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Okay so it take me wayyyyy to long to post it and it’s part because i got a ton of work those last months but daaaamn I get so lazy after doing the storyboard.  I’m not giving up on this “brief summary”, actually i plan to do dumb comics for every book I like, so brace yourself for some Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Laclos and Jane Austen. And if you have suggestion, I take request ! Also huge thanks to my Friend @toocoolfordrool for helping me with my bad english.

Ted Bundy’s Psychiatric Report by Emanuel Tanay, MD.

Emanuel Tanay was a Forensic Psychiatrist and a  Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit. In 1979, Michael Minerva, Ted Bundy’s public defender contacted him about the Chi Omega case. On May 18, 1979, Emanuel Tanay examined Ted Bundy and forwarded his report to Minerva (taken from Tanay’s book, American Legal Injustice) : 

Mr. Bundy is a 32-year-old, handsome-looking man, dressed with the casual elegance of a young college professor. He was meticulously groomed, from well-cared-for fingernails to freshly washed hair. He was in total command of the situation. The deputy sheriffs appeared more like part of his entourage than policemen guarding a prisoner.

The conference room had many comfortable chairs. Two chairs, however, were particularly comfortable looking; these were taken by the deputies into the hallway for their own use. Mr. Bundy, in a very firm but definite manner, instructed the deputies that this arrangement did not meet with his approval. They not only complied with his request to return the chairs, but seemed to be apologetic.

I was accompanied to the conference room by Mr. Minerva, Public Defender for the Second Judicial Circuit, who has a large staff of lawyers working for him. Observing the interaction, however brief, between Mr. Bundy and Mr. Minerva would lead one to believe that Mr. Minerva was Mr. Bundy’s assistant.

Mr. Bundy made a few pointed inquiries to Mr. Minerva about certain work to be done and made a few polite but firm suggestions as to future work. In my brief visit prior to the examination to the offices of the Public Defender, I heard a lawyer whose name I don’t know telling Mr. Minerva that he did go to visit Mr. Bundy in jail but never did have a chance to speak to him because Mr. Bundy was busy on the phone. Based upon various observations, I have reached the impression that the Public Defender’s office is dominated, to a large degree, by the issues and controversies involving Mr. Bundy’s case.

At the outset of the interview, Mr. Bundy commented upon the security precautions, saying that they were the result of ‘the Bundy mystique’ that has developed as a result of news media activities. This was presented in the manner of a complaint; it was, however, my impression that Mr. Bundy was taking pride in his celebrity status.

In the nearly three hours that I spent with Mr. Bundy, I found him to be in a cheerful, even jovial mood. He was witty but not flippant. He spoke freely, but meaningful communication was never established. [Bundy treated me as if I were another news media personality and not a psychiatrist who might assist his lawyers in defending him.] I asked about his apparent lack of concern that was so out of keeping with the charges facing him. He acknowledged that he is facing a possible death sentence. However, he said, ‘I will cross that bridge when I get to it.’

In contrast to the eloquence that Mr. Bundy displays when talking about abstract matters, particularly those related to his case, he has little interest in discussing his past life history or his interpersonal relationships.

His early childhood was fatherless, he is an illegitimate child. At the age of five he acquired a step-father who appears to have made a minimal impact upon him. He professes no difficulties in childhood or adolescence and specifically denies any type of antisocial activities. When confronted with the information contained in the file that as an adolescent he was involved in forging skiing tickets, he gives a detailed account of that particular venture. He described this enterprise with laughter and obvious delight. He does admit the irrefutable, like his stealing of cars, credit card misuse, etc.; however, this occurred only after his ‘unjust’ conviction in Utah for kidnapping, and according to Mr. Bundy, is to be attributed to the influence of his fellow inmates.

Stealing and forgery were completely alien to him prior to his incarceration. [It is typical that he presents information that, with his intelligence, he must know I would find not credible. When I present him with evidence to the contrary, he readily admits his misrepresentation and fabricates another explanation.]

His presentation of the evidence in the Utah kidnapping case against him is psychiatrically significant for diagnostic purposes. At first he presents it in a manner which places him in the role of being the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice perpetrated by a prejudiced judge. He was convicted because he drove a Volkswagen, and the perpetrator of the kidnapping drove a Volkswagen also. [He omitted that additional identifying items irrefutably connected to the crime were also found in his Volkswagen.]

