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I should really stop getting so personally offended when tv shows/films feature the Overly-Posh-English-Villain™ 

Dammit I am starting to like Mr. Ketch though, if only for the fact that he’s not pretending to be anything other than what he is - a killer, a grunt who follows orders and gets the job done. There’s something tragic about villains who truly believe they’re doing the right thing, but I do also love the twisted nature of villains who fully accept themselves as who they are, and Ketch doesn’t seem the type to adhere to a cause.

There was another post I’ve just read talking about taking on guilt, Mary’s role in Wally’s death, her and Dean feeling guilt over cas nearly dying etc and Ketch makes a really nice opposition to Dean in this regard. He’s even almost like demon!Dean - any remorse or guilt at causing pain to others or killing others just slips away. 

Dean sees it in Ketch and is appalled, despite on multiple occasions having committed such acts himself. When he goes out with Ketch, I wonder if it crosses Dean’s mind at any point that they are in fact similar, and seeing Ketch’s capabilities is reminding Dean how he too has been to such lengths. And what Dean is capable of has always horrified him - the guilt in this case has kept him human, even if it has driven him mad. (Suddenly reminded of that convo I was having about Michael and why he would create a weapon designed to torture, though we probably won’t hear another word about Michael in the show). When Ketch plans to torture the vampire in front of him, Dean stops Ketch, but when Ketch carries Pierce away at the end of the episode he simply swallows and remains silent. He does not feel that this is good.

The shot at the end of the episode with the Impala standing opposite to Mr. Ketch’s bike also reminds me of Jensen’s idea about Dean riding away on a bike by himself at the end of the series. Not that I think this is necessarily going to happen, it just offers a really nice visual metaphor of Dean standing with his family next to the car that represents his family, his soul, whilst opposite is the lone bike. The prospect of freedom, no ties, no guilt. *Note the Impala is also half in and half out of the warehouse, another visual tie to the Winchester’s current relationship with the BMoL. Maybe it’s gonna be more a case of which Winchester will take the bike…

Side note: What does Mr. Ketch plan on doing when all the monsters are wiped out and there’s no one left to kill? Since this seems to be his one motive at the moment…?


Reign Meme: [1/8] costumes 

Monsieur Le Dauphin François II de France in “Pilot”


I feel like Invader Zim came out at the most inopportune time, like now would be a much better time for it to come out because the sense of humor in the show is exactly the type of cruel, self-depricating, somewhat satirical but never Edgy for the Sake of Being Edgy sense of humor that is so prominent in the mentally compromised youth of today. whereas back then all the jokes were mistaken for Haha RANDOM xDD type humor. you cannot tell me that if the show was on today, you’d all be writing meta about how Mrs. Bitters and the Skool is supposed to be a satire of the lackluster US public school system.

The daughter's burden

Batfam X reader
Description: reader is Bruce’s actual daughter and doesn’t know about the “night jobs” that the family has. Requested.
A/n: this can end 2 ways. Really bad or really good. We’ll see. Sorry it’s long

Y/n L/n, the true daughter of Bruce Wayne. The media was having a field day when they realized that he actually had another kid. Your mom had recently died of cancer and you had never known your father. You had found a letter from her explaining your parentage and when you showed it to the woman in charge of your foster home, she had insisted on a DNA test. The results were positive.

Now here you are in a mansion with a butler, a father you never knew, and four brothers to top it off. The oldest one Dick seemed nice but you had met many people who had pretended to be nice to you to get stuff, so naturally you didn’t trust him.

Jason was…. Jason. He had been really sarcastic and rude, but the others had said he was like that with everyone and not to take it personally. Tim looked at you for five minutes (creep alert!) before shaking his head and looked at your father. “Please tell me it’s not another demon spawn.”

He was lucky that you didn’t want to get kicked out.

Damian was by far the worst of all of them. He glared at you and when he shook your hand, he tried to crush it. When you winced, he smirked and made a “tt” sound.

“Anything wrong, L/n?” He asked coldly. You glared at him with a fire in your eyes before yanking your hand out of his grip.

“You mean other than the fact that you’re an asshole? Nope, everything’s fine.” You responded. Tim laughed so hard that a tear went down his face. Damian growled before leaning close.

“Don’t test me, L/n. I can and will make your life a living hell if you annoy me too much.” He said and walked away. You kept your expression blank, not wanting the others to see you scared.

Alfred put his hand on your shoulder. “Come miss y/n. I’ll show you to your room.” He said. You looked at your new family and sighed. You had actually been hoping this would work out but now it seemed that you shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up.

