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Goodboss!Tony Stark strikes again.

If you want to know why fans of older IM comics are so turned off by the rampant dudebro-ism and ‘Tony Stark is a manchild who can’t be bothered to deal with his own company and needs a mommy-girlfriend so his businesses don’t fall apart’ tropes that have flourished in Marvel’s writing department for the last decade or so, look no further. 

Iron Man vol 1, #256 (1990)



ok but in ‘the answer’ (2016) there are so many shots of ruby and sapphire, two known lesbians, positioned with the moon in the background, looking at the moon. now when pearl sings it’s over isn’t it in ‘mr greg’ (2016), a bitter lesbian anthem, she is bathed in moonlight. in ‘message received’ (2016) it is visiting the moon base that leads to the collection of the technology needed that helps peridot begin her journey of rejecting yellow diamond and homeworlds homophobic ways and beginning to accept her gay self on planet lesbian. when a trip to the moon is made in ‘back to the moon’ (2016) with the rubies it is marked by a great deal of gay behaviour™. now listen listen, i could go on but the motif of the moon in many iconic gay moments is undeniable and i don’t want to start shit here but i’m pretty sure this is solid scientific proof that the moon is a lesbian 


So I smile and say
When a lovely flame dies
Smoke gets in your eyes

I watched… “45 years”

I’ve woken up feeling oddly positive about robron and I’m still going to support them, both together and separately as characters.

Yes, what Rob did was wrong and I don’t like it (I hate it), but I can understand it. I better see him destroyed with guilt and shame tonight, and when Aaron finds out I want him to break up with Robert and actually make him work for Aaron’s love.

wow fandom: we need to push back against this poll … for the sake of representation! everyone go to the comments and tell blizzard what the fans really want! lets get some votes for wranduin!! thassarian/koltira!! asric/jadaar!! garrosh/marcus johnathan!!! khadgar!! 

me, staggering into the room 20 minutes late in stylish high heeled boots, holding a massive grimoire full of all my potential commander lorna crowley femslash ships: hey guys, i brought the - oh, oh we’re just gonna be doing the dude thing here, aren’t we 

Demigods and Hellhounds

Percy: [playing with Mrs O'Leary] He’s down! Ah, and it’s ugly! Hellhounds and Demigods, enemies again, locked in combat to the bitter –

[Mrs O'Leary pins Percy, who moans in mock pain. Mrs O'Leary then licks him repeatedly]

Percy: Ugh! C'mon!

[Jumps to his feet and wipes the drool off his clothes]

Percy: You KNOW that doesn’t wash out!

[Mrs O'Leary barks and Percy playfully flicks the excess drool at her]

Geometric!! Inspired by my gorgeous March @birchbox!! I don’t think I did it justice but I tried :) I used @flossgloss Dinge and Mrs. Tony Montana, @smithandcult Bitter Buddhist, and @orlynails Luxe! It’s still sweater weather in Boston so I’m cozy in my @forever21 sweater!! Hope you guys are having a great week!!

You know who else his crying after this fucking crazy episode? Martin Wallström. My beautiful son only wanted a kiss with elliot, but noooooo. Are you happy sam esmail?! You broke his heart. That’s why he disappeared from the internet. So he didn’t need to talk about his suffering…