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Animation Challenge Thang

I saw someone else do this, and it looked fun, so I thought I’d have a go!


  1. No Disney/Pixar
  2. No Dreamworks
  3. Optional Hard Mode: No Studio Ghibli and for Challenge 8, no Steven Universe, Avatar, Gravity Falls, or Adventure Time


  • Favorite Film

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Corpse Bride makes me feel things 

  • A Film made in your home country

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Fantastic Mr Fox

  • A Film made outside your home country

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Underdogs (Metegol) considering it’s about foosball players it’s amazing

  • Favorite Film released before you were born

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We’re Back! A Dinosaur Story

  • Favorite Overlooked Oscar Nominee

(Guessing this means non winning?)

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It’s Such a Beautiful Day

  • Favorite 2D Animation

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Cats Don’t Dance

  • Favorite 3D Animation

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  • Favorite TV Series

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  • Favorite Short Film

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  • Favorite Student Film

Okay, I literally haven’t watched any I’m sorry T_T

  • Heather McNamara: ...What should I do?
  • Veronica: You're coming to me for advice! I should put on a pot of tea and get my pan flute CDs.
  • Heather M.: Come on, Veronica. Don't be Mrs. Fleming.
  • Veronica: I guess I do kind of sound like Mrs. Fleming. I totally get her now! She just wants to be in our lives!
  • *Later*
  • Mrs. Fleming: Veronica talked about me?! What did she say? Tell me anything! I just want to be in her life!

Fantastic Artwork of Walt Disney World Attraction & Transportation Cars, Trains, and Boats

Artwork: copyright Chris Buchholz

The signs as Andy’s Toys

Woody: Cancer

Buzz Lightyear: Leo

Jessie: Scorpio

Hamm: Capricorn

Rex: Aquarius

Mr. Potato Head: Aries

Mrs. Potato Head: Gemini

Slinky Dog: Sagittarius

The Three Aliens: Libra

Green Army Men: Taurus

Bullseye: Pisces

Wheezy: Virgo