“I know it’s hard to adjust, but they’ll warm up to you eventually. Master Grayson is genuinely the nice one despite your misconception that he’s leading you on. Master Todd just has a lot of anger in his heart and he tends to take it out on others.

“Master Drake is kind and he didn’t mean to offend you with his comment. I personally believe that all the coffee in his system is making him a bit too blunt. Master Damian had a harsh childhood with his mother and is scared that his father will one day stop loving him and will replace him. That’s why he was so rude.” Alfred explained.

You nodded at his words but couldn’t help still feeling bitter. “Thanks Mr. Alfred. I’m just not used to this. It used to be me and my mom but now I’m in a huge family with people who only tolerate me because of a mistake that one person made.” You said.

Alfred shook his head. “Miss y/n, you are not a mistake and don’t think of yourself as one. The boys do like you its just that they’re not showing it. Also you don’t have to call me mister. Just Alfred will do.”

He left the room and you flopped on your bed. You buried your face in your pillow and screamed your frustration out.

“Move L/n. I won’t ask you again.” Damian threatened as he tried to get around you. You were standing in the doorway, holding on to your frame as tight as you could. You didn’t want the boy to grab the notebook you had thrown into the room in front of you.

It had been your mother’s sketchbook and you had been looking at it when Damian tried to grab it from you. You fought him off but he had been very insistent. Now you were blocking his entrance, hoping he’d just give up but damn was the boy stubborn.

“No! You have no right to look at it unless I say you can and I’m not giving you permission!” You shouted.

“I wasn’t asking!” He growled as he pushed at your back. He stopped for a second and you thought that he had given up. Boy, were you wrong.

Damian reached his arm under yours and wrapped it around you. He started trying to pull you out of the doorframe. You were swearing so badly, you would’ve made Jason blush.

“What are you two doing?!” Your father shouted as he saw what his children were doing. Damian let go of you and pointed accusingly.

“She stole my sketchbook and was threatening to destroy it! Just ask the others, she was chasing me all over the house to get it.” Damian shouted. You growled.

“You fucking liar! That sketchbook was my mother’s and it’s one of the few things I have left of her. He grabbed it out of my hands and kept looking at it.”

Bruce sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose to delay the inevitable headache. “Which one of you am I supposed to believe? You both are saying it’s yours and neither of you have any proof.”

You wanted to whack your head off of something to show your frustration. “Just look inside the cover. My mother’s name should be in there.”

Bruce walked over to the book and picked it up. He opened it and walked over to the two of you. He looked right at you but handed it to Damian.

“What?! Let me see that right now!” You grabbed the book and opened it. There where your mom’s name was supposed to be was a streak of whiteout with Damian’s name in cursive right below it.

“You asshole! You white outed her name!” You shouted as you felt tears coming on. You flipped through the pages desperately, trying to prove it. “See this flower? She drew it for me on my birthday. And this sketch of the library? It took her a year to do because it’s so detailed. I was with her every time she sat down to draw it.”

Damian snorted. “The flower is from the garden outside. We have those roses in a great number. The library was my drawing and not many have the same attention to detail that I do.” He said to his father.

“I’m sorry y/n, but I believe Damian. You are quite creative though. I understand that you’re going through a hard time right now but that is no reason to steal other’s property and claim it as your own.” Your father said. You couldn’t even look at him.

You ran away from him and up to your room. You stayed in there and sobbed until you heard a knock on the door. You opened it and saw Jason there.

“What do you want?” You spat at him. His eyes widened slightly before narrowing.

“I was going to tell you that dinner was ready but since you’re being such a bitch you can just starve.” He said as he walked away.

“Hey! What makes you think you can talk to me like that!” You shouted at him. He turned around.

“I’m sorry princess.” He spat. “I didn’t realize that it only would take you a day to turn into a spoiled rich brat just like Damian.”

“I’m nothing like Damian!” You growled. “Oh yeah? You have more in common than you think. You’re both annoying and spoiled. Both of your mothers got knocked up by Bruce and he didn’t realize you existed until you got dumped on his doorstep. The only main difference is Damian actually has a place here. You don’t.” He said as he walked away.

You went down to dinner five minutes later, still fuming. You sat between Dick and Tim since they hadn’t pissed you off yet. Yet being the keyword.

Tim was looking in a book and you didn’t realize which one it was until he started complimenting Damian. You looked over and saw your mother’s notebook and you saw red. That’s when you remembered the one picture in the far back.

