mr bizarro

Jason is the king of bad power puns

“Hey Wally. Could you run over here for a second”

“Good one Roy. You’re a real sharp shooter”

“That was really super Bizarro”

“Hey guys. I think Hal is feeling blue… oh wait, wrong Lantern”

“You really shine Kor’i”

“Sup Freeze. Why don’t you just let it go’

The other hero kids think its hilarious but literally everyone else in the entire multiverse hates it. Feel free to make up your own context for each pun

anonymous asked:

I just realized something while watching Superman the Animated Series: Brainiac works as a metaphor for Cultural Appropation, since he steals all he wants before destroying what remains. Of course, this could just be either the take on the character, me, or both.

Well, I’d say he’s more a full-blown imperialist, given he’s known to literally capture cities in bottles.

Though, that reminds me of how the uniting theme of Superman’s most iconic rogues, whereas Batman’s is monstrocity/madness and the Flash’s is Silver Age superscience, is power and its relation to them, see also Lex Luthor; Mr Mxyzptlk; Bizarro; Doomsday; Mongul and those times when Darkseid pops up.

In fact, that reminds me of why Wonder Woman’s rogues aren’t that well known, they’re not all that thematically united, but that’s a ramble for another post…

Many of the faces of evil (with various degrees of mischief) from the DC Super Villains card set, published by Cryptozoic!