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pjo musical: the rundown

so i went to see the lightning thief with @angelicomma yesterday and um. oKAY GUYS GALS AND NONBINARY PALS LEMME TELL U ABOUT THIS MOTHER!FUCKIN! SHOW!!!! because it was SO GOOD this is just like. the short list of what i loved about it because oh my god 

prepare for the longest post ever 

  • the set was such an aesthetic? it was all very metallic like there was scaffolding and greek columns with graffiti on them? it was very chb and very nyc and overall a Blessing 
  • every time they needed to show a different location they’d do it with the lights so like there were these lights lining the scaffolding that would change color ?? in the underworld they’d flash red, yellow and orange and were made to look like fire and near the ocean theyd be blue and if they were talking about trees itd be green and! if they wanted u to focus on a certain part of the scaffolding it’d be a different light color than any of the other parts which was rad af
  • the overhead lights were used really well too like when percy was singing about being the son of poseidon or when there was water the lights would be blue and when they were in the forest theyd be green
  • there is an entire song about how they hate new jersey and how they refuse to die in the garden state. know this
  • the show was very low budget like oh my god it was great
  • they didnt make some of their own props so sally walked in once with a trader joe’s bag and also the most important bag in the world (containing the master bolt) was a fucking jansport 
  • their representation of water was just to attach toilet paper rolls to leaf blowers and turn the overhead lights blue like what even
  • they covered the first 4 rows in toilet paper at one point 
  • also they fuckin deca-casted everyone except for percy (chris mccarrell, the light of my life actually he was so good) 
  • jonathan raviv played chiron, auntie em, random chb girl in a bike helmet and braids (?), random tractor guy (?), a bus driver, a train conductor, hades, and poseidon and im probably missing someone. he had very distinctive characters for all of them not to mention horse puns 
    • “the gods are kind of dicks”
    • medusa’s eyes were just light up swim goggles
  • sarah beth pfeifer, who probably has the best comic timing ive seen ever, played clarisse, katie gardner, a fucking squirrel?, mrs. dodds, lotus casino girl, random camper assistant to mr. d, and thalia 
    • *chases annabeth down a flight of stairs with a sword while screaming* 
    • “for their sixteenth birthdays my friends all got cars. I got a fern and a mason jar!” 
  • they had the most roles and they were GREAT 
  • george salazar was such a wonderful grover and mr d oh man 
    • mr d’s whole gag was he’d kick a chair when he got pissed which was hysterical bc the camper assistant would start pouting every time and he also wanted to turn percy into a dolphin 
    • “grover, are you ever going to wear pants again?” “NOPE!” 
    • his solo song was about thalia and how he couldnt save her talk about EMOTIONAL he cried
    • dam jokes
      • we might have more drachmas if you didnt spend them on those DAM SNACKS” “HEY! IT WAS THE HOOVER DAM” 
  • let me talk about. carrie compere for like multiple hot seconds bc GODDAMN GIRL CAN SANG 
  • she was such a good sally. can she be my mom. she sang a song abt percy being special and wonderful and i got a lil teary 
    • “you saved my life, percy. It’s time i learned how to live it.” cryin g 
  • her silena was really funny? like very whiny but very funny.
    •  “every time i bring a boy home, my mom’s there in her nightie […] she steals my mascara and all my dates!” 
  • she also played sort of charon? underworld guide in this awesome gold dress (she looked SO GOOD) who smacked grover’s goat ass (?????) 
    • “you know, bringing people to the underworld isn’t my only job. I also have a band. wanna hear a demo?” “not really?” “sorry, i can’t hear you over this SWEET ASS RIFF” 
    • We got everyone! we got kurt kobain, we got beethoven. any requests?” “um, do you have josh groban?” “we will.” 
    • “being a good kid gets you nowhere at all” bruh 
