mr bean holiday

Hi guys - i’m Sophie-Jane! (16yrs)  My tumblr is bestboyvanmccann and im pretty new penpalling (is penpalling a word?) i don’t know what to say so i’ll bullet point some of my interests (i have an about me page on my tumblr blog so check that out too if you want)- 

  • Music - i love music anything indie, rock or alternative i’ll listen too. some of my favourite artists are: catfish and the bottlemen, harry styles, nirvana, the strokes, the cure, blossoms
  • Films - the harry potter series are my favourite film and book series. i’m a little obsessed with them actually! im a very proud slytherin. my favourite film is mr bean’s holiday - if you haven’t watched it i recommend you do it’ll put a huge smile on your face!! 
  • Home - i live in the middle of the british countryside and no one i know in real life like the same things as me hence why im here. im english but i have indian and israeli blood in me
  • Tv shows - my favourite tv shows are game of thrones and american horror story. i’ve also read the game of thrones books (which are much better than the tv show). my favourite season of ahs is freak show which i know is an unpopular opinion.
  • Hobbies - i do not go to college so i have plenty of free time however i do not have plenty of hobbies. if you have a interesting hobby then i’d be up to hearing about it! i do collect vinyls if that can be considered a hobby.
  • Contacting - as i said i have a tumblr which i’m the most active on so thats the best way to message me. i have a email too - sophie5401purcel @ and an instagram - sophiejane.jpg 

my perfect penpal is anyone between the ages of 15-18, any gender, any sexuality. if you like this vague not amazing self promo enough to contact me then i’m sure we’ll get on well! don’t be a stranger! thanks x 

I’m Roberta, an English and Portuguese teacher at the Instituto Federal Fluminense. English is in my blood, that´s why I love to share my knowledge with students and people in general.

I´m from Itaperuna, the “warmest” city in the northwest of the state of Rio de Janeiro. “Warmest” in two ways: the weather and the people! 

In Itaperuna, I live with my family. I´m married to Rodrigo, and we have 4 children: Carol (21) is the eldest, Caíque (12) , our boy, and the babies, Rebeca (1) and Sarah (7 months)!

My mother’s name is Ana and my father’s name is Roberto. I have 2 sisters, Vivian and Isabela, and a brother, Roberto Jr. My father wasn’t very creative when he picked our names…

In my free time, I like reading the news on the internet, watching adventure and comedy movies, My favorite movie is “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”. I love traveling and visiting my friends and family. I love children!!!

Even though I’m an ordinary person, I am unique in this world!