You grabbed the sketchbook out of Tim’s hands. He made a protest but you were already flipping to the last page. There was a picture of you that was highly detailed. Your mother always said it was her favorite one.

You stood up and showed it to the table. “See, this really was my mother’s! I was right all along.” You said. Tim rolled his eyes.

“Good for you. Now sit down and shut up. The sooner I can eat in peace the sooner I can go back to my laptop.” He muttered. You and Dick both heard him though. You got up and started walking away from the table.

“Y/n, where are you going? Come back here and stop making a scene.” Bruce said. You turned around slowly and showed him your favorite finger.

“I’m making a scene? Really? I’m making a scene just by proving that I’m right and refusing to deal with all this bullshit all of you are giving me? If anyone is making a scene it’s your sons, not me. They’ve been on my case the minute I got here and you do nothing but take their side. That’s it, I’m done.” You said as you walked to your room. Bruce sighed.

“Master Dick, please go make sure miss y/n is alright. I’ll stay here and explain to the others what mistakes they have made.” Alfred said as he came in the room. Bruce looked at him gratefully.

“Thanks Alfred.” Alfred glared at him. “Don’t thank me yet, master Bruce. I believe that you need to learn how to treat your daughter correctly, unless you want her to end up hating you. Although if that is indeed your goal, I’d say you did a fine job.” ****

Dick knocked on the door and heard a quiet sobbing stop. “Go away!” Y/n shouted at him.

“Y/n, please let me in. I just want to talk.” He said. “No you don’t! You just want to tell me that I’m horrible and that I don’t belong here.” You cried.

Dick sighed. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this y/n. If you’re near the door, either unlock it or stand back because one way or another I’m coming in to talk to you.”

“Fine.” You said as you unlocked your door. Dick walked in and you readied yourself for the insults. They never came. Dick wrapped his arms around you as tight as he could. When he let go, he looked at your open suitcase on your bed.

“Going somewhere?” He asked. You looked down at your feet. “I’m leaving. I hate it here and no one has been nice to me except for you and Alfred. My life has been so messed up since mom died, I figured it can’t be much worse out there.”

“Y/n, you do realize that this is the crime capital of the world, right? What on earth makes you think you’ll be safe out on the streets all by yourself?” Dick asked. You sighed and ran your hands through your h/c hair.

“I’m going to tell you a secret. You have to promise not to tell anyone else, ok?” You said. Dick nodded and you closed your eyes. A warm light filled the room and he looked down at your hand and realized that there was fire in it. He took a few steps back, startled.

“See? I can protect myself. Now I have even more of a reason to leave because you’ll probably sell me to some freak show or a lab. Besides, I got some friends in the narrows that’ll help me out.” You said as you began to pack again.

“Are you sure that you want to do this, y/n?” Dick asked and you nodded. “Fine. Go through the back yard and be careful with the fence. Don’t directly touch the spokes at the top because they’re made to shock people and it sets off an alarm. After that, follow the main road and you’ll end up right in the city.”

You looked at him strangely. “Why’re you helping me?”

“Because you’ll leave either way, and I can’t sneak you out right now. Promise me that when you find a place, you’ll send me the address so I can make sure you’re okay.”

“I promise.”

“Master Bruce, you have to realize that Miss Y/n is still grieving over her mother. Her mother was the only person in her life that truly cared for her. According to the principal at y/n’s old school, the other students didn’t get along with her. She had no other family. So when her mother got sick, there was no one to take care of her. They used up all of their savings on treatments and y/n’s mother still went into a coma.

“What the hospital never told anyone, master Bruce, was that miss y/n made the decision to take her mother off life support. They had no money left, the doctors said that it’d be better to let her die than to force her to stay alive and in pain. So y/n said to do it. And unlike you, master Bruce, there is no one she can blame for her mother’s death. You always had the reassurance that you weren’t the cause of your parents’ deaths, it was a cold blooded murderer. Y/n thinks it’s her fault and has no one to tell her otherwise.” Alfred explained.

Bruce looked down in shame. “I didn’t know. She never told me.”

“And why would she? Why would she tell a man who she just met that happens to be her father, that she thinks that she is the reason her mother is dead? You boys didn’t help at all. Master Damian, I understand that you are the one who is so scared that your father will replace you, but he won’t. That will never happen. Masters Tim and Jason however, have no good reason for this behavior.”

Jason looked at Tim and they had a silent conversation for a few seconds before Jason sighed. “We looked at the file B had set up for y/n and it said that he wanted to see how much verbal attacks she could take before she broke. We both knew he’d ask us eventually so we did it in advance.” He confessed.