  • they couldn’t have a scorpion onstage so luke just. fucking stabs percy in the back??? 
  • He was also a really funny ares and gabe!! 
  • ok and my gal KRISTIN STOKES 
    • fun fact abt me and kristin stokes ….. so we were walking in the same direction after stage door and so me and @angelicomma just walked with her….to the train…. she gave us dessert recs…… and talked about the show (she’s so salty about how rangey her big solo is but trust me she was so good on that song) and also waitress with us…. it was the best experience of all time she is so nice and cool and was wearing jurassic park leggings how rad is she oh my god
    • her annabeth? was awesome? she was witty and tough and aggressive and i was ABOUT IT 
    • she called out sexism all the damn time 
      • “annabeth, i get it. do you know how many schools i’ve been kicked out of?” “yeah, percy, but when boys mess up they get a second chance.” 
      • “hey, annabeth, who’s your dad?” “he’s a history professor.” “i thought everyone’s dad was-” “a god? that’s my mom. sexist.” 
        • longest yeah boi ever 
    • the moment where she betrayed luke at the end??? YES GIRL
  • chris mccarrell was such a perfect percy i am elated 
    • “Tartarus? LIKE THE FISH SAUCE???!!!?!?!” 
    • *swings riptide like a lightsaber while making lightsaber noises* 
    • *packages medusa’s head* “To Mount Olympus. Signed, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.” “the gods will think we’re impertinent!” “*winning smile* we are impertinent.” 
    • *pouts* “i know how to hold a sword! like this!” annabeth corrects him and he swings it “oh wow actually that’s a lot easier” 
    • in good kid he was like? running around the stage and climbing the scaffolding and shit? and i cried??? the no mom line was the WORST i wanted to actually scream and his voice is so pretty 
    • and he was so shook by his own powers oh man 
    • he was just. so good at the twelve year old thing it was fantastic he was all fidgety and Dramatic ™ god bless
    • he loves sally so much!!! all the demigods were salty af abt their parents and he was just quietly singing like “my mom loves hugs and scary movies” and i just. screamed quietly
  • there were rlly cute percabeth moments too. 
    •  percy’s knocked tf out the first time annabeth meets him (she infiltrates his dream a lil) and he sings a lil song abt how she’s beautiful and stuff and he wakes up and she’s all “YOU DROOL IN YOUR SLEEP” shook 
    • she shows up at capture the flag (percy hasnt officially met her yet) and he points at her and was just “gasps YOURE MY DREAM GIRL!” and annabeth side-eyes him hardcore and he goes “UM. THE GIRL. FROM MY DREAM.” 
    • “the god is my mom. sexist.” “NO NO I LOVE GIRLS!” annabeth is shook yet again and percy panics and is like “I MEAN UM THEYRE VERY NICE” 
      • percy gets serious side eye from luke
      • it’s great  
    • when percy gets stabbed they almost kiss and then grover RUNS ONSTAGE “HEY! here’s your ambrosia percy” goddamn it was DRAMATIC
  • im definitely missing shit but oh boy it was so so good
  • i’d kill a man for that soundtrack  
  • if you have the chance (and the money) it’s just. such an Experience and everything i could have ever dreamed of. the cast is great (and theyre all so freakin NICE s/o to kristin especially). 
  • i’d highly recommend it!!! A+ 1000/10
There's seven chairs and ten people. What do you do?
  • Mrs.Patmore: Have everyone stand.
  • Mrs.Hughes: Bring three more chairs.
  • Carson: The best seven of the lot can sit down.
  • Thomas: Kill three.
  • ~
  • *Molly's flat*
  • John: *knocking*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Molly: *opens the door, wearing a dressing gown; dishevelled and grinning* Hi, John.
  • John: *blinks* Um...I just wanted to check on you. After...
  • Molly: *dismissive* Euros? Yeah, Sherlock explained everything and I'm fine.
  • John: *raises his eyebrows* You're fine? Just like that?
  • Molly: *nods* I had a drink. I shagged someone.
  • John: ...
  • Sherlock: *standing shirtless in the kitchen* I'm someone *grins*
  • John: ...
  • Molly: *smiles* He loves me.
  • Sherlock: *eating biscuits; pointing* And she loves me.
  • John: *smiles*

