mr and mrs cesar

i need a little rant

I’m sick of seeing people say shit about Jared Leto’s Joker and not just because I’m a fan of his version.

There has been 3 other amazing portrayals of the Joker before Jared. Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson & Heath Ledger were all amazing but they are 3 totally unique takes on the the Joker witch so is Jared’s. However, they don’t have half as much hate as the new one.
Eveyone adored Heath Ledger’s Joker, it was an amazing performance, one of the best in cinematic history in quite a few people’s opinion and since he died it became more famous than any other Joker performance. Imagine having to be Jared and follow that. How pressured would you feel? It was only 8 years ago and everyone still talks about it. I know I wouldn’t have had the balls to follow up a performance like that, neither did a bunch of other celebs that turned down the roll for Suicide Squad.
And as for people comparing him to all the completely DIFFERENT takes on the Joker? They aren’t supposed to be anything like each other, like I’ve just said. Imagine if all 4 of the live action Jokers were all copies of Cesar Romero.. Exactly.
So isn’t it a good thing that he’s nothing like the Jokers before him? Imagine if they fucking dressed him the same and he tried to copy someone elses version?? How ridiculous does that sound?
He’s a new, modern Joker, that we should have gave a chance before shutting down.
Jared had to show a weak side to the Joker by him being in love (well whatever the Joker thinks love is) no other live action Joker has had to do that.
& blaming him for the way the Joker looks? Erm, pretty sure he didn’t go in there demanding that he wanted him to have tattoos, be topless and look like a wannabe fucking gangsta.

The people that are hating him because of the gifts he sent do know he didn’t actually send used condoms or anal beads, right? & nobody was that offended by the gifts that he sent, yeah they thought it was weird but it didn’t affect anybody that much. It ain’t that deep.

In the end we don’t get to see enough of the Joker in Suicide Squad to decide if he was the worst Joker of all time. We didn’t get to see how dedicated Jared was to the roll and how much effort he put into it. Jared is a great actor, he put everything into being the best Joker he could be.
It’s not his fault he looked a certain way, it’s not his fault most of his scenes were cut sort or just cut from the movie altogether.
Some of Harley and J’s scenes were cut that short they don’t even make sence?? but OBVIOUSLY that is Jared's fault and we should hate him for that. Obviously.

However, nobody can deny that Jared put his all into playing the Joker. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you think the new Joker is shit then you believe that.
But with the reaction that the Joker has got from people watching Suicide Squad, it’ll be lucky if we see the Joker in any DC film from now on because who in their right mind would want to get all the abuse that Jared has got over things that he wasn’t in control of?
Hopefully, he ignores all the shit he has been delt and does comeback to play Mr J but nobody could blame him if he didn’t want to do it.

In my opinion they used the Joker for hype and got everyone excited to see him and then they cut most of him out of the film. That’s one of the main reasons that the film is disappointing people, I’m not saying it’s the only reason. I understand that people are mad over all sorts of different reasons, like having two POC characters dying, one rather quickly and without getting an intro into the film.
& there’s probably plenty more reasons for people not to like it but we shouldn’t put blame on or hate any of the actors that weren’t in control of the movie.