However, when Mr. Bundy becomes aware of the fact that I am familiar with evidence used during that trial, he rationalizes away every piece of evidence that linked him to the crime. The victim described a crowbar, pantyhose, handcuffs, and other items [which were found in his Volkswagen]. It just so happened by a fluke that Mr. Bundy, at the time of his arrest, had all of the above items and was also identified by the victim. Mr. Bundy is unable to recognize the significance of evidence held against him.

It would be simplistic to characterize this as merely lying, in as much as he acts as if his perception of the insignificance of the evidence was real. He makes decisions based upon these distorted perceptions of reality. Furthermore, he maintains an attitude and mood consistent with his perception of reality, namely, he is neither concerned nor distressed in what would be an appropriate behavior, given the charges facing him.

The interactions of Mr. Bundy with the police and the whole criminal justice system have been discussed at length with him and his attorneys. It is my opinion, based upon a variety of data, that his dealings with the criminal justice system are dominated by psychopathology.

Transcripts of the many hours of his conversations with police officers constitute a variety of a ‘confession.’ When this is pointed out to him by me, he does not dispute my inference; he merely provides a different justification. Whatever the explanation, the consequences of the verbal games that Mr. Bundy played with investigators were counterproductive to his defense and occurred against the advice of his counsel. [Bundy was primarily interested in keeping the interaction with the police going; therefore, from time to time, he offered them some juicy tidbit to keep their interest.]

Mr. Bundy “confessed” to the crimes while maintaining his innocence. The intellectual denials and emotional admissions are quite apparent from the tapes and transcripts of his conversations with the investigators. The same attitude was maintained during the interview with me. … Thus it could be argued that Mr. Bundy does have a factual understanding of the proceedings, but lacks a rational understanding of what is facing him. [The needs of the moment dominate what he does. The consequences play a secondary role.]

The interview, the conference with defense counsel, and the document material reviewed show that Mr. Bundy functions in the role of ‘chief counsel,’ and the public defender has been consistently manipulated into the role of ‘associate counsel.’

Mr. Bundy makes motions in open court, passes judgment in open court on adequacy of legal research of points raised by the defense, and schedules depositions that sometimes conflict with plans made by his defense attorneys.

In his decision-making process, Mr. Bundy is guided by his emotional needs, sometimes to the detriment of his legal interests. Mr. Bundy’s pathological need to defy authority and to manipulate his associates and adversaries supplies him with ‘thrills’ to the detriment of his ability to cooperate with his counsel.

Mr. Bundy’s activities are damaging and disruptive to a great many people who come in contact with him, in whatever capacity. This fact in itself would be of little relevance to the issue of ability to stand trial. However, the same activities are also, in some instances, self-destructive and represent an interference with his defense.

Whether the defendant is mentally fit to assume the role of a defendant presumably should have some bearing upon the nature of the contemplated defenses. …

It should be noted that Mr. Bundy placed himself in a rather disadvantageous position by his non-confession confession. To assert the insanity defense, it is generally necessary to admit the commission of the criminal act and discuss it with defense counsel and the experts. Mr. Bundy does talk to the crime investigators about ‘my problem,’ but refrains from doing so with his attorneys and the expert they have chosen.

If one assumes that Mr. Bundy has committed the crimes with which he is charged, then psychiatrically, the possibility of mental derangement at the time of the acts would be a definite consideration. I have reference to the brutality of the assaults and the infliction of severe bites including biting off the nipples. The bizarreness and brutality are often associated with mental states that may qualify for the insanity defense.

On the face of it, the denial of having committed a terrible crime is adaptive and self-serving; however, in the present context it appears to be self-defeating. I realize that it could be argued that Mr. Bundy has some chance to prevail on the claim of his innocence. I consider that exceedingly unlikely, not only because of the evidence that the prosecution has against him but also due to Mr. Bundy’s behavior in the past and in the future. I would anticipate that in the unlikely event that the prosecution’s case against him would weaken, he would, through his behavior, bolster the prosecution’s case. I have much less doubt about Mr. Bundy’s capacity to assist the prosecution than his ability to assist his own counsel.

If one assumes that his sadistic acts, including homicides attributed to Mr. Bundy in Tallahassee, were carried out by him, then psychiatrically it would be likely that various other similar acts have been perpetrated by him. It could then be argued that he is effective in concealing his criminal activities. Such an argument would be only partly true. It would be more accurate to say that he is of two minds on this issue—he attempts to conceal and reveal his involvement. He masterminds escapes with a great deal of ingenuity, and arranges for his apprehension.