Okay so this isn’t my story it’s my mums. she had this teacher called Mrs M who was a bitch. Mrs M had an old chair leg that she scraped across the blackboard to get their attention (there was no chair to it just the leg). so one day my mum & her friends kidnapped it and held it at ransom. they cut out letters from newspapers so their handwriting couldn’t be read and sent it to her via the in-school post system. Mrs M refused to pay it (like £10 or something) so they cut off a sliver of the wood from the leg and sent it so her with another letter. Mrs M eventually relented and paid the fine and got her chair leg back. she retired the year after and took her chair leg with her.

Crossing the Line - Peter Parker Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of blood

Summary: There’s a line between best friends and romance, and neither you nor your best friend wanted to cross it, but when something almost separates you and Peter forever, both of you have to consider the consequences of crossing that line.

Word Count: 2153

Notes: @niamhlincoln

Being in love sucked. You thought you knew love, but then you fell in love with your best friend. You didn’t know the exact moment you fell in love with him, but you remember when you realized it. Liz Allen, Peter Parker’s ultimate crush, had left to another city because of her father’s crimes. Your best friend was devastated.

“I miss her,” Peter had said as he bounced a ball against the wall again and again.

You laughed a little. “I’m sure she misses you, too, Peter, but, don’t you worry.” You held up two DVD cases. “Star Wars or Star Trek?”

Peter stared at the two cases with a pout.

You rolled your eyes. “Fine. Star Trek it is.”

“No!” Peter shouted. “(Y/n),” he whined, “you know me better than that.” He threw the bouncy ball on his desk and pulled up the blankets to his chin.

You smiled and put in Star Wars. You shook your head at Peter. “No room for me?”

Peter laughed. He threw off his blankets and pulled you into his arms just as the movie started to roll. You snuggled into his chest and pulled up the blankets. “Feel better now?”

“With you?” Peter smiled. “Of course.”

As his eyes sparkled with wonder at the famous beginning scroll, you couldn’t help but feel complete. Your heart swelled when Peter’s curled into a bright smile when the music played. You gazed at him in awe and wondered how someone could be so radiant on a Saturday night with slightly oily hair and old pajamas. You desperately wished to say in that moment, in Peter’s arms and a perfect view of his joy.

“Is there something on my face?”

You blushed and stared at the blanket. “No, sorry. Just daydreaming.” Technically, you weren’t lying.

For two years, you hid your newly discovered feelings. However, every day it became harder and harder. Not only were you falling in love with Peter, he seemed to be… different. Every day he would be farther and farther from you, skipping weekly movie nights and forgetting about your study sessions.

Sure, you were mad, but you were more worried. He seemed to be getting more and more bruises, aches, and scrapes he always struggled to explain. But, how could you help him when it seemed like he didn’t want to be near you?

“Ms. May?”

The woman smiled fondly at you. “You know you can stop calling me that. Peter’s not here, but I’m sure he’ll be home soon.”

You smiled sadly. “Of course, he is. Can I stay in his room?”

“Of course!”

You sat on Peter’s bed and dropped your backpack. If Peter was going to be late, you were going to study without him. You pulled out your textbook and looked over your notes. It was going to be a long night.

Hours passed. It wasn’t until May knocked on the door and told you that you had to go home that you realized you’d been at Peter’s for six hours. You smiled tiredly as you packed.

“I’m sure Peter was just held up at something.”

“Yeah,” you nodded solemnly. “I’m sure that’s it.”

You took a taxi home. “I’m home,” you shouted. Before anyone could ask you anything you explained, “Studied at Peter’s and finished all homework. Love you, night!” You slammed your door shut and leaned against the door. That was the last straw. You were going to talk to Peter.


You yelped and covered your mouth. “Wha- Peter?”

