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“You know the funny thing was the first music for a picture that I did, was working with the GOOD Music guys on a movie that never came out [Cruel Summer]. You know, as is the case with most creative things, not everything comes out. But I had a little bit of experience doing that. LeSean had really come up to me. He’s a fan of the whole GOOD Music family and I think one of his big references for Children of Ether was 808s & Heartbreak. He gave me complete creative control to dial that in with an ear to where we are sonically in 2016, at that point. It was a very pleasurable process for me because I just made a ton of music and I sent it all to him and he would cherry-pick what worked in terms of mood. Through the process, I was watching the aesthetic develop and the story develop. So I could marinate in that, you know, I wasn’t just shooting in the dark. It has a lovely sort of muted 90s feel, Children of Ether. So I could definitely hark back to watching manga as a teenager in England.” - Mr. Hudson 

Full interview here:

I need more book suggestions. I saw beauty and the beast a few days ago and downloaded the sounds track the same day and I’m not ashamed

Things from the osomatsu talkshow from anime expo 2017:

Homura has a high chance of coming back
Girlymatsu is coming back and is confirmed as an “au”
When asked if Karamatsu is bisexual: “well….he likes totoko”
!!Osomt games are being prepared to have an english release soon, and should be announced in a month!!

I also found out I never posted this on my Tumblr, at least not the full length version.

Don’t worry I think this should be the last of my memes that I forgot to ever post on my Tumblr.