I have discussed with Mr. Bundy his appraisal of the evidence held against him. It is his view that the case against him is weak or even frivolous. This judgment of Mr. Bundy’s is inaccurate according to his defense counsel and, most likely, represents a manifestation of his personality disorder.

In view of the fact that on conviction, he faces the death sentence, the acceptance of an offer of a life sentence in exchange for a guilty plea was something to be considered seriously. This option was precluded by Mr. Bundy’s view that the prosecution’s case against him was weak. This is at least his explanation of why he was unwilling to consider this particular approach.

It is my impression that a major factor is his deep-seated need to have a trial, which he views as an opportunity to confront and confound various authority figures. In this last category I include, for his purposes, not only judges and prosecutors, but also his defense attorneys.

In a certain sense, Mr. Bundy is a producer of a play that attempts to show that various authority figures can be manipulated, set
against each other, and placed in positions of conflict. Mr. Bundy does not have the capacity to recognize that the price for producing this ‘thriller’ might be his own life. Mr. Bundy the Lawyer does not recognize that his client, Bundy the Defendant, is not being adequately represented.

We have here an individual who has had a history of antisocial behavior during his adolescence. There is history of poor occupational performance and antisocial behavior during adult life—one felony conviction in Utah and the unfinished trial for homicide in Colorado. Furthermore, there is an undisputed history of forgery, stealing of cars, etc.

In the interview situation there is no symptomatology consistent with psychotic illness. The overall demeanor is typical for an individual suffering from a personality disorder.

Whether or not this condition is considered mental illness for criminal law purposes is a subject of controversy within law and psychiatry. In the past this particular condition was called psychopathy; at the present time the term antisocial personality is more commonly used. There are those who believe that this condition is merely a variant of normality, whereas others insist that this is a genuine illness. It is my view that sociopathy, if sufficiently severe, is an illness in as much as there is impairment of a variety of psychic functions. Among others, sociopaths have a peculiar sensitivity to intoxicating substances, particularly alcohol. Many of the more bizarre crimes committed by sociopaths are in response to alcohol consumption. The psychopathology of a sociopath is not easily recognized because they do not provide symptoms easily recognized by a lay person or even a psychiatrist. Sociopaths understandably arouse a great deal of hostility and there is therefore a tendency to view them more as “bad” than as sick. Furthermore, they themselves deny that they suffer from an illness. Be that as it may, severe personality disorder does not justify an insanity defense.

I have carefully reviewed the Florida provisions dealing with incompetence to stand trial. I have serious doubts that Mr. Bundy has ‘sufficient present ability to consult with his lawyers with a reasonable degree of rational understanding.’ In view of this fact, it is my recommendation that a judicial determination of Mr. Bundy’s ability to stand trial be made.

Tom Holland x Medical Student (Y/N)

I’m going to be starting a new fanfic/imagine. It will be about our so beloved British boy, Tom Holland and a simple girl Y/N, who is a medical student.

Short Summary:

Tom and Y/N meet in a rather unexpected way. Y/N is a medical student doing an internship at a hospital, on that day she was assigned for the emergency department. Somehow Tom gets into that same hospital and meets Y/N. They kick it off instantly, but how will their story develop?

By the way I don’t seem to find a title lol. If you have any suggestions, I’d be really thankful. ENJOY ;)

 Part 1 

Today I was feeling great. I loved my job so far it gave me the possibility to see into all the diverse spheres of medical specialisations, which was very useful since I still hadn’t decided what to study.

I had had 4 coffees, which is a personal record. Soon my shift would be over and I’d be going home get ready so that I could go out with my friends. It was my friend’s birthday and I promised I’d go out with them even, if I’d rather stay at home and get some sleep. But what should I wear tonight…?

“Y/N can you come over to see some patients” my supervising doctor called me over, I snapped form my day dream and rushed to where I was needed.

The doors of the emergency room opened. People were shouting out of the building, flashes came from outside. They were all calling a name. the voices were muffled, a guy appeared.

“Is there a doctor here? I think I need some stitches…” he said calmly as if nothing was wrong with him. I looked at him and saw he was holding his left arm with some bandages. “Are you a doctor?” he asked me and shrugged. I know his face. Where have I seen him before. I nodded at him telling him to follow me. I put him in the next bed and closed the curtain.

