mr bingley is the cutest thing ever

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Who I ship you with in the fandom: Lipton. I don't know, man, but there's just something about the whole thing that makes me think of when Lizzy tells Jane that she and Mr. Bingley will be so kind and generous (in Pride and Prejudice). 'Cause you're also so very nice and sweet, and I just feel like there would be so much respect and heartfelt kindness and stuff between you and Lip, but you're still both humorous and shit.

me: has to take a minute to compose myself after reading this 

me: is unsuccessful because this is the cUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN 

sdhsljdhslj i love pride and prejudice so much and the scene where Lizzy says that to Jane is literally one of my favorites (HOW DID YOU KNOW?) so having it applied to me and CARWOOD FRIGGIN LIPTON is………… heaven tbh. 

thank so much omg ily :’)