Your best friend was crumpled on the floor by your window. From the neck down, he was in a Spider-Man costume. Wait, no that material… was too similar. You shook your head. That wasn’t what mattered. You’d ask him about his suit, or exceptional cosplay, another day, because by your window was your best friend, bleeding from his side.

“Peter,” you gasped. You dropped all your things and crouched in front of him. You held his cheeks and tried to catch his empty eyes. “Peter, hey, stay with me, ok?” You scrambled to get your phone, but Peter flicked out his wrist. Webbing hit your phone and glued it against the wall. “No,” he whispered. “(Y/n), no hospital.” He breathed raggedly and held your hand. “Stark,” he whispered.

You nodded frantically. You found took our phone off the wall and called Stark Industries. “Hello!” you greeted. You squeezed Peter’s hand. “I have information about Spider-Man.”

“Mr. Stark is very busy, Miss. If you want to explain your-”

“No!” You patted Peter’s cheek. “Hey, look at me.” You gulped. “This is urgent. Spider-Man is hurt. He told me not to call the hospital.”

“If Spider-Man was injured, Mr. Stark would-”

“His suit is damaged severely!” you screamed. You brushed Peter’s hair out of his face and tried to smile. “Come on, Spider-Man. Come on.”

That seemed to wake Peter up from his daze. “(Y/n),” he breathed. He reached up to touch his bloody fingers to your cheek. “I-”

“Save your breath,” you instructed.

“This is Happy. Why do you demand-”

“Spider-Man needs help,” you explained.

“We would know if Spider-Man was-”

You looked to Peter. You silently asked if you could say his name. Peter nodded slightly. You whispered, “Spider-Man is Peter Benjamin Parker. Is that enough for you to help him?” When a few seconds passed and the only noise that filled your ears was Peter’s abnormal breathing, you begged, “Please, he needs help.”

“Help is on the way. Who are you?”

“(Y/n) (Y/l/n), I’m-”

“I know.” The man repeated, “Help should be arriving.”

You smiled. “Peter, you’re going to be fine.” You stroked his cheek and nodded as tears streamed down your cheeks. “You’re gonna be fine, ok?” You tried your best to think positive, that Iron Man or someone would help him in time, but who knows how long Peter had been bleeding in your room? You couldn’t lose him. You couldn’t lose the guy you… the guy you loved. How were you supposed to smile without his science puns and jokes? How were you going to pursue your dreams without his gentle voice supporting you and your dreams? How were you supposed to survive without him?

Your best friend mustered a small smile. He winced in pain again and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“You have no need to be sorry right now, Peter.” You pushed against his wound. With the other hand, you opened your window wide open and smiled when you saw the familiar Iron Man suit coming towards you. Hope blossomed in your chest. “Mr. Stark’s coming, Peter.”

He nodded, and his eyes began to close.

“No!” You held his face in your hands. “Peter!”

~ - ~

Peter woke up in the Stark Tower. He knew because he had been there too many times before. In the chair right beside him was Mr. Stark. “Mr. Stark?”

The man smiled up at Peter. “Hey, sport.” He stood up and looked him up and down. “How you holding up?”

Peter pressed his palm against his forehead. “Better.” He took off the blanket and lifted up his hospital gown. His side was bandaged and stitched. His muscles still ached, but that wasn’t new. Then, Peter’s eyes widened. “(Y/n)? Where-”

“Outside.” Mr. Stark pointed at the door. “She refused to leave.” The superhero walked towards the door, but before he opened it, he turned around and advised, “You should ask her.”

“Ask her what?” Peter asked innocently.

Tony eyed Peter. “Fine. Don’t take my advice, but since you’ve been in here, she talked about you constantly. Like you do about her.”

Peter stared at his bed. How was he supposed to tell you that he cared for you so deeply he wanted to … be with you? You were his best friend. That was it. There was a line between best friends and romance. Peter was terrified of crossing that line.

“Just think about it, kid.” Tony left.

Before Peter could even think, the door burst open once more.