“Dr. Anderson will be shortly with you, let me get your bandages.” I said moving toward him. Dr. Anderson appeared from behind the curtain and took a look at the boy’s arm.

“It’s only a superficial cut nothing too serious. However, I need to ask what happened exactly, Mr. …?”

“Holland” a brief answer, I kept watching him from a distance

“Well I was practicing some stunts and I fell from the trampoline and cut myself on a piece of metal”

“Ok, did you hit your head?” he nodded slightly

Dr. Anderson finished stitching his wound and turned to me “Dr. Y/L/N will be doing the last checks. I believe that you are alright, but some patients need me right now more and my assistant here can do these check-ups very well on her own.” Dr. Anderson smiled shook Mr, Hollands hand and went to his next patient.

I cleared my throat and turned to the attractive patient that I’ve seen somewhere but still wasn’t able to recall from where… “So Mr. Holland I will do some very quick check-ups and you’ll be right out of here.” I moved toward the patient. My hands were all sweaty all of a sudden. WTF was going on here. Y/N focus, you are such a perv for having the hots for a patient! He looks at me with beautiful brown eyes and smiles slightly. Let’s just say that in that moment I was really happy that humans couldn’t read minds.

“Okay Mr. Holland I’ll need to check your sight first” I inform him taking my little flash light out of my pocket of my coat. “follow the light”, he does as I said. “mhm, so your sight is alright. Do you feel dizzy or something?” I try to hold his gaze and he grins. My cheeks are on fire. This is so embarrassing. He chuckles and replies “no, I feel okay”

“I’ll need to check for your heart and lungs”, a lump form in my throat I can’t believe I’m about to say this. “Can you take your shirt off, please?” He does what I tell him. And Holly molly I was not prepared for this sight. He was ripped. Yeah, my hormones were going nuts. I bite my lip. I decide to start with his back, not feeling ready to be in front of him touching his chest.

I put my stethoscope on and put it on his back. “Breathe in” I move it slightly “exhale”. But I think I was telling myself to keep breathing and not him. I repeat the process, my palms getting sweatier. Okay, Y/N now you only need to control his chest and you’re done. I move to put the stethoscope on his chest. He sits straighter.

“Soo, Dr.Y/L/N. Have you been a doctor for a long time? You are pretty young to be a doctor?” he tries to break the ice. I dare to look up to him. MISTAKE, abort mission!

“I’m doing an internship. I’m a medical student. I’m 20 years old, but I finished High school early… That’s why I’m pretty young compared to other interns”, I swallow hard and he smiles looking at me, his eyes never leaving mine. “Let’s finish this examination, Mr. Holland” I manage to say.

Dr. Anderson left some meds for hot guy over here and an appointment to remove the stitches. He thanks me and gets up from the patient bed he was sitting on.

“Umm, Dr. do you have like another exit, one that is not really used by normal patients?”, he asks me.

“Mr. Holland, why do you need a different exit?”

In that moment I opened the curtain and a little kid, who was about 5 years old points at Mr. Holland and smiles up. “Spiderman what are you doing here?”, the kids’ eyes shine with pride and joy. SPIDERMAN?! I look back at the guy I just examined. He surpasses me and kneels down so that he is the same height as the little boy. He ruffles his hair and tells him about his injury.

“You see I was fighting evil guys, but got hurt. So I came here so that the Dr. could help me out”, he explains to the little boy pointing at me. I freeze. What? The kid takes a look at me and decides to come over and hugs my leg. “Thank you doctor for helping Spiderman!” he smiles sweetly. I do the same and look at Mr. Holland. His smile is full of happiness and satisfaction. He gave me one of those smiles that reaches the eyes and I feel all mushy inside. The boy goes back to his mother.

“Mr. Holland, will you follow me please?” I smile slightly. He follows me. I show him the entrance and exit for all doctors.

“This is a good exit”, I tell him, biting my lip again. How old are you Y/N?! 12 for being nervous around a guy?

“Thanks dr.”

“You are welcome, good bye Mr. Holland”, he is already walking away from me, but then turns around

“My name is Tom.”, he flashes a grin. He waves at me and I watch him leave.

“Bye, Tom…” I reply barely a whisper. In that moment I wonder, if I’ll see him again. Something tells me this wasn’t the last time. I smile.

