mr angelo

  • John: do you have a girlfriend?
  • Sherlock: girlfriend, no. Not really my area.
  • *rainbow lights cover the screen*
  • John: alright. Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine by the way.
  • *double rainbow appears at night inside the restaurant*
  • Sherlock: I know it's fine.
  • *rainbow flag drops behind sherlock*
  • John: *smiling a LOT* so you've got a boyfriend then?
  • *angelo pushes their heads together and screams "now... KISS"*
  • Sherlock: no
  • *angelo throws rainbow glitter at them*
  • John: right ok. You're not attached. Just like me. *that famous lip lick*
  • *mike stamford bursts in dressed as cupid*
  • Sherlock: john, while I'm flattered by your interest I consider myself to be married to my work-
  • John: no, no
  • *mrs hudson walks in with a rainbow elephant yelling "yes, YES"*
  • John: I'm just saying, it's all fine.
  • *irene walks in and spray paints "its all fine" in pink, purple, and blue paint.*
  • Sherlock: *confused face*
  • Irene: *face palms*
  • Mike: *screams and cries*
  • Mrs hudson: *hits head against the wall*

I think the most hilarious thing about John asking if Sherlock has a boyfriend at Angelos is that at this point Mrs Hudson, Mycroft, and Angelo have all assumed that JOHN is Sherlock’s boyfriend, so like, based on that you’d think John could figure out that Sherlock is gay and single since they all think this random new person could be his bf…. like clearly this man doesn’t have a long-term bf, he literally just asked that so he could suss out if Sherlock is interested


IT’S 2AM. I… AM… FINALLY… DONE……. my hands can rest in peace now..

This took a lot more effort than what was called for.

blame the stupid newly found obsession.

next up: Heroes of Olympus, probably

Frazel in 20 Years...
  • Frank: *in the backyard as a donkey, entertaining the kids for a birthday*
  • *a cop can be seen through the fence, Hazel goes over*
  • Cop: Ma'am, are you aware that it's against the law to possess animals of barnyard nature in a residential area?
  • Hazel: *awkwardly glances at Frank and back at the cop*
  • Hazel: Um...what if you're married to one?

do u ever cry because so many people are happy to see sherlock like the first time we see mrs hudson, and angelo, and now craig… like people LIKE HIM because he’s a SWEETHEART…


“Good luck. Now Mrs. O’Leary and I have to go.”

I’ve been wanting to make a comic of this scene for so long. Percy and Nico’s trip to the Underworld was always one of my favorites. I used to reread it over and over again. Now that we know about how Nico felt about Percy, though, it brings a whole new dimension to this scene. D:

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very important thought about angelo: mrs.hudson had a shitty past with her husband that sherlock helped her get out of. angelo was wrongly accused of murder and sherlock helped him get out of it- he still broke into houses but he wasnt a murderer? and these are two of the three total friends we see sherlock have in asip. he gives homeless people money to help him, hes friends wth a street artist who graffitis buildings, he takes on bill wiggins as an assistant of sorts, sherlock doesnt care about wealth or status, he sees the merit in People and as long as they’re not evil he gives them a chance.