“But why?”

“Her sister said it herself,” Una said. “Kimberly enjoyed the company of many men, and it seems one’s found out and committed this horrible act in jealousy.”

“Mr Dreamer, it’s certainly not untrue that Miss Cordial was strangled,” Chung said effortlessly. “But the full extent of her injuries is… well, awful. Someone angry did this to her.”

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