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Part 2

Hasu [はす] Presents...

While most fans of Dragon Ball and all the ships of this anime (especially the western ones, although I do not mention certain fandom since many know to whom I refer) They seem not to stop to insist on the very negative vision that they have They to Goku about fatherhood and also towards Chichi and the raising of her own children.

Something curious, is that the Japanese fans do not have that vision about Goku and this story (which is divided into two parts and published later) shows us even Goku different from what Westerners think and can even appreciate how distressed that when They do not give you permission to even see your family.
Surprising, right? 

GoChi is love  [悟チチ ❤ They may not be the perfect family, but that makes them unique and better … because despite the problems… they will remain united no matter what happens…

Source: JAM | はす [pixiv]

THE BREADSTICK CLUB || 5sos au (1600+ words)

        Walking up the stairs to Shermer High School for detention was not what I had in mind for my Saturday. The AC blew my hair back as I walked into the building, I shiver for a moment then proceed into the school’s library. I walked in to see a dark blonde curly hair boy sitting in the front row of desks with his head facing the floor. His eyes shot up to meet mine as I set my bag down on the desk a few feet away from him. Ashton gave a small nervous smile that showed off his dimples and I wondered what he could’ve possibly done to be in here. I never talk to him, but I know he’s a real teacher’s pet. Maybe he kissed too much ass or he’s here for extra credit for some bizarre project, I don’t know. I don’t really care. A moment later Calum, a friend of mine who plays for the school’s soccer team sluggishly enters the room. He places his hand on the seat next to mine and tilts his head some, I nod for him to sit. Mr. Vernon enters the library doors, and following right behind him is Michael. He kept his head down with his raven black hair covering his face as he rushed over to the desk in the back of the room. The moment he sits down, he whips out his iPod, puts both ear buds in, and shoves his face down in his arms that rested on the desk. Cal and I widen our eyes some at each other before our attention is drawn to Mr. Vernon.
        "You are in detention, as you know. For the next eight hours you will be-“ His sentence is cut short by the sound of something hitting the floor by the library’s entrance. Everyone, even Michael turns their head towards the library door to see a stapler on the ground and a lanky boy standing over it.
        "Oops.” He smirks as he slowly makes his way to a seat with his hands casually in his pockets. As he sits down he swings his long legs onto the desk then crosses them.
        "Mr. Hemmings, how nice of you to make an entrance as such.“ Mr. Vernon’s voice became noticeably slower and more agitated.
        "Anything for my fans.” Luke gives him a wink and puckers his lips to indirectly kiss our principle. I stared at him, dumbfounded by his smug confidence.
        "This is detention-“ Mr. Vernon walks past a few rows to get to Luke’s seat. When he arrives, he knocks Luke’s legs off the table and onto the floor. ”-Not a comedic gig.“ His words were firm and his eyes strictly on Luke. As he turned to make his way back up to the front of the room, Luke rolls his eyes and brings his legs back on top of the desk to it’s previous location.
        "For the next eight hours you will sit here and think about why you’ve all found yourselves here today. You will not speak, you will not move, and you will not do anything but think.” Aspirated groans escape all of us. Well, all but one-
        "Well that’s fucking boring.“ I spin my entire body around to see Luke with his arms folded across his chest and a straight face that turns to face me. “What is it Princess? Too innocent to hear such naughty words?” A corner of his lip perks up and my agape mouth closes into a firm line and I nip at the skin of my lip. What an arrogant piece of trash.
        "Well Lucas, if serving detention doesn’t seem to excite you much, maybe you should try a little harder not to get in it. However, that does give me an idea.“ Mr. Vernon turns to the table behind him and picks up a stack of papers, he then begins passing them out to us. "To pass some of the time, you all can write an essay on who you think you are. I want no less than a thousand words, and by essay I mean essay, not the same word written a thousand times.”
        Calum lets out a grunt as he turns to Luke. “Nice one mate. Thanks a lot.” His accent gets thick and deep from his harsh tone.
        "Anything for you babe.“ Luke scoffs. I see Cal’s arm tense up and I grab him
        "Calum calm down, just ignore him.” Cal turns back to sit in his chair properly and exhales through his nose in attempt to ease up.