You flew into Peter’s room once Mr. Stark said that you could see him. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and breathed a sigh of relief. You pulled away from him and stroked his cheeks. Seeing his bright eyes focused on you lifted the burden you had been holding for the past six hours. You gasped and beamed. “Are you ok? Do you feel better?”

Peter gulped. Your cheeks were stained with dried tears. You were still in pajamas, and your hair was oily and tousled. Yet, you still took his breath away. “F-Fine,” Peter squeaked. He breathed in deeply and slowly. However, that was so hard to do when you were so close to him.

You nodded. “Thank god.” You held his hand and pulled up a chair so you could sit at his bedside. “Is your arm ok?” you asked.

He blinked. “Um, yeah.”

“Good.” You punched his arm.


“You didn’t tell me you were Spider-Man, idiot!” You punched his arm again. “I thought you hated me or something!”

“Hate you?” Peter shook his head and sat up. “Why would you think that?”

Your shoulders slumped. “Missed movie nights, forgotten study session, and you’re barely in school anymore.” You bit your lip. “I thought you were avoiding me.”

“No!” He laughed a little. “I would never avoid you. I just… had stuff.”

You sighed. “Now, I know, but I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me. You can tell me anything.”

Silence settled over the two of you. As you said those words, your throat tightened and twisted, because you were being a hypocrite. You shared almost everything with Peter. Should he deserve to know? He had shown you his greatest secret. Shouldn’t you share yours?


“I love you.”

You blinked. Wait, were you going delusional? But you heard it. You heard those three words that propelled most of your actions in the past year. Those words were the stuff of dreams. You pinched yourself. When you didn’t wake up, you shook your head. “Sorry, I think I misheard you. I thought you said-”

“That I love you?” Peter gulped. “Yeah, that’s what I said.”

Your hand fell limp in his, something you didn’t realize. Peter noticed, though. So, he pulled away from you. “I’m sorry. I know, it’s weird. You’re my best friend and everything, and I totally get why you wouldn’t want to see me ever again. You can-”

“I love you, too,” you blurted out. You laughed and stroked his cheek. “Peter, I’ve been in love with you for over a year. I-I thought you loved Liz and that you wouldn’t even look at me like-”

Suddenly, he silenced you with a chaste kiss. It was barely a press of your lips against his, but it was the best feeling. With just one short kiss, Peter Parker was able to leave you breathless. Your best friend gazed at you with admiration and awe filling his eyes, as if you were the most precious thing on the planet.

You didn’t trust your voice to tell him how much you wanted something like that moment. So, you leaned forward and kissed him again. You gripped his hair and pulled him closer to you, and it made your heart soar when Peter kissed you back. His hands wandered as he tried to figure out how to hold you without hurting himself. Finally, one of his hands cupped the back of your neck, while the other rubbed your shoulder affectionately.

Peter didn’t want to stop kissing you, but his lungs were tired and damaged. He tried his best to ignore it, but he couldn’t help instinct.

You felt Peter freeze against your lips for a second or two, pulling away only slightly to groan in pain before leaning forward once more. Just as his lips touched yours, you pulled away and laughed. “You’re hurt,” you said. You pressed your palms against his chest with intentions to make him lean back against his bed, but Peter wasn’t a superhero for nothing. He didn’t budge. “I don’t care,” he whispered all the while staring at you. His eyes were trying to find the best way to look at you, darting from your swollen lips to your bright eyes.  Peter put his hand on top of one of yours and giggled.

“What’s so funny?”

“I love you.” He repeated. He kissed your cheek. “I love you.” He kissed your other cheek and continued to kiss your face as he said over and over again. “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

You giggled and pushed him away once more. “You have to rest, Peter.” You kissed his forehead. “And I love you, too.” You kissed his cheek. “I love you.” You held his face with both hands and kissed him shortly once more. “I love you so much, Peter Parker.”

Got another one out before my classes start! Hope you guys like it! I promise when things are a little less hectic, I’ll go back to my requests. Thanks, guys! 

