mr bokan

Describing bands in one sentence or less

(vid here) 

Memphis May Fire: Matty Mullins and his haircut/alliterating name, also known for sounding like Sleeping With Sirens but not quite as good.

Sleeping With Sirens: Michael Jackson with guitars, also known for having members interchangeable with Pierce The Veil. 

Pierce The Veil: Sexicans

Attila: #420 #blazeitandpraiseit #mlgnoscoperekt #faggotisanokwordtouse (wot)

Bring Me The Horizon: Death Cab for Cutie with breakdowns

Black Veil Brides: Andy Biersack and the four other members that are not Andy Biersack. 

Twenty One Pilots: Reggae Eminem

My Chemical Romance: Queen featuring “G” and the sass machines.

Attack Attack!: My 2008 scene phase

All Time Low: Baltimore sunrise skater kids featuring Jalex and the two other guys in the band. 

Lights: Mrs Bokan and my massive erection