Alfred gave them all a cold hard glare. “I am severely disappointed in all of you. How could you all do this to a young girl who already feels alone in this world? There are no words to convey how ashamed I am that after all this time, you were no better than the villains you fight at night. You both target the innocent and push them to the breaking point. How much longer before you start being more like them?”

He walked out of the room and they all were ashamed of themselves. Damian got up and started walking towards the stairs.

“Where are you going, hell spawn?” Jason asked. “To apologize to my sister and show her the real reason I took the sketchbook. I drew a picture of the whole family and wanted to stick it in there to prove that she was one of us. I wanted to plan a party for her since she is the only other true blood. I figured that by being cruel, she would never suspect a thing. I was right and I’m sad that I was.”

They all followed the youngest up to your room. Dick was out in the hall, leaning his back against your door. They saw a few tears trickle down his face.

“Dick what’s wrong?” Tim asked. Dick glared at them. “She’s gone. She wanted to leave so I helped her because I saw what you were doing to her. She told me her plan and I can tell by only a few bits of it, you’re never going to find her unless y/n wants to be found.”

Bruce looked at his oldest son. “Why did you do it? We were coming up here to apologize and try to fix everything. But instead you decided to let a teenage girl loose in Gotham with no means of protection?”

“Oh she’ll be fine. Can’t say the same for anyone that messes with her. I’m going home now too because I can’t stand to look at all of you anymore. Because of all of you, my new sister, who’s only been here for two days, is gone.”

A/n: I’m sorry it was so long, and it sucked. The boys were too out of character and the situation was stupid to begin with. I’m sorry. There could be a part 2 but I doubt anyone will want it.

IZ Issue #17 Discussion - Part 1: ZIM and DIB’s Relationship

Invader Zim isn’t exactly the the type of series people would expect to have multifaceted characters or an interesting story. A lot of people agree that the series is just meant to be taken as a Sci-Fi comedy with a dark sense of humour, and that’s essentially what it is. However, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be more to it. I’m not saying you should go looking for meaning where there isn’t any either, I’m just saying that a good work usually has more to offer than what’s on the surface.

Invader Zim has two well developed leads: Zim and Dib. It’s worth mentioning that Gaz is fleshed out too, especially since issue #!4. Zim and Dib share a peculiar relationship. They hate each other the same way two school children would “hate” each other. One moment you see them fighting, the next they’re out there playing tag or something. The thing is, just like the show, their rivalry isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. Neither of them is mature enough to understand the other, which is one of the main reasons why they are “enemies” and not friends, considering how much they parallel each other. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that an interaction like this happened canonically:

Yep, Dib just invited Zim to a game of I Spy, and of course, Zim eventually plays along. They even have the classic temper tantrums and “I’m not playing with you anymore”s that kids would have. Apparently all it took for these two to get along was to be locked up in the same cell.

Now that we know they can be in the same room without killing each other, can we just talk about how Zim likes to tease Dib?

This image could easily be taken as Zim being stupid, but just look at his face. He’s teasing him :P This isn’t the first time Zim mentions being confused by human genders btw; it was last mentioned in issue #13, so kudos to the writers for continuity. I’m sure Zim’s referred to Dib as a human boy before in the show, maybe not in those exact words, but you get the idea.

Anyways, remember back in issue #15 where Zim caused Dib to go ballistic over ham?

It’s pretty obvious that Zim doesn’t think Mrs. Bitters is a Ham, he just wants to push Dib’s buttons and see what happens. He even helps Dib get in trouble:

And what does he do when he does?

Clever boy. He knew what he was doing all along.

So yeah, Zim’s a bit more playful in the comics isn’t he? In fact, he seems less angry and more mellow at times.

Soooo tonight @americangodsstz finally premieres, based on the amazing novel by @neilhimself, and I am. So. Excited. In honor of Wednesday, Shadow and Mad Sweeney’s meeting at Jack’s Crocodile Bar, I made this concoction I’m calling the Miser’s Dream, after the coin trick. It has mead, of course, the pact-sealing drink of the gods, along with rye whiskey, lime, and thyme-infused agave syrup. I even scratched Odin’s rune Ansuz into the lime garnish. I like to think Mr. Wednesday would approve.

Miser’s Dream

  •  2 oz Rittenhouse rye whiskey
  • ½ oz thyme-infused agave syrup
  • 1/3 oz lime juice
  • @bnektar’s Tuco Style Freakout mead
  •  Peychaud’s bitters

Shake rye, syrup, lime and bitters, then strain into lowball over a large rock. Top with mead, garnish with lime, and wait out the coming storm.