        "Princess, you couldn’t ignore me if you tried.“ He snickers, looking all too comfortable. I roll my eyes, annoyed while shaking my head.
        "Hey! Detention starts now. Meaning no speaking as of now. I will be in my office, and if I hear as much as a peep I will not hesitate to give you another Saturday in this lovely school.” Mr. Vernon takes a final look at all of us before turning on his heel to walk out the door.
        "Fuck that!“ I actually drop my head into my hands when I hear Luke’s outburst.
        "And I will be seeing you next weekend Mr. Hemmings.” Mr. Vernon doesn’t even turn to face Luke as he says it, he just continues to walk to the library’s entrance.
        "It’s a date! Wear something sexy!“ Luke’s voice raises to insure his aggressively sassy statement is heard. In a quick motion, our principle spins around and walks a couple steps in Luke’s direction then stops to lift a finger at him.
        "Now you have the next two weeks with me! Wanna go for a third?”
        "Sure! Why the fuck not!“ Luke shouts back.
        "That’s three!” Mr. Vernon’s voice cracks as he tries to shout louder and more strongly than Luke. I push myself out of my seat and shove Luke’s legs off the table.
        "Would you just shut up!? Why do you have to do that!?“
        Everyone in the room stares at me, and after a brief silence, Mr. Vernon calmly says "Three weekends Hemmings.” and then proceeds to walk out of the door and into his office.
        I straighten out my clothes and sit back down onto my seat. Luke leans in on his desk and looks up at me even though my arms are crossed and I refuse to look back at him.
        "Damn princess-“ He starts but I cut him off
        "Why do you do that?” I ask, my gaze still fixated on one of the ceiling panels.
        "Do what? Say ‘fuck’?“ He chuckles knowing exactly that’s not what I meant.
        "No. why do you always have to talk back? Why do you need to have the last word?” I shrug with a scoff. I hear him snicker under his breath. Next thing I know his face is over my shoulder, his lips brushing against my hear.
       "Fuck.“ He whispers into it and it’s enough to make me gasp. I quickly get out of my seat and walk over to the check out counter and rest my forearms on top of it. Moments later I hear footsteps approaching behind me.
        "See, I knew it. What’s your problem with the word Princess. It’s just a word.” I jump when his hands are put low on my hips and his pelvis is pressed up against my backside. It pushes me into the counter some and he brings his lips to my neck and mumbles into it. “Unless of course when it’s not just a word.” He smirks into my skin with a chuckle and I feel my face heat up quick.
        "Stop.“ I say barely audible as I try to escape the cage he’s put me in from his body.
        "Maybe you’re so flustered when you hear it because you’ve never done it… have you?” I shake my head as he continues to lean in close to whisper his taunting words.
        "Hey! I believe she said stop.“ Calum’s voice comes out husky and firm as he hurriedly walks over to Luke and I. "So leave her alone-” Calum yanks Luke off of me by his jacket and shoves him to the side. “-Or we’ll have a problem.”
        My breath gets hitched in my throat as I watch the two of them. Luke backs up with his hands raised in surrender. However, the smirk still on his face shows he’s still trying to play his game. “Sorry mate, I didn’t know she was your girl.” Luke sits back down in the desk behind me and leaves Calum and I clueless.
        "No we’re not-“ I try to explain as Calum also speaks up
        "We’re just friends.”
        The smile on Luke gets bigger and his eyes widen. “Ahhhh, so you’re not dating. Just friends with benefits.” He bites his lip piercing and I bite my own lip in frustration. I see Cal’s fists turning white at the knuckles from how hard he’s clenching them.
        "Better watch your damn mouth mate. I promise you, you don’t wanna piss me off.“
        Luke obviously won’t stop knowing that he’s got Calum going. I’m too stuck in my shoes to say anything, so I just keep to myself as Ashton and Michael continue to watch.
        "Watch MY mouth? What about little miss Princess? I think watching what her mouth can do would be a lot more sexy.” Luke licks where his piercing is present before putting his tongue back into his mouth as he winks at me. “Oh fuck yeah. A good blow from her would be heaven.”
        "SHUT UP!“ Calum and I say in unison. Cal lunges into Luke and grabs the collar of his shirt and keeps a tight grip on the fabric while pressing his fists into Luke’s skin. Ashton jumps in between them in attempt to break them up but only gets knocked onto his ass when Calum momentarily lets a hand off Luke to shove Ashton away. Michael laughs from the other side of the room and just seconds later Mr. Vernon storms into the room.