mr angelo

  • John: do you have a girlfriend?
  • Sherlock: girlfriend, no. Not really my area.
  • *rainbow lights cover the screen*
  • John: alright. Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine by the way.
  • *double rainbow appears at night inside the restaurant*
  • Sherlock: I know it's fine.
  • *rainbow flag drops behind sherlock*
  • John: *smiling a LOT* so you've got a boyfriend then?
  • *angelo pushes their heads together and screams "now... KISS"*
  • Sherlock: no
  • *angelo throws rainbow glitter at them*
  • John: right ok. You're not attached. Just like me. *that famous lip lick*
  • *mike stamford bursts in dressed as cupid*
  • Sherlock: john, while I'm flattered by your interest I consider myself to be married to my work-
  • John: no, no
  • *mrs hudson walks in with a rainbow elephant yelling "yes, YES"*
  • John: I'm just saying, it's all fine.
  • *irene walks in and spray paints "its all fine" in pink, purple, and blue paint.*
  • Sherlock: *confused face*
  • Irene: *face palms*
  • Mike: *screams and cries*
  • Mrs hudson: *hits head against the wall*

I think the most hilarious thing about John asking if Sherlock has a boyfriend at Angelos is that at this point Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, and Angelo have all assumed that JOHN is Sherlock’s boyfriend, so like, based on that you’d think John could figure out that Sherlock is gay and single since they all think this random new person could be his bf…. like clearly this man doesn’t have a long-term bf, he literally just asked that so he could suss out if Sherlock is interested

  • *in a crowded room*
  • Chiron: Holy gods I can't find Annabeth
  • Clarisse: I got this.
  • Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, Rachel, Nico, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Thalia, Reyna: WHO DARES TO UTTER THESE BLASPHEMOUS WORDS!!!
  • Mrs O'Leary: *growls*
  • Blackjack: *whinnies*
  • Clarisse: Um, okay. Got to try something else.

IT’S 2AM. I… AM… FINALLY… DONE……. my hands can rest in peace now..

This took a lot more effort than what was called for.

blame the stupid newly found obsession.

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“Good luck. Now Mrs. O’Leary and I have to go.”

I’ve been wanting to make a comic of this scene for so long. Percy and Nico’s trip to the Underworld was always one of my favorites. I used to reread it over and over again. Now that we know about how Nico felt about Percy, though, it brings a whole new dimension to this scene. D:

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this whole time?
  • irene, molly, mycroft, mrs hudson, greg, angelo, mike, and rosie lock sherlock and john in a room because they're SO TIRED OF THEM NOT BEING TOGETHER
  • molly: ahhhh this is going to be amazing
  • mycroft: it will be such a victory
  • angelo: I've been shipping it since their first date
  • mike: i CREATED their first date
  • mrs hudson talking into a microphone: ok boys once you admit your feelings for each other, you can come out.
  • greg: ha no pun intended
  • irene: *snorts*
  • *all of them sit in the chairs they have previously set up in front of the screen that shows whats going on inside the room and pick up their popcorn*
  • sherlock: *shrugs* well, john what are your feelings for me?
  • john: *shrugs too* i dunno i love you
  • sherlock: yeah i love you too
  • john: *stands on tippy toes and kisses sherlocks cheek*
  • sherlock: *stares directly at the camera* is that what you want? we've been together for 7 years, honestly i would hope that you had noticed
  • everyone watching: O_o huh?
  • john: *takes sherlocks hand* yeah the wedding is in two weeks
  • everyone watching:
  • everyone watching: WHAT WHAT WHAT WHaT kshdbflikvblbf WHAT
  • john: can we come out now?
  • sherlock and john: ugh.

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I really need kindergarten teacher Will and hot single dad Nico.

bruh me too

  • so nico’s job requires a lot of late hours so he hired a babysitter to pick up his daughter lucy every day so will always assumed that this was a suspiciously young mom or an older sister who came to pick up one of his students every day (but how was it his business anyway??)
  • one day nobody came to pick lucy up??? and the rest of the class was gone??? and will wasn’t busy so he figured it would be fine if lucy hung out in the classroom for a little while until someone came for her so will pulled out the coloring books and crayons and sat down at a table with lucy and they colored for about an hour until nico ran into the classroom
    • nico was apologizing immediately and going on about how his babysitter quit on him and he couldn’t get a replacement on short notice and he had a meeting at work that went on longer than it should’ve and it won’t happen again he promises
    • will’s like “its ok i dont mind we were just coloring i figured someone would be here soon dont worry about it” but like he really doesn’t mind bc now he gets to see this very attractive man in nice clothes and a loosened tie and messed up hair
    • but nico is a business man who wont take no for an answer and goes “no u know what take my phone number and if it happens again call me and i’ll be here as soon as i can ok” so he pulls out a business card and a pen and writes his personal number on the back and shoves it in will’s hand
    • and will’s mostly frozen until they leave
  • another time will’s too focused on playing a guitar and singing with his class that he doesn’t hear the phone ring, or someone knock on the door, and then he sees lucy’s dad standing in the back of the classroom and will’s fingers catch on the guitar strings and he stutters a few words and he stops and nico’s like “sorry the secretary said you weren’t answering your phone so i just came down here lucy has a doctor’s appointment”
    • when they leave nico asks lucy a bunch of questions like does her teacher always sing for the class, what kinds of songs does he sing, has he ever talked about singing at home for his own kids, has he mentioned if hes married; but lucy gets real tired of the questions real quick and nico figures he should stop
  • the next time nico shows up late to pick lucy up, he finds her and will sitting on the floor with will’s guitar, and will’s teaching her how to play (the guitar’s like, the same size as lucy but shes managing ok) and nico stands back and watches for a few minutes bc wills????? so cute?????
    • and then will notices him standing there and visibly blushes and tells lucy to get her stuff together and apologizes to nico for not noticing that he was there and nico tells him that it’s fine and please stop calling him mr. di angelo bc they’re like the same age and he can call him nico and can also maybe go out to dinner with him something?
    • wills immediate answer ofc is YES but as soon as the word is out of his mouth hes like “wait no no i cant lucy’s my student and youre lucy’s dad i feel like thats weird and possibly against school rules somehow??”
    • so nico pulls out his phone and opens up a calendar and goes “so then how do you feel about dinner at 7 on june 10, exactly one week after lucy’s last day of school?” and wills like “yeah yes that sounds super great ok”

!!!!!!! im always a fan of parent/teacher aus ok so i hope you like this as much as i do!!!!!

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