  • *the underground morgue*
  • Holmes: *impatient* You'll consider it?
  • Hooper: *sighs* I am working, Mr. Holmes.
  • Holmes: *rolls his eyes* It's a perfectly simple question.
  • Hooper: *slams the scalpel down* Do you know what you're asking of me?
  • Holmes: *through gritted teeth* I am asking be my *glances at Anderson; lowers his voice* partner in life.
  • -Anderson drops loud things-
  • Hooper: *fierce* Get out.
  • Anderson: *hurries out of the morgue*
  • Hooper: *shakes her head* I have too much to lose. I am sorry.
  • Holmes: I have no desire to interfere with your ambitions *smiles* We're already a formidable team.
  • Hooper: *swallows; avoiding looking at him* You haven't even seen me.
  • Holmes: *casually* I always see you, Molly *smiles softly*
  • Hooper: *bites her lip* I shall...consider it.
  • Holmes: *smirks*
  • Hooper: It's not a yes.
  • Holmes: *still smirking*
  • Hooper: *blushing* Shut up, Holmes.
Ups & Downs (G.Laf x Reader x T.Jeffs)

a/n: this is PART ONE of this story! there WILL be a part two and i am debating whether or not to make it smutty or make part two fluffy and part three smutty…please let me know what you guys think! 


word count: 1,595 words


Ever since you graduated college, money was tight. With paying off student loans, paying for your apartment, and barely scrambling by with food and cable, you were forced to take two jobs.

Well that’s sort of a stretch. You were a secretary at the same business for two people, but you liked to say you had two jobs.

Mr. Lafayette and Mr. Jefferson were your bosses and they couldn’t be more different. Every other day you would switch between the two and it was absolutely exhausting. Not only would they work you to death, they were also the most handsome men in the building causing you to become distracted which led to some minor problems.

“(Y/N), would you be a lamb and come by my office to give these papers to Hamilton?” You heard Mr. Jefferson call from the phone.

You took a deep breath and scooted away from your computer. You were organizing Mr. Lafayette’s schedule for next week. Even if you were with one of your bosses at a time, you still had to do work for both of them all the time.

You scurried out of your cubicle and wiped off any crumbs off your clothes from the snack you ate earlier. You walked over to Mr. Jefferson’s office and opened the door.

“You needed me, Sir?”

Mr. Jefferson looked up from his computer and smiled. To you it looked like he wasn’t the least bit busy, but you kept your mouth shut.

“Ah, (Y/N)! I need you to send these papers to Hamilton,” He told you as he gave you a huge stack of papers. “Can you also tell him that I reject his new proposal to the company since he is wrong about…”

Mr. Jefferson always liked to make you give his coworkers bad news. You don’t know but it usually causes some trouble between you and the person you tell. After Mr. Jefferson’s rant about Mr. Hamilton’s plan, you started to walk out, trying to balance the papers in your hand while opening the door until you heard him exclaim.

“Oh one more thing! Can you grab me a green tea latte with a double shot of caffeine and extra whipped cream?” He asked as he clicked on something on his computer. You could’ve sworn you saw Farmville on the screen.

You gave him a strained smile and walked out towards the elevators but almost screamed when you saw they were out of service.

“What the hell, they were working this morning.” You grumbled as you carefully walked down the stairs. Luckily, Mr. Hamilton was just the next floor down. You almost tripped a couple times but you held your ground.

Finally, you made your way to Mr. Hamilton’s office and you knocked on his door. There was no response for him and from behind the door you heard typing and muttering. You rolled your eyes at his antics and knocked louder.

“Shit…” You heard him mumble. “Come in!”

It took a bit to open the door with your full hands but you barely managed to do so. Mr. Hamilton’s eyes widened as he saw you come in.

“Oh my god, (Y/N)! Let me help you!” He quickly got out of his chair and took the heavy stack of papers out of your hand to much of your relief.

