mr boh

Seeing as JK Rowling knows absolutely nothing about America I have decided to found my own school exclusively for Maryland children for WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY

The Bawlmer Merlin School is located actually under the bay right at the harbor and the persistent stench coming from the water is just a curse as a deterrent to prevent the non-magical folk from diving down and finding anything.

The school’s main sport is not Quidditch. It’s just fuckin lacrosse. Lacrosse on flying broomsticks.

Crab House students are known for having tough external personalities but are generally softies underneath once you get to know them. Their best subject tends to be Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Mr. Boh students are quiet, studious, and reliable. They are always there for you when you need them to be. Their best subject is Charms.
Berger Cookie students are outgoing and fun to be around, but have a tendency to be considered shallow and one-note. Their best subject is Potions.
Old Bay students are fiery and hot-tempered, and most likely to get into an argument over something stupid - but are always there to back up their friends if needed. Their best subject is Herbology.

My new math teacher is...just great

“Math is life”-mr.boh

“Math is suffering”-student

“Life is suffering”- mr bow

“You’re depressing the class mr.boe”-student

“You guys depress me”-mr.boi

“At least you get paid for it”-student

*laughs* “not much”- mr. Bou
“Mr boh can we watch the world record guy clap really fast again”

“Drop out of school and practice clapping you have talent”- mr.boh
“Mr boh were you a party animal”- student

“hah he was just sitting in his dorm doing algebra problems all day”-student

“I wasn’t doing algebra…” -mr boa


“Mr.boh did you get any scholarships?”

“I went off to college with a full ride but lost it in first year after failing all my classes”

“Mr.boe how old are you 30”

“I’m twenty five”

“Really I thought you were like 22?”

“You look twelve”
“Mr boh if you shaved you would look like a student”

“Yah! You should do it”

*comes in next day without beard, could pass for a sophomore*