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So I smile and say
When a lovely flame dies
Smoke gets in your eyes

I watched… “45 years”

Invader Swap AU

Just a random idea I recently got and I wanted to do a stupid doodle of~

I have no idea how much this has probably already been done, but I guess this is my version of it.

-Professor Red

-Mr. Purple

-Tallest Bitters

-Tallest Membrane




-GAZ *couldn’t do much with her design and make her still look like a standard SIR unit*

If I get the motivation or if enough people want me to, I might do other characters since I have a few ideas for some. :P

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

@thinkbusbythink asked me what I thought of the au pair storyline.


-remember back when I asked you all about how Shelagh has certainly pushed beyond her vow of poverty (one to go–next series, Shelagh stages a coup!)?  An au pair kind of smacks of a financial entitlement.  Of course, that could be jealousy talking.  I will admit to breaking the tenth commandment regarding a neighbor’s au pair (and cleaning lady… and gardener).  

-have the Turners become, with their shiny new castle and an au pair, the nouveau riche of Poplar?  

-do we really need another character?  Even a minor one?

-If the Turners are getting an au pair, that does seem to point us in the direction of Shelagh being available to work more, which will take her out of the home and put her in the working world, which is my preference

-how common were au pairs, really, in 1963 Poplar?  I would more likely believe a Mrs Penney in the background character.

As always, my opinion only. What’s yours?

Come with me? - Jughead x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my first fic to Riverdale, I hope you like it. Please give me some Feedback :)

Summary: You and Jughead are best friends, when he goes to talk to his Dad, he asks you to come with him. Afterwards you tell him your feelings.

You sat in the student lounge, when Jughead came in and waved you over to him.
“Hey Juggie, whats up?” You smiled at him. He frowned a bit and gently pulled you outside in the hallway. “I have to tell you something, can we go somewhere a bit more quiet?” you nodded and while you walked to a bench behind the school, you glanced at him worriedly. He looked tired, his eyes were downcast in an attempt to hide his emotions.
You sat down and waited for him to talk. You knew he always takes his time when he tells you something important and you respected that.
When he started to speak his voice was quiet, like he was embaressed of what he had to explain to you.
“Fred Andrews fired my Dad some time ago because he started to drink and made business with the wrong people. So my Mom took Jellybean and moved to my grandparents.” He let out a shaky breath. “I coudn’t live there any more, so I moved to the Drive-In. Now that they closed it, I live under the staircase in school.” he confessed.
You gasped. “Jughead! Why didn’t you tell me? I could have talked to my parents, I’m sure they would’ve invited you to live in our guest room.” The raven haired boy looked at you shyly. “I thought you already had your own shit to deal with. I mean I know that Polly and Betty were your best friends. And that you and Betty helped each other through it.” He let his head fall down again.
“Juggie…” You hugged him tightly and whispered: “Don’t ever think that again, okay? I’m your best friend, I will always be there for you, do you hear that?”
He responded by holding on to you stronger. “Thank you y/n.” He let go of you and looked in your eyes. “That isn’t everything though. Archie asked his Dad to give mine another chance. But he thinks that he won’t take it, if I don’t talk to him.” He sighed, before he continued: “I haven’t been home since I moved to the Drive-In. I don’t want to go there alone… Would you maybe come with me?” Your best friend glanced at you with a hopefull expression.
You lightly stroked his back. “Of course I’ll come with you, Juggie. We could go there right after school. What do you think?”
He nodded. “Yeah… thank you y/n, really.”