You were grateful Mr. Hamilton was so nice to you. Whenever you worked late he always got you a cup of coffee since he almost always worked late. He always told you to find a new job, saying you were too smart and too good to be working for Mr. Lafayette and Mr. Jefferson.

“Are all of these from Jefferson?” He asked.

You nodded, still a bit out of breath from your trip upstairs. Mr. Hamilton whistled and put down the enormous stack of paper on his desk with a ‘thud’.

“You’re with Lafayette tomorrow, right?” He asked you while trying to sort out the papers.

You sighed and nodded again while leaning against his desk,“Mr. Jefferson also wanted me to tell you that he rejects your new plan for the company.”

Mr. Hamilton’s head snapped up and you let him rant. Honestly, he doesn’t know how to shut up. You didn’t know how long you were in there until you spotted the clock on his wall.

“I gotta go Mr. Hamilton I’ll see you tomorrow!” You exclaimed as you hurried out the door. You were almost to the stairs when you heard Mr. Hamilton yell to make sure to take a break. You rolled your eyes and yelled back that he was a hypocrite.

You walked back up to your main floor and walked passed Mr. Jefferson’s office when you remembered that you needed to pick up his latte. You turned around but was stopped by Mr. Jefferson.

“(Y/N)! Did you give the papers to Hamilton and get me my drink?” He asked as he fixed his suit.

“I gave him the papers and I was just on my way to get your latte.” You gave him a small smile.

He inhaled sharply, “(Y/N)! I need that drink! You know I don’t work well without enough caffeine!”

You quickly apologized and explained that it would only take you a few minutes to go grab it since the café was only a block away.

“I understand,but I needed it now! It doesn’t matter if you’re sorry just go get me my drink! Don’t let this happen again!” He yelled at you.
You sighed and nodded. A couple of the other secretaries gave you sympathetic looks as you walked passed. You hoped tomorrow would be a better day.


You were wrong. You were so very very wrong.

Although Mr. Lafayette didn’t have tantrums and was a lot nicer than Mr. Jefferson, today was just not a good day for you.

Here are the list on things that have gone wrong today:

1. You woke up late

2. You phone didn’t charge last night

3. You couldn’t find your paperwork

4. Your car wouldn’t start

5. You haven’t had your coffee yet

6. You forgot to finish Mr. Lafayette’s schedule

And it wasn’t even 10:30 yet.

You charged your phone in your car (it finally started after 10 minutes) and sent a quick text to Maria, one of you coworkers, that you woke up late and to tell Mr. Lafayette that you were on your way.

Since you were already so late, you decided to grab coffee for Mr. Lafayette as an apology and some for your own needs.

After your pit stop, you quickly walked into your building and groaned louder when you saw the elevators still weren’t working.

You worked on the 11th floor.

It wouldn’t have been hard if you didn’t have to carry all your paperwork and the drinks you bought earlier. You cursed yourself for trying to be nice and your dependent need for coffee.

You arms burned and you couldn’t feel your legs when you finally made it to your floor. You were about to push open the door when someone slammed it open, causing you to spill your drinks all over yourself and your paperwork.

The man didn’t even bother to help or even apologized as he ran down the stairs.

You stared at the mess and picked up the coffee stained papers. You stood up and looked down at your also coffee stained shirt and hung your head.

Luckily you had a sweater to wear over your shirt, but that wasn’t the point.

You nearly broke down into tears by the time you made it into your cubicle. You didn’t know how much more you could take.

“(Y/N)? Could you come by my office?” Mr. Lafayette voice came through the phone.

You nearly groaned and dragged yourself out of the chair. You slowly made it to his office and opened the door to see both of your boss’s standing in the room. You immediately stood up straighter and looked at them with wide eyes. Never, ever, have you seen both of them at the same time.

“Is there something I can do…Sirs?” You asked.

“Please shut the door, (Y/N) and have seat.” Mr. Jefferson told you.

Your heart started to pound and your mind was filled with thoughts of what happened, what’s going on, and most importantly what did I do?

You shut the door softly and shakily took a seat and clasped your hands together while you waited for one of them to speak.

