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That moment when you see ANY picture of Brittany Snow


What if it was Jessica’s finger sent to the police?! In the previews we see that Aria opens her trunk and finds a body with a finger missing. What if Ezra killed Jessica and Aria knows about it and has been covering for him?? I think Ezra was a P.I. hired by Jessica to find out what happened to Alison. Jessica had that lair in Aunt Carol’s storm cellar to find Ali. She was searching for her, and I think she was using Ezra to do so. We know that Ezra believed that Mrs. D was A at one point, and maybe he took action. Maybe he killed her thinking he was protecting Aria and the girls only to learn that he had been wrong. We never actually saw Ezra and Aria talk about Aria assisting with burying Rollins. Maybe he also admitted to killing Jessica after she was honest with him, and she is covering for him! And maybe Jessica’s body will be found in Aria’s trunk as a way of A.D. Saying “I know everything”. And this is how we will learn about who killed Jessica!! We have also seen two hands holding each other underneath a table in the previews for this season, and what if they belong to Aria and Ezra after they are brought into the police department for questioning after receiving the finger. then maybe A.D. Will help them get out of the situation if they agree to play on the A team. That’s how Aria will turn “dark”! Because she is being blackmailed into helping A.D. Do his/her dirty work! And that’s how Aria learns how to do all of this tech-related stuff! Because Ezra has been teaching her as a P.I.!