As soon as school was out, you and Jughead made your way to his home. When the trailer came in sight you noticed Jughead was shaking slightly, so you took his hand and squeezed it a little. He gave you a small smile in return. He hesitated a second before he opened the door and walked in. You followed him slowly.
Inside it was shady and messy. You saw various beer bottles and other alcoholic drinks, on the table and also on the floor were cigarette butts and a few mugs as ashtrays. The air smelled like cold smoke, it left you coughing a bit.
You heard heavy footsteps making it’s way towards Jughead and you. His Father looked like he had a few beers to much. He was struggling to walk straight and when he saw you two he stopped, almost tripping.
“The lost son returns…” He said to Jughead, who looked ashamed of his Father and the mess he lived in.
“How you doin’?” his Dad asked.
Jughead mumbled: “Hanging in there.”
“Yeah me too.” His Father put the bottle he was holding in one of the cupboards. “Is this your girlfriend?”
You shook your head. “Uhm… no Sir, I’m y/n. It’s been a while since we last met. Jug and I are just friends.” You didn’t show how it hurt you to say that. You always wanted your relationship to be more than best friends, but you never mentioned it to anyone.
“Yeah, sure. I remember. You go to school together.” Mr. Jones said to himself.
Jughead scrached his neck nervously. “Actually Dad, I came by to ask, i-if you would consider going back to work with Fred Andrews.”
You studied Mr. Jones expectantly. “Yeah, he called me, I said no.” You sighed quietly.
Jugheads shoulders dropped.
“He fired me Jughead.” His father continued. “What kind of man would I be if I went back hat in hand?”
You could sense that Jughead was getting mad. “For starters? A man with a job, trying to fix this family?”
Mr. Jones scoffed. “Talk to your Mom. She’s the one who gave up on us… took your sister.” He turned around to leave the room.
You took a step towards Jughead, who tried to stay calm. “Can you please just go to see Mr. Andrews? He is willing to give you another chance.”
With a bitter laugh Mr. Jones turned around to face his son again. “He’s willing… huh? After all the crap he pulled on me!” With that he walked over to sit in a chair.
Jughead rolled his eyes, before following him. “Dad, do you want to see our family back together?” You gently rubbed his arm to comfort him. “Mom and Jellybean could come home, I could come home too.” He took a last glance at his Dad. “It’s not to late.”
With that he opend the front door and walked out of the trailer. You muttered a quick goodbye before following him and closing the door behind you. Jughead stood there rubbing his face. “I hope he listened to me y/n.”
“I think he did, Juggie. I believe he will at least try.” You lifted his chin so that he could see the faith in your eyes. “You showed him that you still care about him. Now it is his turn and he knows that.”
Jughead put his hand over yours. “Thank you y/n, I don’t think I could have done this without you.” To your surprise he bent down to place a light kiss on your cheek. You could feel the butterflies in your stomach explode with joy and you immediatly blushed.
To hide it you quickly took his hand and dragged him towards the direction of your house. “You will be sleeping in our guest room for tonight. And tomorrow we’re gonna take your stuff from under the staircase to your new home. No ifs, no buts!”
“Okay, okay, I understand.” Jughead giggled.

It was almost midnight. You and Jughead sat together on your bed and watched an old film. Except you didn’t really watch the film, but you stole side glances at Jughead.
“Hey y/n what are you looking at? Hm? Have I something in my face?” He suddenly laughed.
‘Oh crap, he noticed…’ you thought.
“Uhm, no nothing I was just thinking that… you know, it was very brave of you, the way you talked to your Dad today. Not many would give him another chance. But you did.”
“I’m not giving up on him.” Jughead smiled sadly. “Not yet.” he added.
That was what you liked so much about Jughead. He was always so kind and caring.
You just sat there looking into each others eyes, when you pulled all your courgage together to finally say the words that were always present when you were with him.
“I love you, Juggie.”
His eyes opened widely at your confession and you were about to say something to take back what you said, because you were afraid you just ruined your friendship, when Jughead cupped your face and let his lips collied with yours.
You closed your eyes and deepened the kiss by slowly opening your mouth to allow his tongue in. It was a slow and shy, yet passionate kiss. You laid all your love in this kiss to show him how much he is wanted.
When you pulled away, you were both out of breath, but had the biggest smile on your faces.
Jughead looked at you with a loving expression.
“I love you too, y/n.”


‘Just need to vent’ A oneshot for artistcaptainbendy’s Bendypants AU

In which Harold has some things on his mind during his adventures in the studio and talks to an unlikely individual willing to listen to him.

Thought I’d write something for @artistcaptainbendy for their Bendypants AU. I don’t know what the full story is for their au, so most of this involves lots of guesswork. (And some based of what I learned from them).
Also, I figured that in the original Bendy and the Ink Machine (which belongs to the Meatly), the cartoons were made in the 1930’s, so the time skip of 30 years would lead to the 1960’s. I did that for this one-shot, so a lot of what Harold is angry about reflects what went on during that time.

Trapped somewhere within the studio walls, away from the sun and the only scent in the air was that of ink and wood. That was how Harold felt at times when he wasn’t trying to solve the mysteries of whatever was going on.

Mysteries that were borne from childhood dreams between him and George.

George wanted this studio to become a reality as badly as Harold did once upon a time… then… Well, it wasn’t fun to dwell on what happened whenever Harold recalled what caused the two to finally separate.

Keep reading