Mr. Lafayette started, “Well, Thomas and I noticed that lately you’ve been…distracted and it’s been showing in your work habits. So we thought best to…”

Mr. Jefferson cut in, “We thought best to let you go.”

Your eyes widened and you started to shake, “Distracted? This was one day! One bad day! And you’re just going to fire me?” You stood up out of your chair.

Mr. Lafayette looked down at his shoes and Mr. Jefferson stared out the window, neither saying anything, causing your anger to be fueled.

“Do you know how much I have to put up with the two of you for the past year? I do everything and more for you! I know it’s my job,but sometimes I feel like I do more than I should!” You ended your rant and took deep breaths to try to calm down.

You walked towards the door and opened it but turned around before you left.

“Good luck trying to find someone else to put up with your shit.” You spat as you slammed the door closed.

You walked down the hall and was about to go towards the stairs when you almost laughed.

The elevators were working.

Here’s Part II of that Danny Phantom Lancer reveal fic request based off the being watched prompt! (I’d never anticipated writing a second part to it, but you voted for that, so here you go. *grins* Please take the science with a grain of salt; I’m better with biology.) Again, most of it is under the cut.

“It would seem,” Lancer finished, “that Danny Phantom was trying to protect your family as much as he tries to protect everyone else in this town.”

Jack and Maddie Fenton exchanged glances from their place on their couch; Jazz sat beside them, while Lancer and Danny had taken the free chairs. That Mr. and Mrs. Fenton were reluctant to believe Phantom would help them was obvious; it had been all Jasmine could do to stop them from immediately activating their Fenton Anti-Creep Alarm. But his insistence on the subject seemed to be puzzling them, and Danny had chimed in often to make good use of Lancer’s support for Phantom—even if he managed to appear reluctant whenever he did so.

Really, Lancer had always found young Mr. Fenton’s excuses rather pitiful, but these were inventive without being obviously contrived. I think Skulker was targeting me because you’re my parents. Not the most comforting point, but a valid one. Perfectly believable, given the situation; Jack and Maddie Fenton surely made enemies of the ghosts they hunted. He’s the Ghost Zone’s Greatest Hunter; of course he’d pit himself against you. A self-proclaimed point, but not one Lancer could dispute, given what he knew of the ghost. This is a weakness. The only thing that stopped him from exploiting it was Phantom. Another point that couldn’t be disputed, particularly given that it was true in more ways than one. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.

“Phantom saved me,” Danny repeated quietly. “I know you don’t trust him, but he’s the reason I’m not lost somewhere in the Ghost Zone right now.”

Maddie closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose in thought. “Ghosts always try to do this, Danny,” she explained. “They want you to see them in the best light possible so they can exploit your trust later. Phantom and Skulker may have been working together in this.” She looked at her son then, adding, “I know how much you two look up to Phantom, but you can’t trust him. That might be the last mistake you make.” Her gaze suddenly switched back to him. “Surely you aren’t falling for his ploy, Mr. Lancer.”

“I am inclined to agree with your children in this instance, given what I witnessed.”

“That’s only playing into the ghost’s agenda,” Maddie pointed out. “Ghosts are masters of trickery. Phantom is hardly different.”

“I did work with him once, Mads.” It was a feat for Jack Fenton to look uncomfortable, especially when the subject was ghosts, but he managed a close approximation. “I told you about that. Plasmius threatened my family, and no one threatens my family.”

“One good deed does not undo the past.”

“But one bad mistake ruins everything else?” Jazz exclaimed. “That’s a double standard, Mom, and you know it! You can’t treat ghosts differently than people.”

“They aren’t human, Jazz,” Maddie said in the tone of one who had had this argument all too often before.

“No, but they were once.” Jazz bit her lip, glanced at Danny so quickly that Lancer nearly missed it, and amended, “Most of them, anyway. Phantom is.”

He was beginning to get a better appreciation of exactly how much Jazz did for her little brother.

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